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Best Hidden Vacation Spots in the USA

Sometimes we want to explore hidden vacation spots that other people haven’t visited yet. It is a great opportunity to be the “first” among your “circle of friends”. A cool river to soak wet, a monstrous plateau to camp at, or even a simple and adorable backyard in your neighborhood. These kinds of  travel destinations refreshes our body and sou away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In this post we will be talking about the best hidden vacation spots in States.

1. Pismo Beach California

If you want a calm sunset to deal with after a week of busy work, the Pismo Beach in California might be your best bet. The calm breeze and fresh environment will surely help your body to relax and forget the pain that you have been enduring from your everyday tasks.
The Pismo Beach is located in San Luis Obispo County in the Central coast of California. There, you can explore the pier while the sun is still rising, or take a small bike and ride throughout the fresh air that will bump into your skin.

2. Fayetteville, Arkansas

The third largest city in Arkansas awaits you to cross out some items in your bucket list. It is a city of great architechture and full of refreshing tourist spots. You can try to relax in a silent spot in University of Arkansas to view the gorgeous Mount Sequoyah.

Image Credit: by Brandonrush
On the other hand, you can also visit the Dickson Street which is the primary entertainment district of the region. There, you can watch famous and stunning musicals and stage performances. Of course, restaurants and bars can also be found in the famous district.

3. Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park lies along the coast of Thompson River with less than 6000 population in 2010. Since it lies along a great river, there are numerous spots where you can enjoy your free time near a body of water. 
A beautiful rocky mountain can also be enjoyed along with colorful flowers, trees and landscapes. Truly a hidden gem that everyone should at least try to view for relaxation.

4. Kodiak Island, Alaska 

The island is a fairly isolated from the world we live in. The only way to get inside and out the island is by the use of an airline’s service as well as ferry boats. There are so many things to do in Kodiak Island that we have added to our best hidden vacation spots in the USA such as watching brown bears, or even touch one of their kind in Mack’s Sporting Goods Store, but it’s only a preserved kind. *winks*.
The island is also equipped with cool and breezy coast as well as calming sunsets and landscapes.

5. Jekylle Island, Georgia

Another island awaits your traveling mind and souls. It is one of the sea islands and the Golden Isles of Georgia Island. The island has around 10 miles of beach, four golf courses and a Nature Center. There are also boat tours and variety of lodging options. 
For history lovers, there are also a couple of historic sites and buildings where you can enjoy to explore and fulfill your curiosity.

Verdict: Find What You Like and Do it Now

There are so many hidden vacation spots that can be found near our home. It is up to us to find them and explore afterwards. We can ask people, we can search via the web, read magazines and newspaper. There are almost a few hundreds of ways to find on where we will travel next, but the important part is to explore and get out of your comfort zones.
You can also check out this infographic to find more Hidden Road Trip Gems. created this infographic. Posted the photo with permission.


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