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Inflatable Island Subic, The Floating Beach Resort in Zambales

Inflatable Island Subic has been the topic of social media all over the country ever since 2017 came into the spotlight. Even the award winning TV show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho has featured the newly opened beach resort in Zambales. The inflatable island in Olongapo is currently the biggest floating playground in Asia which is also found at Samba Beach Resort. Now, before planning your trip to Subic, Zambales, learn what are the services the inflatable beach offers.

**Quick Note: The IS in Subic is NOT the same as the Samba Blue Water Beach Resort. The floating island is only leasing at Samba.

inflatable island subic
Photo Credit: The Inflatable Island Zambales

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How to Go to the Floating Beach Resort in Zambales?

Public Transportation

From NAIA Terminal 1, 2 and 3

1. NAIA Terminal to Victory Liner Pasay

Ride an UBER, GRAB or any Taxi from Terminal 1 and ask the driver to bring you to Victory Bus Terminal PASAY.

Estimated cost: 110-150 PHP ( $2.5- 3.3 USD).
Pro Tip: Uber and GrabCar may cost you less compared to other taxis. If Uber or Grab are not allowed to enter the Terminal, you can just have a 2-minute walk down to the gate and ask for pick up. If Uber or Grab are not in your choices, choose the WHITE Taxis down the road and ask to be brought to Victory Terminal in “metered” trip. 
You will say, “Metro lang boss,” if s/he agreed to that request then proceed. If not, find another one, because they will most probably give you a very expensive fare.
YELLOW Taxis cost way higher than the normal white taxis.
Alternatively, you can ride a P2P bus from Terminal 1 to Victory Terminal for less than 200 PHP ( $4.5 USD)

2. Victory Pasay to Olongapo Terminal

After arriving at Victory Pasay Terminal. Head to the OLONGAPO section of the cashier and fall in line. If you are not sure, you can politely ask the security guards to guide you.

how to go to inflatable island olongapo

Pay the necessary tickets going to OLONGAPO, IBA or Sta. Cruz. Olongapo trips are very common, but from time to time they have buses that directly go to Iba or Sta. Cruz. 

Estimated cost: (200-280 PHP or $4.4 – 6.22 USD)
What’s the difference among the three?
how to go to inflatable island a Beach Resort in Zambales
Olongapo will stop in the Olongapo Terminal, and you may need to ride another means of transportation, most probably a jeepney just to go to the “floating island”. This is best to choose because you will be dropped at the nearest terminal and you can manage your time.
Iba and Sta. Cruz, on the other hand,  are the northernmost part of Zambales. They are very far from the beach. But if you are going to the north first, then I recommend riding those buses.
But in most cases, just ride an OLONGAPO bound bus.
Double check your bus number, seat number, and insurance ticket. You may ask for a seat if there are just a few passengers.
I didn’t always have the best experience when riding a Victory bus from Pasay terminal going to Olongapo. Some seats are dirty; some have bad ventilation and so on. I recommend traveling by midnight to dawn because I always have the best experiences during those times.

how to go to inflatable island subichow to go to inflatable island olongapo

3. Olongapo to Halfmoon Beach Resort 

After arriving in Olongapo, you may choose to go to your hotel (click me for OLONGAPO hotels, or find the best recommendations below) or directly head to the Inflatable Island  Resort found in Samba Beach Resort.  

Ride a BLUE jeepney just a few steps from the terminal. Blue Jeepneys accept passengers that will just board a few miles from the terminal.

ORANGE Jeepneys will give you a frown if you ride them because you will only pay the minimum fare 8 Pesos ($ 0.17 USD). The same with the blue buses. Those two has a longer route, so just ride the blue ones because they mostly cater the shorter distances.
Ask the driver to drop you off to Samba Beach Resort. Since the resort is just relatively new, many drivers still don’t know its new name so you may just ask them to drop you off at “Halfmoon Beach Resort.”
ProTip: If you are very unfamiliar with the place, you may sit in front of the jeepney or directly at the back of the driver. If you are in those positions, you can talk to the driver easily.

Private Transportation

Rent a car now!

The Inflatable Island Subic Rates

There are three passes that you can choose to have. A 2-hour pass, a half day and a whole day pass. You can just choose whatever pass you think you’ll enjoy.
A. SPLASH – a whole day tour on the beach but with only 2 hours “Playtime Pass.”
B. SPRAY – The most recommended pass. A half day playtime pass that you can enjoy in the morning or the afternoon.
C. SOAKED – Get stoked! A whole day playtime from 8:00 AM to 5:50 PM.
ProTip: Buy your tickets online and get a 10% OFF! The inflatable Beach accepts Bank Deposits, LBC/Cebuana Padala, Paypal and Credit Cards.
zambales beach resort ticket prices
Photo & info source credit: The Inflatable Island in Subic Bay

Cottage Booking at Samba Blue Water Beach

Cottages or cabanas in the Samba Beach Resort are subject to availability. If you want to visit the beach in a group, then you must at least rent a cottage for you to easily have a “resting point”. If you do want to book a cottage or two, it is best to contact the resort beforehand and make a reservation. Learn more in the official website’s Cabana section.

 It is important to remember that the Cottages offered by the floating playground in Olongapo is under the jurisdiction of the Samba Beach Resort.

inflatable island ph
Photo Credit: The Inflatable Island- Bali-inspired lounge

What to Do Inside the Resort?

The floating beach resort in Zambales is no ordinary beach resort that you have experienced in your whole Philippine getaway. And I think this will be your first time playing in this kind of journey, right?
The beach resort consists of an inflatable playground just like what kids play in the swimming pool. But do not just merely compare them to this large playground!
It has a 3400 square meters area that spans like an eight basketball courts lying side by side. One basketball is big enough, but what about eight?
Within that huge playground, little inflatables can also be enjoyed like floating swans, clams and unicorns. Just think of those things that you can find in a swimming pool and are placed together in one big event!
travel quoteIt’s time to go back to your childhood experience, right?
But if you think that there are too much “childish experiences,” then think again! The Inflatable Island Subic will also burn those calories and fats of yours!
You natural swimming experience ain’t no normal anymore! Get stoked and soaked while doing extreme experiences like jumping, balancing, swimming, rock climbing in an inflatable and of course, slipping. You will slip A LOT!

Preparations Before the War

1. Of course, before entering the resort, you should show and confirm your tickets and other requirements. Proper attire is strictly imposed. Clothes with zippers, beads and any other sharp objects are strictly NOT ALLOWED.
2. Head to the floating beach resort in Zambales 30 minutes before your booked time. Attend an orientation and waiver signing. Carefully listen to the instructions especially the do’s and don’ts while inside the premises.
3. Have fun!

17 Sections of the Inflatable Island in Subic

1. Entrance
2. Jumping Pillow
3. High Balance
4. Giant Tarzan Swing and Slide
5. Wobbly Bridge
6. Sunbathe Lounge
7.  Monkey Vines
8. Kiddie Slide
9. Jungle Bars
10. Trampoline
11.Slippery Slope
12. Happy Swing
13. Human Launcher
14. Jumping Pillow
15. Sunny Slide
16. Rock Climbing
17. Big Freakin’ Blob (coming soon)

 Inflatable island subic map
Photo Credit: The Inflatable Island

Relax at the Bali-Inspired Lounge

Colorful lounge awaits you in the newly opened floating beach resort in Subic. A romantic and picturesque view awaits you near the shore after a whole day of playtime in the beach. With this awesome colors and romantic setting, I am sure you’ll have a great time with your loved one as time passes by while you breathe the fresh air of the rural areas.

Beach Resort in Zambales drone shot
Photo Credit: The Inflatable Island

Where to Stay in Subic?

There are numerous hotels near the floating beach resort in Subic. You may check TravelBook PH and find the hotel according to your budget.
You may also visit our article about Win Hotel in Olongapo and Subic Waterfront Hotel and Resort. Both hotels are just a few minutes away from Samba Beach.
I recommend to stay at the Subic Waterfront Hotel and Resort, and White Rock Resort. They are top quality but just a few minutes away from the floating island.

Subic Waterfront Resort and Hotel
Subic Waterfront Resort and Hotel

Subic Waterfront Hotel has a swimming pool that has a maximum depth of 5ft, and a kiddie pool with around 2ft. You can relax in their Deluxe Rooms and have an average breakfast. For those with big budgets, you might try their rooms that has an access to Jacuzzi.

On the other hand, White Rock Beach is a spectacular beach resort where you can also play in a pool. Think of it that after you had a great fun in the Inflatable, you will now play in in a pool full of happiness. Although, White Rock has a much expensive room rates but has a higher quality services and facilities.

Other notable hotels are: Buena Casa Hotel (Pay at the hotel) and Subic Bay Peninsular Hotel.

Where to Eat in Subic?

The biggest floating playground in the country has a few food stalls inside the premises like the Grand Seas Resort’s food stall that offers meals and other refreshments. 

what to eat in subic
Photo Credit: The Floating Island in Subic

Sam’s Pizza also has a stall inside the resort that provides an excellent but budget-friendly square pizzas. For those who got some foods to bring inside, you may pay a corkage fee of P500 pesos ($11.11 USD) up to P2000 pesos ( $44.44 USD). But do remember that those foods are not allowed to be brought or eaten in the Bali-inspired lounge.
Shakes and cold drinks are also offered inside the premises that you can enjoy while relaxing in the Bali-inspired lounge. They are placed in cute floaters that can also be brought home as a souvenir.
On the other hand, just a few minutes away from the beach lies the Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant, one of the best seafood serving restaurant in Olongapo as well as Texas Joe Subic Bay that caters the best grilled pork ribs in town! 10/10 would dine in TJ again!

Nearby Attractions

White Rock Resort

Subic is not just full of beach getaways. There are also… pools! You can try to visit the White Rock Resort that also offers extreme adventures in the water. It is just a few minutes away from the Sabana Beach, and it is very easy to access!
There, you can:
  • Stay overnight
  • Play Bowling, billiards, and Karaoke
  • Zipline and wall-climbing experience
  • Snorkel, scuba dive, banana boat, jet ski, parasail, and fly board
  • Island hopping
  • Play at the Wave Pool

Beach Resort in Zambales entrance
Photo Credit: The IS Subic

Ocean Adventures

A few kilometers away from the beach resort lies an “ocean park” that caters the needs of rescued marine animals. READ: Ocean Adventures Review
There, you can:
  • Dance with the dolphins
  • Feed the sea lions
  • learn more about marine ecology

Snake Island

You can island hop to the Snake Island and experience the fresh air of Subic. You can also try to camp there and have cool night stories.
There, you can:
  •  Camp and have fun

Anawangin Cove Getaway

Anawangin Cove is a bit far to the middle part of Zambales. You need to go to San Narciso first, ride a boat and have fun in the cove. 
There you can:
  • Camp and experience the love of nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city

Contact Details:

Facebook Page: Facebook
Contact Number: (+63) 917 835 2665 Globe

ProAmateur Tips

    • Bring and wear the allowed swimwear. Do not bring clothes with zipper or with pointy accessories in the beach.
    • Bring your waterproof action cameras such as GoPro Hero 4 as well as its accessories. I recommend watching this video of ours in our GoPro Hero 4 unboxing.
    • Eat before going inside, because bringing foods to the beach will have you a corkage fee. Or bring a couple of bucks and buy some meal inside.
    • Bring spare clothes and medical kits.
    • The experience in the beach might be too extraneous to some, be sure that your body can handle these extreme adventures.
    • Be sure to get a ticket or pass that suits your needs. A whole day pass? Sure, as long as you can do the plaything from 8 to 5 PM. 
    •  I recommend to Island hop while in Subic.
    • Visit other places like the northern part of Zambales where you can learn to surf.

    Travel Gears to Bring

    • GoPro Hero 4 or GoPro Hero 5
    • Monopod 
    • Floating Bobber
    • Swimwear

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I am short, can I still go?

    The resort requires a minimum height limit of three feet.

    What About Kids?

    Kids can be brought inside, as long as they are within the height limit providing that a 1:1 kid to guardian ratio applies.

    How Deep is the Water?

    The water’s depth depends on the tides. It may range from 4-15 feet. Everyone are recommended to wear life vests for safety precautions.

    Are there any Life Guards?

    Yes, of course. They are ready to jump and swim whenever you need them 🙂

    Final Notes

    The Inflatable Island Subic is a new attraction that boomed just a few months ago. Since it is already summer, the beach resort is pretty popular that almost all of Subic goers want to experience the joy of being a child in Sabana Beach. It is a game changer in the history of beach goers that certainly captivated the hearts of many Filipinos. This beach resort in Zambales might become one of the best in the near future.

    best of world travel pin us

    Beach Resort in Zambales bali inspired loungeBeach Resort in Zambales inflatable island


    • MackyOzzy

      I'm kind of wondering, if Inflatable Island is inside Samba Bluewater Resort, why can't blogs or even Inflatable Island itself recommend accommodation in Samba Resort since they have rooms for overnight stay. Can you actually stay in Samba Bluewater Resort for the beach, and overnight stay then pay for a walk in pass in inflatable island? Or once you're in Samba Bluewater Resort, you cannot crossover to Inflatabe Island since they also have their own inflatable playground. That's what I'm actually planning but I don't know if it will work. My group will stay in Samba Bluewater Resort since it's your conventional, family friendly summer getaway with activities and stuff and some of us will just walk in and pay for a pass in Inflatable Island then come back to the resort once done.

    • MackyOzzy

      I'm just wondering if Inflatable Island is inside Samba Bluewater Resort, why can't blogs and Inflatable Island itself recommend accommodations in Samba Resort? Will it work if my group will stay in Samba Bluewater Resort since it's your more conventional, and family friendly summer getaway then a bunch of us will pay passes and walk in to Inflatable Island?

    • Joe Gibson

      Hi Mackyozzy,

      You may also just check in via Samba Blue Water Resort, but according to Inflatable, you still need to pay their entrance fee to have an access to the inflatable island. SO it's Samba room + Inflatable tickets. I have recommended different hotels in this blog for cheaper options which are just a few minutes from the Inflatable Island, plus, they are very near in the necessity shops.

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