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Florida Vacations That Wow Travelers with Natural Wonders

When many people think of taking a trip down to Florida, they think about things like Disney World. After all, Disney has been captivating imaginations for decades. Florida is much more than just talking mouses and roller coasters, though. In fact, some people have found that Florida is at its best when it’s providing the natural wonders that people just can’t get elsewhere. 
People heading to Florida these days for vacation can take advantage of opportunities to see some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes. More than that, they can interact directly with some of the country’s coolest animals. 
One of the most popular choices when heading to Florida is to spend some time playing around in the Everglades. This part of South Florida is still wild and natural. Airboat tours allow people to charge through the waters where alligators call home. Sunset rides allow visitors to see dolphins and other wildlife when they are at their most active. 
It’s one of the best ways to experience what some people consider to be the most accurate picture of what Florida is all about. It’s not the tourist trap in Orlando, but it provides so much more to people who are open to the experiences that it offers. 
On top of that, some like to swim with cool animals. While it’s not advisable to swim with the alligators down in those swamps, many cool animals can provide excellent swimming experiences for the whole family. For instance, for those with the desire to swim with manatees Citrus County FL is the place to be. These gentle giants are considered to be the cows of the ocean. 
They plod along ever slowly, moving from place to area without too much worry. People can swim with them without danger, getting to see one of nature’s coolest animals up close and personal. It’s this ability to connect with the animals themselves that makes the opportunities in Florida most special. 
Florida has long been a favorite tourist destination, but most people only know it for the tourist traps like Disney in Orlando. It is much more than that in reality. 
The best that Florida has to offer comes in the form of nature and wildlife. These offerings are distinct. Families can’t find a replicated version out in Los Angeles to tide them over. They have to head to Florida for the real thing. 

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