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Top Cash-Saving Travel Planning Hacks

Many people are put off by the very idea of travel, only because they think it is going to be way too expensive for them. But as any seasoned explorer will tell you, there are always ways to get around high costs. It all depends on how much work you are going to put into planning your trip in the first place, and how closely you are going to stick to your budget while you are out there. In this blog, we are going to focus on the first part – the actual preparation phase. So, here are a few ways to save money when booking your next big trip.

Travel at the Right Time of Year

The height of summer is usually going to be the most expensive time to go anywhere. Everything from flights to accommodation is going to go up in price significantly. If you are planning a trip to Europe for example, a very good time of year to go is in the shoulder season. 
May or September will still give you nice weather conditions, while also being a significant amount cheaper and allowing you to avoid the crowds.

Make the Most of Travel Websites

With so many different travel comparison websites out there these days, there is no excuse for not checking out the different prices you can get on your trip. Flights, accommodation, and insurance, are all comparable. Remember, there is no point paying more for the same service. 
You should also check for any coupon and voucher codes on sites such as If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can easily find yourself saving significant sums of cash.

Consider Different Types of Accommodation

Many people are unwilling to settle for anything less than hotel service, but if you are willing to compromise on this particular area, then you can save yourself a bundle. Hostels are a much more affordable option, and also have the bonus of giving you an excellent opportunity to socialize with fellow travelers. 
Even if you don’t like the idea of sharing a room with others, most offer some private rooms and facilities are continually improving. If you would prefer a place all to yourself, why not try a website like Airbnb which lists a whole variety of options for people on all budgets.

Research the Destination Beforehand

As we have already talked about, it pays to be prepared when you are traveling. If you are visiting a city, check to see if there are any discounts that you can obtain to visit the main attractions. Also, find out if you can get a public transport pass that will make traveling around the place cheaper. 
Work out which are the areas of town where the locals gather to eat and drink, and which hike up the prices because they know to expect huge numbers of tourists. Being a savvy traveler doesn’t have to be too much hard work, but it can make a big difference to your budget.     
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