Best of World Travel,  White Sand Beach

USA’s Best White Sand Beach

When you are at work wishing you were on vacation – what do you picture? For many, it is an expanse of warm sand beneath your feet, the ocean blue stretching as far as the eye can see in front of you, and the sun rays raining down in a perfect paradise. If you have ever been to Destin, Florida, that vision might change slightly to include the pristine, white sugar sand beaches that characterize this coastal haven on the Emerald Coast.

According to the article “Where are the World’s Best White Sand Beaches? Hunt for the Great White Beach”, the stretch of beach between Destin and Panama City Beach ranks right up there with some of the dazzling, world-renowned beaches in Tahiti and the Philippines. While you have to travel thousands of miles to get to these tropical retreats, however, the Gulf Coast beaches are at your doorstep. A quick getaway to the best white sand beach in the U.S. is a great way to relax and take a breath of fresh, beach air.
So what makes Destin’s sparkling, white sand more alluring to beachgoers than any other beach? Let’s start with the obvious. The combination of calm, clear waters greeting a shore of glittering, picture-perfect sand makes for some breathtaking views. Because of its subdued coloring, the sand reflects the summer sunlight giving the shimmering water its characteristic emerald hue. Get comfortable at the edge of the water under the shade of a colorful umbrella, and look out over a beach that looks like summer snow and the waves lapping at the shore. One glance will have you swooning over the paradise view, while your worries wash away with the receding tide.
Besides being the most beautiful beach on the coast, the unique finely ground quartz crystal that makes up the best white sand in the nation is the perfect backdrop for romantic weddings, engagement shoots, or family photos. These sugar beaches are where memories are made!
Another reason to love the sparkling sand is its incredibly fine nature. Literally. The sugary powder is so fine that it has a very soft, almost fluffy feel. The reflective quality of the sand also radiates the sunrays away from the beach, keeping the surface cool so your feet will not get burned. Instead of strolling on a sandy beach, you will feel like you are walking on the clouds of a perfect heaven on Earth.
If you have not yet experienced the beauty of the brilliant beaches of the Emerald Coast in South Walton, now is your chance. Book your Destin vacation with Ocean Reef Resorts to get a front-row seat to pure, sugar sand beaches and stunning, unparalleled Gulf Coast views. With a team of reservation specialists by your side, you will be matched with a vacation rental that meets your needs so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy everything the beach has to offer. Don’t miss your opportunity to vacation on the best white sand beach in the U.S., and one of the finest crystalline destinations in the world.

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