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Subic Waterfront Resort and Hotel Review 2017

Subic Waterfront Resort and Hotel is one of the most friendly resort and hotel in Olongapo, Zambales. It is just a few feet from the National Highway, has distinctive landmarks, near to some tourist attractions. It also has a website where you can easily find their latest deals.
The Best of World Travel once visited the distinguished resort, and our guide, as well as review, will be included in this post with access to a Premier Suite with Breakfast.
subic waterfront resort and hotel images

Post Contents

  • How to Go to Subic Waterfront Hotel and Resort
    • Public Transportation
    • Private Transportation
    • Google Map
  • Subic Waterfront Resort and Hotel Rates
  • Rooms
  • Other Facilities
  • Free Breakfast
  • What to Do in Subic Waterfront
  • Nearby Attraction
  • Contact Details of the Zambales Resort
  • ProAmateur Tips
  • Travel Gears to Bring
  • Final Notes

How to Go to Subic Waterfront Hotel and Resort

Public Transportation

From NAIA Terminal 1

UV Express + Jeepney/ Bus/ Walk
From NAIA Terminal 1, you can go down the path and reach the National Highway. Ride a UV Express (White FX and/or Van) and tell the driver to drop you off at Lydia’s Lechon. This route is only good to do during the day and broad daylight because at night it might be a bit dangerous.
After reaching Lydia’s Lechon, you may walk a few feet and reach the Heritage Hotel. You may ride a Jeepney going to Buendia or ride a Bus that will pass through Malanday; you can see that on their placard.
Ask the driver or his assistant (kundoktor) to drop you off at the 5-star bus terminal. After reaching the bus terminal near a Jollibee branch, head to the overpass, you’ll see the Victory Bus Terminal on the other side of the highway.
On the other hand, you can also ride a Saulog Bus in the Genesis Bus Terminal just at the back of SOGO Hotel. Sometimes there is no Saulog bus going to Olongapo, so you have to wait a few more minutes to an hour before you can rest. Again, this is only recommended during broad daylight, if you are traveling at night, head to Victory Bus Terminal
Either way, you are already on your way to Olongapo.

Assuming that you are inside the Victory Liner’s bus terminal, head to the Olongapo section and ask the cashier to get you a seat going to Olongapo. Estimated Cost:
A 3-6 hours travel time might befall upon you, depending on the weather and road traffic. Sometimes, it takes me up to 8 hours if unlucky. After reaching Olongapo, ride a BLUE Jeepney and ask the driver to drop you off at SAW MILL or Subic Waterfront Resort and Hotel. But Saw Mill will always work! Estimated cost:
Just on the left side, you’ll see the Resort’s Entrance.
Get a Grab or Uber and ask the driver to drop you off at Victory Liner Bus Terminal. Alternatively, you can get a taxi; I would recommend WHITE because they are cheaper compared to the YELLOW taxis. Estimated cost:
Assuming that you are inside the Victory Liner’s bus terminal, head to the Olongapo section and ask the cashier to get you a seat going to Olongapo. Estimated Cost:
A 3-6 hours travel time might befall upon you, depending on the weather and road traffic. Sometimes, it takes me up to 8 hours if unlucky. After reaching Olongapo, ride a BLUE Jeepney and ask the driver to drop you off at SAW MILL or Subic Waterfront Resort and Hotel. But Saw Mill will always work! Estimated cost:

Private Transport

From NAIA Terminal 1

Subic Waterfront Resort and Hotel Rates

Subic Waterfront is a budget hotel that you can easily access without any trail and hurdles on the way. You can reach the site smoothly just like the budget rates of their rooms.
If you carefully check their website’s booking page, you can easily find their latest deals and rates. Head out to this link and find their latest deals.
Alternatively, I also recommend to visit the TravelBookPh’s website and check out which has a better deal between the two. When I booked in Subic Waterfront Resort and Hotel, I was able to gobble down my fees down to less than 1000 pesos ($ 20 USD) with breakfast for two. With enough TravelBook points, you can also do that or even get a free stay!
In Travel Book’s page, they offer different room rates listed below:
  • Premiere Suite with breakfast – 1964.29 PHP
  • Superior Suite with breakfast – 2500.00 PHP
  • Jacuzzi Suite with breakfast – 4017.86 PHP
  • Executive Suite with Breakfast – 4285.72 PHP
  • Waterfront Suite with breakfast – 6250.00 PHP
**Travel Book PH Prices as of May 12, 2017, without any discounts.

Since TravelBook PH offers discounts most of the time, the prices above may vary depending on the season. Again, it is best to directly check the page and see for yourself which will give you the best deals for an overnight stay.


Upon arrival to the Subic Waterfront, I talked to the very friendly male guard in their entrance. He asked for an ID for verification, and he gave me a numbered pass in exchange. The numbered pass must not be lost or misplaced, or we will pay a 50 PHP fee for it ($ 1 USD).
My brother and I directly went to the hotel’s reception area, a bit farther from the entrance. It was around 150-200 feet from the entry itself.
I told them that we would check in and showed our confirmation receipt from TravelBook as well as the DragonPay’s which was printed in a single bond paper. It was acknowledged, and we were asked 500PHP for security deposit. We were given a receipt that must not be lost to avoid hassle in check-out.
Later on, we were guided in our Premiere Suite room.


Premiere Suite
Upon entering, the whole room was plain, I immediately noticed the LED TV near the door, the bed as well as the small refrigerator.
subic waterfront resort and hotel images 
The staff asked us to check the whole room, especially the canned drinks just in the fridge because they were not included in the package. In case that we needed some drinks, we can get a few cans for a fee that will be deducted in our 500-peso deposit before we check out.
The bed was not large enough, but two people can fit in. It had a gorgeous swan-like display that turned out to be our towels.
It wasn’t soft, nor fragrant. But instead, I smelled a dusty odor. I found a long silky strand of hair when I lied down which I presume from the previous customer.
At our night’s stay, I wasn’t able to sleep properly. That wasn’t because the air-conditioning unit was so high, but because I felt so itchy in my whole lower body. But my brother, just beside me claimed that he only experienced slight itchiness on his legs, although he didn’t use the blanket which I used that time.
Despite the itchy events, the night continued, and we woke up early in the morning with a few scratches in our bodies.
Free Breakfast
Breakfast starts at 7:00 am, the pool was still not allowed to use until 8:00 am. We woke up at 6:00 am, and the only thing that we can do was to watch the TV and prepare our GoPro camera since I needed to change its battery that I have used up in our night swimming.
At around 6:45 am, we went to their mini restaurant and took a seat. There was a big group of tourists, so it was a bit crowded in the area, but it didn’t affect us. We were asked by the waitress to fill up our food stabs that came from the receptionist.
At around 7:10 am, our breakfast arrived, and they looked…. average.
You can see two dishes, my brother’s order, named as “Classic Bacon with toast and two eggs” (left side), and my order, “Tocino with rice and two eggs.”

Classic Bacon and Toast
Just like some regular bacon that can be bought in the nearest department store, the bacon’s taste was also usual, but it was cooked soft. It seems that they didn’t add any extra spices to heat up the food, but instead the amount of oil was flooding. Even in the photo, you can easily spot the massive amount of oil that was used to cook those dishes. They weren’t even strained to reduce the residue.
Tocino and Eggs
Just like the bacon’s taste, I didn’t expect anything on my order, the tocinos. They were cooked fine just like how most of the carinderyas (eateries) cook their processed sweetened meat. It wasn’t sticky nor too sweet, just “normal.”
The restaurant seems to be fond of using a pool of oil in their dishes. Just like the bacon, the two, no, four eggs on our table were also soaking wet from oil. Ugh, too much oil and everything will be ruined.
Fried Rice
I had a cup of fried rice in front of me with a sweetened processed meat. Alongside them is a Milo flavored hot choco. I was so excited that I took a bite on the tocinos, and then the rice. To my dismay, the rice was also oily! And not to mention that it also tasted like oil. Not even a single punch of any spices in the market has surprised me in that menu –not even a faint taste of a grain of salt.
Meanwhile, the table next to us, a couple just left their plates unfinished leaving the traces of unattended rice on the table.

What to Do in Subic Waterfront Resort

There are a couple of things that you can do in the Subic Resort, and they are:
  1. Night Swimming
  2. Day Swimming 
  3. Jacuzzi (in expensive rooms)
  4. Rest
subic waterfront resort and hotel pool subic zambales 

After a few minutes of breakfast, we took a small nap in our room and headed out to the pool after that. But before everything that I have shared about here, we will go back in time the night that we arrived at the hotel.
It was already past 6 PM when we arrived at the Subic Waterfront Hotel, we checked in, and it just took us less than an hour to prepare and join the crowd in the swimming pool.
It was dark, so it was hard to see everything during that time, but there were a lot of guests that were having fun in the pool.

Night Swimming

There were two sets of the pool, a two to three feet kiddie pool and the massive pool that had a depth of up to five feet. The waters were clean, cold and looked good. It also felt good that the whole day of fatigue went away just a few minutes of dipping in the waters.
subic waterfront resort and hotel subic zambales 
It was an astonishing night swimming that we have experienced. We used our GoPro camera while swimming in, but since the entire pool area was dark, we could not get a properly taken video.
The pool was packed with around 15-20 people only, but since it was a big pool, it wasn’t a problem.  But on the last hours of our swimming by that night I have noticed some critical things that changed some of my opinions.
There were a few loose strands of whatever-dirty-things-they-were, especially in the five feet section since there were a few ripples and literally few guests were swimming on that depth. There were also a couple of bubbles that formed on that part of the pool which indicated that the water was already “dirty” and needed to be cleaned.
Underwater, again in the five feet part of the estimated 200-250 x 15-20feet pool, were swimming lots of nasty things that looked like some black moss or small algae, again, another sign that the pool was dirty.
After learning a few things, my brother and I just rose up, cleaned in their shower room section just beside the restrooms and headed back to our room.
I have also noticed that the pool area lack places where we can put our towels quickly. We just put our towels near a bush that wasn’t an excellent idea because it got dirty afterward. But where could we bring them during that time?

Day Swimming

Fast forward, and the night came, we took our lovely breakfast and took a dip again, hoping that the pool was already cleaned and in top notch condition since when we were munching on our breakfast, they were properly cleaning the entire pool area.
subic waterfront resort and hotel subic zambales philippines 
At around 9 am, we jumped in the swimming pool and noticed just a few people inside the pool which were having fun, mostly kids though.
We stayed in the 5 ft section where kids can’t easily swim, and then again, I noticed lots of dirty things– the dirty black strands of whatever they are! You can check out our video below and see for yourselves on what kind of dirt they are.
Another problem that I noticed was that the pool’s cleaning system or the pumping system wasn’t regulating the waters. These systems should always work to monitor and filter the waters away from bacteria and dirt. But in Subic Waterfront, I didn’t notice that when I check every nook and corners and vents in the entire pool. I should have also seen a part of the pool that has a running water underneath.
subic waterfront resort and hotel subic zambales philippines
Even so, we still continued to explore the entire pool area since it was a bright day. One kid talked to me and told me not to put my feet on the feet washing stations because they were contaminated with urea from his friends. And I was like, “lol kid… wut?” *scratches head and proceeds to thank him* Although, my two feet were already soaked in the contaminated station.
At 10:30 AM we brought our bodies away from the pool and proceeded to wash our bodies since the check-out time was 12 PM.
At 11:30, the receptionist called us on the landline, which confirms that it was working that time, and reminded us that the check-out time was 12 noon. We went to the reception hall, they checked the room, and since there was not a single problem, our 500-peso security deposit was returned.
My I.D that was left in the guard house was also returned safely, and we went home with a smile.

BWT Ratings


Reception staffs were accommodating and have always smiled when we talk to them. They looked beautiful in their uniforms and the way that they have spoken to us. The other staffs were also easy to talk with especially when I needed to ask them about something.
The security guard was also very easy to deal, unlike other security guards that have the “angry” auras. But the pool’s attendant seemed to lack something because of what we had experienced while swimming in their pool.
An above average rating will suffice their performance during our stay.


The price was right! I think the Subic WFHotel had the lowest TravelBook price during that time which made me book in their facility. If you have another business in Subic, but you need a budget hotel, you can try SWFH to minimize the cost.
Our Premiere Suite with free breakfast that was paid for less than 1k was truly excellent!


subic waterfront resort and hotel review rating
The room that we have rented needs some modification and improvement. As I have mentioned above, there were a few problems in the cabinet, electric outlet and the faucet. It was a major letdown for me, especially the electrical outlet because it could cause major accidents like fire. The fire extinguisher can be found outside the room that could take five to seven minutes back and forth including removal.
The swimming pool wasn’t the best pool that I have used. I can say that the Treasure Island’s swimming pool is cleaner in their pool during our stay.
A below average rating would suffice our experience in their major facilities.


subic waterfront resort and hotel review rating food
The food that we have eaten during our stay was only during breakfast. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. I could say that the restaurant’s management should aim for greater heights regarding their dish’s taste and quality.

Accessibility and Other Experiences

subic waterfront resort review rating
The Subic Waterfront was very easy to find, they are located just along the National Highway. A few rides on a jeepney or a bus will quickly bring you there.

Overall BWT Rating

subic waterfront resort and hotel review rating overall
A whooping 3 stars would justify our stay’s experience in Subic Waterfront. It is a hotel for budget travelers with a few drawbacks. If they will improve some aspects like what we have discussed above, then I think that it will rival other hotels nearby.

Contact Details

Official Website: 
Contact Nos.:
E-mail address:

ProAmateur Tips

  • Bring at least 500 pesos for the security deposit. That 500 pesos can’t be used during your stay, unless you will buy canned sodas from their fridge.
  • Just in front, you’ll find a flea market. If you will stay long in the hotel, you might want to explore and have a food trip just in front of the building.
  • You can buy foods for lunch and dinner in the nearby convenience store San Miguel Food Co, just at the back of the gasoline station and 7/11 a hundred feet away from the entrance.
  • A lot of beaches reside at 300-400 feet away from the hotel. If you want to have the cool breeze of the beach, you might want to go there and pay the necessary entrance fee.
  • Bring a blanket if you can. I experienced extreme itchiness during my stay.
  • Bring your GoPros and other action cameras for the laughs and memories.
  • proper attires are moderately implemented, but to be sure bring the proper swimming attires for yourselves.

Other Notable Hotels Near Subic Waterfront

White Rock

Tourist Attractions Near Subic Waterfront Hotel

Floating Island Subic

Dubbed as the Asia’s biggest floating playground that spans across like eight basketball courts lying side-by-side. Read more: Inflatable Island in Subic.

Ocean Adventure Subic Bay

The first and only open water marine theme park in Southeast Asia. You can interact and have fun with dolphins and other marine animals. Read more in our review article.


Zoobic Safari

In Zoobic, you can feed and interact a couple of wildlives lke monkeys and snakes. Their tigers are their main attractions for you will ride the safari and feel like you’re in Africa.

Malawaan Park

A seaside park where you can enjoy hours of refreshing breeze and fresh air for free. Romantic dates can also experience there because of the marvelous park setting. Learn how to go there here.

Crystal Beach Resort

Far to the north, the best surfing spot in Zambales awaits you and your travel buddies. In Crystal Beach, you will witness amazing waves that will carry you while you surf. Surfing lessons are also held in short notice. Read more in our review and experience article.

Anawangin Cove

A boat ride will take you to an unsullied cove. There, you can relax and have fun miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Final Words: Budget Friendly, But Don’t Expect Too Much

Subic Waterfront Hotel and Resort isn’t for everyone, it is a budget resort where you can save more bucks during your stay in Subic. But if you are finding a good night of swimming with a nice and relaxing swimming pool, then you might want to check on other hotel’s deals that can accommodate your budget and expectations. The hotel itself needs some improvements inside and out, especially in the pool’s area.

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