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Top 11 Things to Do in Tokyo Japan

Japan, the land of the Rising Sun. A good country to spend a precious long vacation, or even just a fast 3 Days, 2 Night trip. Lately, the cherry blossoms have shown their beauty which makes Japan as one of the best countries to visit this past few months. But this post will encourage you more about the hidden and well-known tourist spots to help you more in a Japan travel getaway that is focused in the top things to do in Tokyo.
  1. See the Mt. Fuji
  2. Have Fun in Robot Restaurant
  3. Be Hyped in Sumo
  4. Visit the Senso-Ji
  5. Dine at Maid Cafes
  6. Bring Your Bentos in Todoroki Valley
  7. Explore the Best Gardens
  8. Eat at Tsukiji Fish Market
  9. Sing Songs in a Karaoke
  10. Join the Hanami Event
  11. Ride the Bullet Train

1. Sight-see the Mount Fuji

Mt. Fuji is an active volcano a hundred kilometers away from Tokyo. But its beauty glimmers around it as you sight-see it far away. Even riding on the train, you’ll probably be amazed by its dazzling beauty. Its simple white cone with a combination of the color blue makes it a perfect view from afar. It has also been one of the most popular subjects for Japanese arts.

things to do in Tokyo

Yes, you can view it beautifully hundreds of kilometers away, but you can also go there, hike, and experience the thrill of climbing the world renowned Mt. Fuji.
The popular times to hike Fuji is from July to August. There will be thousands of hikers that you might meet because of its popularity as one of the top Japan tourist attraction. You can choose from  Yoshida, Subashiri, Gotemba, and Fujinomiya routes, but they are already away from Tokyo.

2. Have Fun in the Robot Restaurant

Deep within the blinding lights and deafening cacophony of the Shinjuku district lies one of the most baffling, outrageous and unforgettable experiences Tokyo has to offer. The hypnotic music and giant neon robotic statues outside make it impossible to resist purchasing a show ticket for a mere 8,000 yen.
Before you know it, you are magically transported into the most insane pre-show area where gyrating mirrored robotic guitarists strum away to a variety of pulsating tunes and sake demons pounce on unsuspecting audience members.

robot restaurant in tokyo 
After being led down one of the most bizarre staircases known to man, we arrived in the basement where the audience was divided into two sections, each opposite and facing each other, either side of the central performance area. Giant screens surrounded us, and magical scenes started to appear, flying, swimming and dancing all around. And then the show began.
A fantastical fusion of fantasy and science-fiction had stumbled upon us, truly the best thing to watch in Tokyo. An epic combination of all the world’s anime cosplay artists all thrown in together – complete with a massive slice of animatronics. The scale of it is simply unbelievable, and at the end of the performance, you’ll be left feeling breathless.
It defies description; it beggars belief, the Robot Restaurant is, in a word, incredible.

3. Be Hyped in Tokyo Sumo Wrestling Tournament

Sports are fun to watch. You’ll pick up the hype, loud noises, and shouting of the crowd when your team is losing or winning, and sumo wrestling is not different.
Sumo is a type of wrestling where the wrestler tries to push his or her opponent outside the circular ring (dohyo), or by forcing them to touch the ground aside from the soles of their feet.

things to do in Tokyo watch a sumo

It was associated in trial by combat before, by the Shinto rituals as well as individual shrines that carry out dance rituals. But nowadays, it is a sport that can be enjoyed while you are having a day trip in Ryogoku Kokugikan Stadium in Tokyo. 
If you’re going to Tokyo and wants to watch the Japan’s national sport, you may head out by January, May, and September as they held the tournament during these months. While March, July, and November are held in Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka respectively.

4. Visit the Senso-Ji in Asakusa

Senso-Ji is the oldest temple in Japan, as well as one of the most significant one. So visiting this shrine will surely complete your itinerary.

things to do in Tokyo is to go to senso ji 
It is packed up with history and spectacular architecture which is perfect to take a photo and complete your top things to do in Tokyo. There, you will learn the legend that resides the temple as well as its abundant history.  The Senso-Ji Kannon Temple is currently the most visited holy site in the world that caters up to 30 million visitors yearly.
Remember that when you visit the temple, there will be lots of tourists that are lurking within the premises.
Just adjacent to the temple lies the Asakusa Shrine which also attracts a lot of tourists because of its unique designs.

5. Become a “Master” in Maid Cafes

If you want to feel like a “master” in a modern Animation, then heading to one of the best maid cafes in Akihabara, Tokyo would make your dream come true. Akihabara is like the “gaming” district of Tokyo, where anime, movie and game lovers treat it as a paradise.


While inside the maid café, you’ll experience to be called as a “master,” and will be served with cute dishes, drinks, and souvenirs. Some maid cafes offer maid photos, colorful costumes, and cute dances. Waitresses dressed in maid outfits are norms as well as cosplayers, those who portray their favorite fantasy characters. Other cafes offer butlers with waiters that act as butlers to their costumers. These cafes are serving cute foods and drinks just like the Instagram post above.

If you want a different styles of cafe, you may also try character-themed cafes, antique cafes or even the famous cat cafes where you can see cats all around the restaurant.

6. Relax at Todoroki Valley

Just southwest of the busy streets of Tokyo, Japan lies a scenic, peaceful and refreshing valley that is very popular to the local Japanese. Some students from the nearby university, as well as office workers, can be seen here during lunch. They take the beautiful view of the valley while enjoying their packed lunches (bento).

things to do in Tokyo

As a tourist, you may also head to the Todoroki Valley and relax while eating your lunch or snacks. While you are resting after a long trip to one of the famous places in Tokyo, a gorgeous view in Todoroki Valley will help you calm yourself and wash away those body pains that you have been enduring for the whole day.

7. Explore the  Best Gardens in Tokyo

Rikugien and Koishikawa Korakuen are two of the best and most beautiful gardens in Tokyo. If you don’t visit these two gardens while you are in Tokyo, then I think that you lack something in your itinerary.

Their beauties cant be matched by other gardens in whole Tokyo. There, you will see different kinds of plants and trees. Cherry blossoms are one of the best attractions in the garden during its season. You can also see the iconic and unique landscape designs where they try to replicate both Japanese and Chinese tourist spots.
When visiting these two gardens, you’ll feel the art of the Japanese people, combined and made into a facility of plants and landscapes.

8. Enjoy Fresh Seafoods at Tsukiji Fish Market

 japan fish market

A Tokyo itinerary won’t also be complete without an awesome eating spree! Tsukiji is known as “Japan’s food town.”  There, you will encounter all kinds of Japanese foods. From ramen to sushi and even Japanese sweets!

On the other hand, if you are a seafood lover, especially fishes like tuna, then the Tsukiji is also a paradise for you!

9. Sing Songs in Karaoke

Your Tokyo trip won’t be complete without singing your favorite songs in a Karaoke bar. In Japan, karaoke is very popular that they have to make booths that are sound proof. You can sing all your guts out, and nobody will listen to you and your company.

karaoke is one of the things to do in Tokyo 
When singing karaoke, it is best to have partners or be in a group to increase the fun exponentially. It is also best to have a couple snacks and beers (if you are of legal age) to enjoy more the experience while inside the booth.
Sometimes, the karaoke box has cute and appealing designs. These designs might suit your taste so better choose the room that you think would make your stay more enjoyable. Karaoke sessions are best to do at night after your night journeys in Tokyo.

10. Join in the Hanami Event and Wear a Kimono

Hanami is the act of Sakura-watchingCherry Blossoms viewing or simply flower viewing. These events can be enjoyed from the end of March up to April. You can see beautiful pinkish cherry blossoms that dance with the wind as they fall to the ground. During this time in Japan, lots of tourists are expected to join in the craze because of the alluring and scenic views resulted from the beautiful colors of the flowers.

cherry blossoms in japan 
It is also best to enjoy the event by drinking a couple of sake (rice wine) which is very popular in Japan while wearing a Kimono, a traditional dress of Japanese people. Sometimes, there are also night events that host Hanami and fireworks display might be experienced.

11. Ride the Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

 bullet train in tokyo

Riding a 200 mph train seems to be an adventurous getaway in Japan. If you are in Tokyo, you may start riding from Tokaido and Tohoku Shinkansen. Both will end at Shin-Osaka and Shin-Aomori respectively. Now, if you just want to ride the train and experience the fun of it, you may try to get a ticket and end in the nearest terminal. Upon arrival, you may get a few tours and have fun as well, then return to Tokyo or your desired meeting place.

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Verdict: Tokyo is One of the Top Places to Visit in Japan

Japan itself has a wide variety of places to visit, but Tokyo houses some of the most famous places to visit in the whole country. In order to experience the best things to do in Tokyo, Japan, you must be fully aware and packed with a good research and gears so that the memories that you’ll be making will be etched in your own history.

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