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Easy To Remember Tips for a Solo Traveler

If you are a traveler, you will read and hear the same things all the time: ‘You have to go solo,’ ‘travelling alone is the best experience in the world.” Sometimes you’ll often hear: ‘it’s not travelling unless it’s alone.’ 
Anyone who has taken the plunge thinks it is the easiest thing in the world, yet you have your reservations. The most obvious one is security because there is safety in numbers. But, lots of people go it alone every day and they don’t get into trouble. So, the question is: how does one travel alone and avoid dangerous situations? To find out, continue reading.

Follow Basic Safety Rules

Just because you are in a foreign country doesn’t mean the same rules don’t apply. Like at home, there are things you should never do if you want to stay out of harm’s way. For example, don’t walk down an unlit alleyway or get into a car with a stranger. Sure, part of going away is experiencing new things and letting go of your inhibitions. However, certain ones are too risky to abandon, especially in a foreign country. As a rule, you shouldn’t do anything you wouldn’t in your hometown regarding safety.
Just like living in our everyday lives, think about the laws that govern the world, the laws of Physics that will save or harm you, think of everything, and planning will also save your day. With careful and proper planning and itinerary setting, you’ll be a few steps away from harmful events.
Another thing is to be active in searching for the latest events of he country that you are going to travel alone. Like for example there is an ongoing Marshall law in the southern part of the Philippines. There are numerous articles and news that can be searched in the web. You may also visit a couple of websites and forum that can help you about the current events. Reddit can be a good way to ask for some advises about the itinerary that you’ll be exploring. You may visit subs about certain countries like r/Philippines, r/USA, r/Canada or learn the latest news from r/WorldNews. You can also ask some lurkers there about a few tips that will make your travel so easy.

Don’t Show Off

Part of visiting another country is taking in the culture. Sadly, some cultures are a lot poorer than the one you come from back home. Although most people from deprived backgrounds are outstanding citizens, but some will take advantage. 
Rio is a prime example as it is a city where the locals target tourists. To prevent this from happening, you should ensure you are not flashy. That means taking off the jewelry and putting your phone and money in a tight pocket. Also, split your cards, then, you won’t be stranded should anything happen. For example, you may try to put an emergency VISA ATM card inside your bag and another in your hotel room. 

Book in a Travel Group

Single travellers always meet new people on their journey, but there are ways to speed up the process. Singles travel groups are one such way as it is designed to bring people together. When you book, the group becomes your family for the duration of the trip. They travel with you, eat with you, and sleep in the same room. The result is a single person on an individual trip surrounded by friends. Not only does it heighten the experience, but it makes it safer as you are travelling with people. This method is an excellent choice for those of you with the jitters.
For finding a few travel groups, you can check out some groups in Facebook and ask for feedback. Feedback are very important to ask since it will determine if the group will not scam you. But do be careful that these groups and their travel itineraries are not regulated properly by anyone, not even the admins, so be very careful and vigilant at all times.

Send A Copy Of Your Itinerary

The final option is to make a list of where you are going to be and send it to family and friends. Yes, they might be thousands of miles away, but at least someone knows about your whereabouts. If something were to happen, it wouldn’t take long for them to ring the alarm. Of course, the best option is to inform an individual in the local area. If there is no one you can trust, have a word with the receptionist in the hostel or hotel that you are staying with. Usually, they do everything they can for the sake of their guests.


There are so many solo travelers around the world, but the safety risk will always be tailing them behind. In order to lessen the risks that might be encountered along the way, a proper planning and justified research is a must, since the data that you’ll be acquiring will be your guide when you reach your destination.

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