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The Moving To Italy Checklist

You have finally decided to live out your dream of a move to Italy. Perhaps you are of Italian heritage, or maybe you just love the idea of moving to this land of Renaissance art. Whatever the reason, you are on your way. We will help you be prepared for your move and give you some tips on what you should and should not do.
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As a member of the European Union, if you have a passport from any other country that is a member of the EU, you can live and work in Italy as long as you have a passport. However, if you are moving from the United States to Italy, you will need a work visa as well as your American passport.
If you are staying for up to three months, you must provide the nearest police station with a declaration of presence. If you are going to live there for more than three months, you have to apply for a certificate of residency that will allow you to stay up to five years. There is no middle ground.
You can get more information on the process here.

Shipping Your Items

You may find traveling, finding a place to stay, and getting to set up a bit of a challenge. You would do well to set up at least temporary accommodations before you arrive. Contact unibaggage for help with handling your luggage. Take enough clothing and personal items for last 2-3 days. A suitcase, backpack, and money belt should be enough to get you to your destination comfortably.


You will find Italy is on the upper scale of countries when it comes to expenses. Be prepared. Before you go, check with your bank to see if they have facilities in Italy. Be sure your bank card will work out of the country.
If your bank does not have a facility in Italy, arrange to open a new account for the duration of your stay. You can usually do this online.


You may have heard that Italy is made up of small and midsize companies– well, that is true. That’s why you need to expect that everywhere you shop will not have a chip reading debit card machine. Many companies refuse to deal with them (There is a law that says they have to let you pay with a card for purchases over a certain amount, but many will not.)
This situation points out that the payment method Italy does have is a mile stretch from what you are used to, upon moving, you should do your homework and review that place’s currency ways.
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Tipping is not part of the culture in Italy. Some places will automatically add a 10% fee to your bill, but really, there is no need to tip servers every time and just to round the bill off is acceptable.

Validate Train Tickets

Before you board a train, look for a machine (it is usually green or yellow) at the train station and validate your ticket. If you do not, you can be removed from the train or fined. If you get on without validation and suddenly remember, speak to the conductor, and he will usually take care of it.


You have probably seen it in movies where a big production is made when greeting someone in Italy with a kiss on each side of the face. The reality is much more casual. Pay attention when you are in an area. Some men and women kiss, others do not. It is common to see people greet each other with a kiss on the cheek. In the centre-North, men do not kiss. You would be wise to follow the lead of the locals and not go kissing everybody willy-nilly. If you kiss your boss or a cop, you may wish you had not.
You will find Italy a beautiful place to visit or live, always remember that you are visiting a foreign country where different cultures and practices might be different from what you’ve grown up. Research, adapt and always respect their tradition.

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