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A Few Important Travel Luggage Tips

Completing your bucket list will always involve traveling the best destinations and experience in the world. It only means that you will go abroad and have fun cross out every line from your list. But did you realize that going into a foreign country might expose you to some dangers that you don’t expect?
One of the most hassle-inducing experience while traveling abroad are experiencing difficulties in travel luggage as they tend to carry essential things while you are on a trip.
In this post, we will give you insights on what are the best things to do and the best way to pack your suitcase to have an unforgettable and happy memory.

Purchase a Light but Durable Suitcase

Cheap travel bags? Nope. Thin bags? Nope.
The first things to check in a travel suitcase before purchasing are its materials, weight, and security.
First off is the material. There are travel bags that can be bought with thin plastics as its main body. It is light but is somewhat prone to cracking. Some bags have the hard plastic case which makes them reign on top. Aluminum bags are also prevailing on the top regarding the durability of the luggage.
The second thing to check is the bag’s weight. You don’t want to purchase a stainless steel bag with high load to strength ratio, right? What about ironclad bags? They will be a BIG hassle, right?
Remember that when traveling by air, there are weight limits that you must adhere, else, you will pay higher. Also, check the dimensions of your bag because most airlines have rules about this.
So what about the leather suitcases?
Leather suitcases are very light and easy to carry. Some bags can even be broken down into pieces so you can quickly bring them if there are no items inside. Also though it is best for its weight ratio, the security and durability of the bag isn’t. Some bags are not even water resistant. They may be cheaper than the plastic or aluminum-based luggage, but they lack the security. Imagine that some porters will slash those bags of yours while you are listening to your favorite music in the waiting area?
Lastly, you need to check the security components of your bag. Some bags have RFID blocker to protect your identity. But another thing to check is the zipper and locking component of your bag. Did you know that even you have zipped tightly and locked correctly, some people can still open it up?
Watch the video below by ITS tactical to learn more

Check Your Bags Before Leaving Your House

Of course, you are going to use your travel bag now and then. You won’t be purchasing a new one every time you have a vacation, right? So maintenance and checking your bags before leaving your home will surely save you hours in your vacation.
Most travel luggage has roller wheels. They serve as your helping hand as you pull your bag while walking in the airport terminal. If these wheels get damaged or are unaligned, you will inevitably experience a hard time traveling in that foreign country. It won’t give you a terrible impact while abroad but will cost you minutes or even hours of problems, especially if your bag is heavy from the souvenirs that you had bought on the local market.
Before leaving your home, double check the wheels if they are still excellent and working. Check the hinges and put some lubrication if needed. Mineral oil will always do the trick, but in some cases, WD40 will clean the entire system.
Also, check the handle of your bag as it is the main component of the travel luggage to help you pull it easily. I have tried bags with a broken handle, and it was very uncomfortable to travel. It was hard to pull especially if going on a rough road, humps and ramps. It would be best to bring your luggage to professionals if you have a broken handle and lever, to help reduce your stress while en route.

Travel Light

Did I mention that you need to travel light and only bring the things that you need? Well, just like what this post has discussed above, weight matters as well as the dimensions of your bag. But this part of the post will remind you just to bring what items are the best to carry.Clothes
  • Travel Undies
  • Toiletries
  • Documents
  • Pocket Money and more.

For more tips on what to bring in international travel, you may go to this post titled, “Important Things to Bring in an International Travel.”


When traveling, you will always bring items which are necessary for your travels. Along this item is the case or most commonly referred as travel luggage or travel bags. When purchasing bags, you must check required points and characteristics to secure your items inside. Invest in a very promising bag,  and you won’t regret it while on your vacation. Also, remember to pack lightly and always maintain your bags before going on a trip.

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