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Best Ways to See the Wild

Getting to see some of the world’s most majestic creatures is always an amazing experience, even if it’s in a zoo or a sea life center. However seeing them out in the wild, in their natural habitat really is something quite different. This is quite normal when you visit some of the famous safaris in South America or in Africa. The have an abundant wildlife where you can just roam for the whole day but you will still miss most of the animals in the wild Africa.
Amazon can also be one of the best example to have an unforgettable adventure in your lifetime. But, when you live in a country like the UK or US, you of course don’t get to see large wild animals in your daily life, and so getting to do this on vacation can really be breathtaking. But worry not, there are also some famous spots like the Florida wildlife. If you’re looking for some of the world’s best animal encounters to add to your bucket list, here are a few to consider!

Go on Safari

When it comes to safari– just like what we this post had talked about in the first half, Africa is the place to be. 
Different African countries will of course give completely different experiences (since the continent is so large and the weather conditions are all different). But you can expect to see everything from elephants to gorillas to cheetahs, lions and so much more. 
You could visit Tanzania and go on a Serengeti safari where you will see over a million wildebeest and up to two hundred thousand zebras follow the rains across the park. You could visit Kenya and go on a safari in the Masai Mara National Reserve. This is widely considered to be the greatest game park on earth and is one of Africa’s top safari destinations. Do your research, work out what you would most like to see and go from there and enjoy the depths of the wild Africa.

Swim With Dolphins

Some places have come under scrutiny in recent years due to keeping dolphins and other large sea mammals in captivity. However, there are still ways you can do this with a clear conscience. 
Places in the world like Florida give you the opportunity to swim with wild dolphins in their natural habitat. Since these creatures aren’t held against their will, you have peace of mind that they’re perfectly happy and content with being there with you. 
You could either get in the water and swim with them, or enjoy a boat ride where wild dolphins will often come and swim right alongside you and ride the waves created by the boat. Being so close to these majestic, intelligent creatures is something that will create memories to last a lifetime.

Go on a Camel Trek Adventure

If you’re looking to get away from everyone and everything for a while then a trip to the Australian Outback should be on your list. With it being so remote, many people claim that it really helps them to ‘find themselves’- some even have a spiritual or religious experience. 
While you’re there you could go on a camel trek, these usually run from a few days up to a few weeks so you could decide how hardcore you wanted to go. Camels are extremely interesting animals, this gives you a chance to spend time with them, observing their movements and traveling via camel ride. The perfect way to disconnect and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life for a while.

Go Whale Watching

Whales are a creature quite unlike any other creature on earth when it comes to blue whales they are the biggest life form that has ever existed on our planet. 
Whale watching experiences give you the chance to see all kinds of different species depending on where you go and the time of year. America, Canada, Iceland, Mexico, Columbia, even Bonny Scotland all provide the chance. You can also visit the Valdes Peninsula in Patagonia and be stunned by the beauty of these big and wild creatures.
Different species have different migration patterns, so to maximize your chances of seeing them be sure to do your research and get your timings right.

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