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Setting Yourself Up For An Instant Vacation

Our lives today are hectic. Most families have both parents working long hours with two or three kids who are scheduled to the max with school, sports, clubs, and activities with friends. With so much going on, we often don’t know week by week when we’ll ever have time off again. Every once in a while, it seems everybody catches an opportunity at once and you’ve got a chance to get away for a couple of days.
When those unexpected perfect storms develop, you can’t lose a lot of time seeking out your destination, transportation, or lodging. You need a plan in place, a basic itinerary in your back pocket that you can pull out almost any day of the year and make it happen.
The first step is to narrow down destinations. Simply spinning the globe and deciding where to head for a three-day weekend is impossible. You need to hit the high spots of places that appeal to everyone in the family and make that your starting point. It could be Branson, it could be the beach, it could simply be the mountains. Whatever you like, just have your basic ideas framed up in advance.
Now you have to figure out where to stay. This can be a real disruption to the process, because your best-laid plans are often wiped out by booked-up hotels. Skip the apps. Set things up ahead of time and get a timeshare. Welk Resorts are located in several of the most popular destinations in North America, so that no matter which of them your family chooses for this particular trip, you’ve already got a great place lined up to stay.
The beauty of this arrangement is the simplicity. No twisting and turning with discounts, no high-end international destinations, no complications. Just a simple process to get your place and then you load up and go.
That brings us to the going itself. The thing with a surprise vacation is that it might also be a surprise to your bank account. Each summer’s annual family epic trek is usually a target of some intense saving during the preceding months, but traveling on the spur of the moment requires a completely different funding mechanism.
Simply put, you may need to keep it cheap. Of course, today’s discount airlines and flight booking apps make that quite achievable from many airports. If you can get to one of those low-fare cities, you can get to any of a number of popular destinations for a very good price.
So now it has all come together to make that free week. You’ve canceled the meeting at work, your spouse has finished monthly reports early, your daughter’s soccer team lost in the tournament, and your son’s band camp got rescheduled. You’ve called Welk to get a space at the resort, and your phone presented you with some dirt-cheap tickets to fly you to and from Lake Tahoe right on your schedule.
Yes, you caught a few lucky breaks (unlucky for the soccer team, but she’s probably fine with it), but you also had your plans together ahead of time so that you were positioned to take advantage of the things you couldn’t control. The payoff for you is a great family vacation, already mostly planned but just waiting for a date to land.

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