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6 Awesome Jobs for People Who Like To Travel While on A Trip

Working as you travel has all kinds of advantages. Not only do you not need to save up as much beforehand, but you also get to meet new people, learn new skills and experience the culture of another country in a way few others do. When considering where to work on your gap year, here are some of the best jobs for people who like to travel around the world.

Work as A Barista

There are bars all around the world that is often looking for English-speaking staffs. Whether you’re working in an Ibiza beach bar or a tavern in the Alps, you’re sure to meet a lot of people.
 Jobs for People Who Like To Travel
Some bars will provide accommodation, and you’ll have days off to explore (you may be working mainly evenings, in which case you’ll also have time in the day to adventure or sun yourself). Having some previous bar skills could be advantageous too.
But along the way, for those with zero (0) bartending experience, you might still want to continue your application and learn everything while you’re at it. Do not let yourself get overwhelmed because you are a first timer, but do yourself a favor and stay strong and stand firm.

Working in a Ski Resort

Every season, ski resorts are looking for new people to work there, this could be as a holiday rep helping tourists or even as a chef in one of the hotels or restaurants.
 Jobs for People Who Like To Travel
You may even be able to look into ski instructor courses and teach others on the slopes if you are very familiar with these kinds of sports.
You can spend your time not working carving up the powder or exploring the nearby sights. You may even be able to save up enough and continue your travels after the season is over.

Working in a Beach Resort

This time is to work in a beach resort while you are in your travel getaways. Worry not, because you will not need some crazy ski experiences while in work.
Normally, in a beach resort, you are to help with the housekeeping, watching the shores or pool, helping guests, be a bellman and any other things that might be bestowed upon you.
beach resort in the philippines 
Some resorts and hotels offer free lodging and food. It will most certainly help you big in this part of your travel since lodging and food are both free. The rest of your salary can be saved and be used for your next plane ticket in Hawaii.
The good thing here, like for example you are to work in one of the best resorts in the Philippines, then you will have a free food and lodging. Sometimes they might also allow their staffs to experience free or discounted prices in their services that you can do during your off days. Won’t that be a good deal now?

Teach English

English teachers are needed all around the globe, in some cases without any qualifications. Teaching in a school may indeed require some kind of certificate, but other places may only be looking for a private tutor and nanny that they can accommodate.
jobs for travelers as a teacher
In many cases, you won’t need to know the native tongue – the people you’re teaching may already speak English to a basic level. Of course, you’ll probably want to pick up some of the local languages while you’re there. It can often be a two-way learning process, and quite often the best way to fully experience the culture.
As an ESL, it can sometimes be hard, but if you want to learn or practice your ESL teaching skills, you ought to do it at home and online.I think being an ESL is one of the best jobs for people who like to travel, why is that? Because you are also growing while teaching. Your communication skills will enhance while doing your job. If you think it more clearly, while we travel we “communicate” a lot.
There are numerous websites that offer ESL teaching jobs so that you can enhance your teaching skills such as rarejobs for Filipinos.

Become a Tour Guide

Tour guides that speak English are mostly needed in places that get a lot of English tourists. From these locations, it could involve anything from a coach trip around Europe to a hiking trek in the Amazon. 
how to become a tour guide while traveling 
In all cases, another person will teach you the ropes first – you may have to sit on several tours and eventually you’ll be given the opportunity to host your tours. In this job, you’ll constantly be meeting new people and will always be learning new things.

Be a Travel Writer

Some people can find work as a travel writer, either working for a travel agency or independently as a blogger. If you’ve got a passion for writing, this could be your dream job. 
how to earn money while blogging 
An agency may fund your trip, but if you’re writing off your own back, content will have to be original and exciting enough that it generates money. Make sure that you take a good camera so that you can get some good shots too.

Final Notes: Just Travel and Find a Small Job You Can Handle

There are numerous jobs for people who like to travel, but the big question is, “Are you willing to partake?”. If your answer is a big YES and your life and safety are both not in stake, then maybe that job is right for you. But for some people, there are needs to be a spark while doing those jobs, so it really depends on yourself whether you want to do that job or not. In any case, just have fun in your travel getaways, get a few side tripos and small jobs and I am sure that you’ll certainly be happy at the end.
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