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3 Things to Know on How To Keep Yourself Safe While Traveling

Ticking those must-visit travel destinations off your bucket list can be an incredibly satisfying process. If travel is your main love in life, chances are that you want to visit as many places as possible – and have a unique experience in each place, too.

Travel costs a lot of money, whether it is the expensive flights, the accommodation, or pricey visa costs. With that in mind, you want to make the most of the experience, and ensure that you don’t come into any mishaps while you are there.

Health and safety might not be the top thing you are thinking about when you are planning a holiday – after all, it’s not particularly exciting. But it can still be worth taking into account as your run through your itinerary, even just to make sure that everyone has as good a time as possible.

Continue reading to learn the top things to look out for when you are traveling to keep you and your friends as safe as possible.

Know Your Local Embassy

This isn’t something that many young travelers tend to even consider – but knowing where your nearest embassy is will surely help you out. For example, as an American traveling in the Philippines, I would want to know the whereabouts of the US Embassy in the Philippines. Should you come into a sticky situation, you’ll know where to go.

If you end up getting into trouble with the law, or you are caught up in any local violence or dangerous event, you will need to contact your nearest embassy to hand in your details and to make sure you are accounted for.

Your embassy can also help you arrange emergency travel back to your home country if desperately needed. In short, they will be your guide and “parents” if problems arise in the country that you are traveling.

Check the Safety Features in Your Accommodation

When you are booking somewhere to stay throughout your travels, you are probably only looking to fulfill two criteria: that the place is cheap, and that you have somewhere comfy to sleep.
Young travelers and backpackers are not famed for their desire to stay in luxury apartments or hotels, but this doesn’t mean that your accommodation should fail basic health and safety requirements.
If you can, look for properties that have something like a Emerg-A-Center installed, which consists of must-have items like a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. Although the likelihood of needing either is low, you will certainly be glad for the extra protection should such a situation arise. Also, you wouldn’t know when emergencies will come. One good example was the latest happenings in the Resort’s World Manila, where a few mishaps, and emergency happened in a single night that caused many casualties.
It would also not hurt to know the basic emergency procedures like during earthquakes, building fire and flood. It would also be a great help to know the nearest police hotline, or the national emergency hotline like 911.

Be Mindful of the Local Food and Water

Trying new things is one of the great things about traveling: and cuisine is no different. However, in certain parts of the world, you could unknowingly be putting yourself in danger by eating certain local foods and drinking the tap water.
It is normal to get a bit of an upset stomach when you are trying food that you are not used to – but if you are experiencing severe vomiting and abdominal pain, see an overseas doctor as soon as possible.
Before you leave for your travels, check to see what the health regulations are regarding drinking the local tap water. In many cases, health authorities advise that anyone visiting from a different country buys bottled water instead – it can be expensive, but it’s worth doing if it keeps you safe.


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