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Ultimate Tips to Get a Stress Free Travel

We often think that the factors that put a dent in our traveling plans are solely those things that happen to us, but that’s not always the case. While you can’t control the weather or a country’s political situation and the rest, there’s still a bunch of things you can do to ensure that you will have a stress-free travel vacation.
 If you’ve spent several months planning your ideal trip, then the last thing you want is for it to be negatively affected by factors that are within your control. So be prepared and bring your good vibes while you’re at it!
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Want a Stress-free Vacation? Get a Good Rest

You’re excited about your upcoming travel plans. You just can’t wait, in fact: you want the fun to start now.
You’ve finished work and won’t be back until you’re back from your travels, all your friends are going out, why not join them and get the party started? Good idea, but hang on just a minute: is it worth compromising the beginning of your travels for a night out that could happen just about any time?
You want to get your travel off the best possible start, and you won’t be able to do that if you’re not fully rested. Show a bit of patience and save your energy for the stuff that matters. It’ll all be worth it once you’re there!
Sometimes because of over excitement, you’ll be feeling excited even  though you are already going for a good night sleep. It happens, and I have experienced it as well. With just a few to no hours of sleep, you’ll probably miss something when you embark.
So go one, prepare for tomorrow’s trip, but always remember to get a good rest before anything else.
“Tomorrow we fight, but today don’t lose sight”.

Stress-free Travel? Check Your Health

Sometimes, you can’t avoid but get ill. It happens to everybody from time to time! But it does suck if you’re feeling unwell while you’re trying to throw yourself into all the excitement of travel.
Sometimes this also happens because you have neglected the first advice on getting a good rest.
You can help to reduce this if you want to. You may take a visit to your physician and ask if you’re ready to go. Some people needs consent in their family doctors if they’re going on an “adventurous” trip. If you’re one of them, you really really reaaaalllly need to get a check-up as soon as possible. Ask anything, and you will travel with ease!
For some women, if your time of the month is due to fall while you’re in the middle of the trip, then you do have an option– norethisterone tablets can delay your period and keep Aunt Flo at bay until you’re back home. Of course, we are not physicians or doctors, ask the professionals first before taking one of these.
Also, while we’re not recommending that you become a hermit before you travel, if there are niggling viruses and cold bugs going around, then it might be worth avoiding social occasions that require plenty of handshakings. 
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Stocking up on Vitamin C well in advance might be a good idea, too. Also, remember to add some face masks and a few towels and tissue in your bag to keep you and other people from infecting this kind of viruses. And oh! Don’t forget a little bottle of alcohol as well for disinfection.

Travel without Stress? Money On Your Mind

There’s nothing more annoying than having all the details of your travel itinerary taken care of, only for you to be held back by worries about how much you have during your travels and whether you’ll have enough to last the trip.
It’s much better to take a few things of your ‘to do’ list rather than keep them on only to be stressing about whether you can afford to do them.
Wherever you’re going, there will be plenty of free events and activities for you to do, even if you’re traveling to some of the world’s most expensive destinations.
Budget, save and travel more.
You may try to go to free places and have a romantic date with your significant other. You may go to cheap museums where you can learn about arts and history. Eat in the streets and check the local’s best food. There are so many things that can be done even though your budget is so tight; the key is to research what are the best.
You may resort on jotting down the best and cheap things to do in a particular area. Cross out the expensive ones or time-consuming events. The point is, the last decisions still depends on what you want to do, and what you can do.

Don’t Overplan

Let’s say you’re taking a trip to London. In the morning you race from your hotel to Portobello Road Market, and then it’s straight to Buckingham Palace and then down to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, and then you travel east to discover the urban charm of Brick Lane and beyond… bla bla bla bla. What a “stress free travel” isn’t it? Or not?
It’s a solid plan…..if and only if you will give yourself enough time to enjoy everything you’re visiting. How can you enjoy a journey that will only last for a few minutes? A trip that will only make you take one or two selfies? What is this trip, a trip for ants?
Don’t try and cram everything into a city into your itinerary. You’ll end up seeing a lot, but enjoy next to none of them.
You also want to give yourself time to go as the wind blows – if you learn of a cool local event but your plan is rigid, you might miss out on something worthwhile.
If you can’t, don’t. Do not put everything else in just a day trip. If everything that you want to do can’t fit your 3D2N trip, then return a few months or even years later. You won’t enjoy a thing if you will just stay in one event for just a few minutes.
You have your time, have fun and do not overexert yourself, or you’ll end up regretting everything that you’ve done on that day.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

If you’ve been excited about visiting a destination, then it’s probably no good telling you to try to remain calm about it…so we won’t.
However, it probably is advisable to keep your expectations low. Even the world’s greatest destinations can seem underwhelming if you’ve built them up too much in your mind.
Make sure you don’t have unrealistic expectations: you’re stepping into a real place, not a film!
Some people, well, even me, tries to raise their expectations because they’ve seen it in a movie or advertisement. Well, guys, these things in commercials are the best version of these events or places. Sometimes they are edited to make them way cooler than ever.
See every place for what it is, and you’ll have a fantastic time. The world, after all, is a beautiful place!

Do As You Please

And finally, the real secret to stress-free travel is…to do exactly as you please. You don’t have to do anything that the guide books tell you. If you have no interest in art, then it doesn’t matter how good New York’s Museum of Modern Art is: it’ll be lost on you. Instead, take a look at the things you genuinely enjoy and do those things instead. It’s your trip, not anybody else’s! 

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