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Top Fireworks Display All Over the World on New Year’s Day 2019

”This cannot be the year of talking. Of wishing. Of wanting. This has to be the year; you get it done!” – Eric Thomas
It has been a few hours since the grand entrance of 2019 in our lives. Millions of people all over the world ate, drank, partied and had fun until the new sunrise appeared before their eyes or when their bodies said, “I’ve had enough.” 
In the new light of 2019, Redditor’s of r/pics all over the world had shared some of their most majestic photos of the fireworks display during the start of New Year’s day 2019. From the ravaging desserts of UAE to monstrous Australia, then going to the land of United States. Japanese people didn’t let the lead too far, and the same with the happy Merlion of Singapore. 
There’s just a lot of those who shared and let us check them all out in this post.

Sydney, Australia

When I was browsing over r/pics, I have seen so many Australian New Year posts, and I could not help myself but to upvote them all and save them later to be featured for this post. 
The large colorful fireworks at Sydney Harbour Bridge is just so majestic that will make a good start-up of your new year. 
Photo Credit: chikorollz
Photo Credit: bluskiingyeti

Photo Credit: baccgirl
Photo Credit: B33rnuts

Photo Credit: xiaolangzhu

New York, USA

 NYC is packed of millions of people and will surely reach the peak during holidays like Christmas and New Year, but it should not stop you to roam around the whole city. When you visit New York, there should always be a time to check out the coldest places on the spot. The statue of Liberty will take you to breathe away and would be cool to check her out up close. The Times Square and the World Trade Center must be in your list to visit and take cool photos. When relaxation is needed, I guess Central Park is one of your best shot. 
Photo credit: Noerdy

New Zealand

The land of the Kiwis is one of the most popular countries in the world regarding stunning landscapes and Instagram-worthy photo-ops. You may visit the country all year round and will still give you unforgettable memories. This year, the NZ had celebrated the New Year’s day of 2019, 13 hours earlier than the Greenwich Mean Time making them one of the early celebrants of New Year!
Photo Credit: arkwewt

Copacabana, Brazil

“Feliz año nuevo.”
Shouted by thousands of people celebrating the New Year in Brazil! Music, dance and food are naturally overflowing within the proximity of Copacabana while everyone is watching the dances of the fireworks on the sky.
Photo Credit: Mayonzi

Puebla, Mexico

After Brazil, let’s go back to Mexico! Chicos and chicas were partying so hard on the start of 2019 and most probably had eaten the best tacos in town! 
Photo Credit: Johnnycolours


Many are claiming that Quebec is too cold on winter. But this time, Quebec had shown her true beauty as the fireworks savagely showcased a colorful night for most of the residents and tourists.
Photo Credit: LamaTozz

Photo Credit: Corte-real


Of course, Sweden won’t let themselves be left behind the bandwagon. The Scandinavian country is housing thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes which will make a great spot on the start of your New Year. 
Photo Credit: J3mx_droid


The Merlion had bid his goodbyes to 2018 and welcomed 2019 with a wonderful smiled. Singapore, the country on which is very clean had shown the beauty of New Year’s Eve celebration through colorful fireworks.
Photo Credit: colourmachine

Hong Kong


When in Hong Kong, there are a lot of different travel spots that might be enjoyed by all ages. Children may be inclined to visit the Disney Land together with their parents and loved ones. Well, even I would like to go there and enjoy my youth. The country can also offer a marvelous sight at Victoria Harbor where you can find the bright cool lights of the city at night. But this time, Hong Kong lit up the sky and painted it to give happiness to everyone else.
Photo Credit: pokekken

Athens, Greece

The gods would not want to let you down on the very start of the year, isn’t it? Athens, Greece has an entry to the top photos at r/pics of Reddit which shows a colorful blue hue of the night. It seems like Zeus himself had poured light into the night sky.
Photo Credit: Aurify


The Emiratis won’t let this amazing celebration to just get away in a flash. The Emirates Palace had shown their prowess in the world that they can compete with different countries in terms of fireworks display. But above all, the “tallest building in the world”, Burj Khalifa obviously had an upper hand compared to her competitors.
Photo Credit: Gopnik_McBlyat

London, United Kingdom

There could be no other places in the world that could spectacularly show the majestic fireworks every New Year. This year, when 2019 just came into light, the London’s night sky was full of bright and colorful fireworks while the Big Ben strikes it’s 12 o’clock sound.
Photo Credit: crystalwoke

From a Sailor that Might Be Away from His Family

Photo Credit: Karmatic89

From a Socially Awkward Guy

Photo Credit: Averen

“Where were you during the grand entrance of the New Year 2019? “

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