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5 Ways to Save Money on a Holiday

Traveling is fun and entertaining. People move all year long, and they also do it during holidays. People travel during Memorial Day and Fourth of July weekends during the summer season. They also go to new places for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
Here are four proven ways to save money on holiday travel: 

1. Book Plane Tickets Well in Advance

If you can plan out your trip a year in advance, you will save money when it comes to purchasing airline tickets. When you buy tickets in advance, cheaper rates are usually available. As long as you can keep your reservations, you could save up to hundreds of dollars. It is an excellent tactic for maintaining travel expenses low.
Some people even plan trips years just to save money on their airline tickets. So, the next time you want to visit a new location, you need to figure out where you want to go and call at the very least six months in advance of your scheduled trip. 
travel guide how to save money

2. Travel by Car

Driving is cheaper than flying. The only drawback to driving is a vehicle is that it takes longer to arrive at your destination. Also, driving long trips can be tiring for some people. However, if you can choose this option – then do so. The reason being is that making to locations across the country will generally use less money on fuel expenses.
Even if a person must spend a night at a motel, they will still save money when compared to flying. Once again, not everyone can drive across country, or they might not have enough time to use this traveling method. Still, traveling by car can help to save money in the long run for your trip. 

3. Bring Your Food

People have to eat. This is just a fact of life. When people travel, they still have to satisfy their hunger. If you plan on spending money on food during a vacation, you better bring at least $300 per person. It might sound like a lot, but the truth is you will spend up to that kind of money on eating out all of the time.
Packing your food might not be something that everyone wants to do. However, it will save you money. People can pack some lunch or snacks to eat between meals. Food is just expensive when you travel, so you can get some discounts from restaurants and grocery stores on couponing sites like Goupon for example. But, you are still better off packing your food while you go to your destination. 

4. Don’t Stay at a Hotel

If you can avoid staying at a hotel, you should do so. Staying at a person’s place will save you lots of money. It will also provide you with more room to do what you want. Hotels account for a significant portion of a person’s expenses when they travel.
When you stay with other people, you will save money and can use it to see more attractions during your stay. Please, stay at a hotel if this is the only place available to you. However, if you can safely remain someplace outside of a hotel room, then do it.

5. Find cheap DIY Travel Destinations

It has been popular now in social media about DIY travels. Numerous DIY travel guides can be found in different blogs and facebook groups. Even this blog contains DIY travel guides.
The point is, it’s been popular and why not join the club?
The idea of DIY travels is to save more and travel less. These promote on how to travel by budget, at the expense of a few hours of research and a few travel guidebooks. But is it worth the time? It still depends on the person, but for those with a lot of time to search on the web, why not? It’ll help you save more for your future getaways.
For example, whether you’re just looking into learning how to golf or you are a seasoned player, you’ll want to consider the Indian Wells resort close to the Palm Springs International airport in California. If you were to book travel tours and company, you might get high expenses. But if you’d like to save more– do it DIY. It’s just near an airport, right?
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