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Three Of The Best Californian Cities To Put On Your Bucket List

As such a vast state; California offers any visitor or traveler far more than they’ll be able to to do and see in just one trip. Full of areas of natural beauty, landscapes, terrains, and wildlife; California is also known for some of the most popular city destinations on the planet, ensuring that you’ll never be stuck for something to do during your time there. Even the cities offer a mixture of the hustle and bustle of city life and relaxing beaches, hills, and parkland to explore. Therefore, you might want to plan where you’re going to head once you arrive, and figure out what you want to get out of each destination.
Perhaps you’re off on a US or Californian tour and want to cram in as much as possible, or maybe you have your eyes set on really getting to know one city in particular. Whatever your travel plans have in store; you’ll need to start planning and researching as soon as possible so that you can work out times, accommodation, bookings, and transport. The following are three of the most popular city destinations in California, and why so many choose to visit them every year, to help you decide if they’ll be top of your pacific coastal getaway.

San Diego

Aside from the exciting city lifestyle that San Diego has to offer; people go to visit the beaches, park-lands, and incredible scenery year on year. If you’re ever stuck for what to do when you get there; you can check out what to do in San Diego today and find something fun nearby. Or, you can get out and explore yourself. Whether you want a delicious burrito followed by a leisurely walk around one of the many museums and art galleries, or you fancy hiking your way to a secluded beach and partaking in some serious surf lessons; San Diego can offer it all.

Los Angeles

Probably one of f the most famous place in California and the US; LA will keep you on your toes when you’re there. Whether you want to head to one of the beaches and check out where the bodybuilders flex their muscles or want a photo next to your favorite star on the Hollywood walk of fame; LA will ensure you get a feast for the eyes. With accommodation and food for every budget; Los Angeles is perfect for the traditional traveler or for someone who wants a touch of luxury throughout their stay.

San Francisco

For characterful and colorful charm, plenty of Victorian houses, and hills with cable cars; San Francisco is the place to visit. With a totally different ambiance than the high-octane LA; San Fran offers visitors a small town feeling with a vast array of things to do. Whether you want the sights of the Golden Gate Bridge over the glistening water, or have a curiosity about Alcatraz; San Francisco will give you sights, history and intrigue, and plenty to do during your stay.

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