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5 International Travel Tips For A Hassle-Free Vacation

Traveling in a foreign country is a bit stressing for those who try it for the first time. There will always be hiccups before, during and or after your trip. But these mishaps might be lessened if tourists like us tend to research first before the getaway.
This post will give you ideas, and international travel tips, and tricks while traveling in a foreign country.

Documents Check

There are several documents that MUST be checked and MUST always be with you when you travel abroad. VISA, Passport and several ID’s must still be with you. Treat them like a part of your body because these documents are your only way to identify yourself in a foreign country.
You may also check your hotel booking details as well as your airline tickets. It is also advised to take a photo of these documents to have a soft copy of them in case of emergency. It will also be a good idea to send some copies of these documents to your friends or loved ones so that you’ll have at least a contingency plan.

Health Check

“I’ll be skydiving in Dubai,” says a man who is prone to heart attacks.
It is best to have a checkup before planning, or before your flight. Especially for those with medical histories that might be life-threatening.

It is also good to keep in check of your allergies as some people tend to have severe allergy experiences. Remember that it is a foreign country.

Bring Your Bank, Inside a Card

Of course, you’ll be spending a lot of money abroad, right? Let ‘s say that it is a “budget” travel– but, it’ll also cost you money, right?
Before leaving the airport, exchange your money to the local currency. It will obviously be hard to buy a couple of food in the USA using YEN, right? So don’t hesitate and exchange them. But remember that it is also inadvisable to bring a LOT of them. That is why—- You need to bring your cards. 
Credit or debit cards should both work even while abroad. Just learn to use them correctly. With these, it will keep your money safe, plus you can just walk around without worrying that one minute your whole cash are all gone. 
It is also good to leave a few emergency cash and card in your hotel in case of mishaps.

Sort Your Contacts

When arriving at your hotel, it is advised to get a calling card from the front desk. When you are in a dangerous situation or lost merely from your solo travels, you may call your hotel and ask for directions. Some hotels have pick-up services where they will just ask your location, and their shuttle will just pick you up. That’ll be a lifesaver in case that you are lost out of nowhere.

Of course, do not forget to have a copy of your friends and loved ones on your phone, on a sheet of paper and in your hotel room. Remember that you must always have a back up in case of emergency. 
Keeping a record of the local police and fire department might also be a good idea to add in your arsenal. From our international travel packing list, this item will surely save you in case of facing a very bad situation.

Have a Checklist of Everything

Starting from your luggage, you must have a checklist of items that you have bought in the first place. For example, don’t forget to pack some travel-ready underwear. They will be great to keep your hygiene top notch. A few clothes must also be prepared for your getaway. 
Research if the country will be cold or hot. You don’t want to bring thin garments in Alaska, right? Or heavy jackets in Saudi Arabia during warm seasons. Also, keep in mind to bring clothes that are appropriate on what kind of itinerary do you have. 

“Will I be hiking?”

“Am I going to the beach?”

“What about skiing?”
Another thing is, you must also have a checklist of items that you want to bring home. Souvenirs! Who doesn’t wish to have souvenirs! I bet your family and friends are itching to have a few shirts or even a cute keychain from where you came. It’ll be an excellent way to give them the “feel” of where you came.


Sometimes it is harsh and dangerous in traveling abroad. But as you travel around the world, circling and learning from the habits of different races, your experience in communicating and socializing will improve. Thus, helping you avoid the bad situations. Experience is a key as well as your knowledge about international travel tips, use them and I’m sure that you’ll enjoy your vacation in a foreign country.

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