About Us


Best of World  Travel was only a ‘dream’ at first, our Captain, Joe Gibson is an online freelancer that wanted to write articles that will live until the end of his days. It was then, the idea of creating a Travel Blog popped out from nowhere!

The domain bestofworldtravel.com was bought at 1and1.com on January 2015. It was then hosted at Instafree, a free hosting community. During that time the BOWT Team was still using a WordPress platform to run the website. After a couple of months, visitors came and we can not afford to stay on a “free” hosting community anymore.

In June 2015 it was then debated and approved to transfer to a Blogger platform. And currently we are using it to grow our website and earn a decent amount of capital to return back in a WordPress platform.


Best of World Travel isn’t just consisted of a single being, but of a circle of friends. Meet our team and know them more as we progress our travel.

Capt. J. Gibson – CEO and founder of Best of World Travel. He hides from the whole world and even his Facebook account and other social medias are hidden from most of his friends. Seriously, sir? He claims to love traveling even though he stays at home most of the time. But in serious note, he travels our country by air, thus giving him the title of a Captain in a SEL Cessna 152 aircraft, in a light aircraft fleet under the command of Gen. Joh— okay it now seems too hard to contain! Leave it! He also loves eating and playing video games.

ProAmateur – COO of Best of World Travel. He is the main photographer of the website that owns a CANON DSLR! Just how great is that?! If you see some cool photos here, then it could be his pictures. He is also the head of security of the Best of World Travel INC because of his skills as a Mua Thai Champion. He even got a dozen of gold medals because of knocking out his opponents,… bare hands.

Misaka M. – The reporter of the group. She is, uhh, she does nothing but to report? Really? She shares our articles to other social media sites…. sometimes. Oh! I know, she finds some websites where we can leave our marks! Great!But on a serious note, she moves in the shadows by instigating dark plots on our rival groups. Hue hue hue ~~ *insert dark atmosphere here*

Maika DM – The fan page moderator, administrator and everything! She specializes in talking to other people and marketing our company. She speaks five languages namely: English, Filipino, HTML5, Java and VB6. Such a linguist, right?  She is held responsible in improvements of our accounts and bloggin performances.

All of us are nothing but students. We hope to travel the world with our Captain as the head of the ship. To make a name, and claim our brand, this is Best of World Travel, will deliver the best of news and adventures all over  the world.

You can contact us on our Twitter @ProWorldTravel Pinterest, Facebook Fan Page and Youtube Channel.