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Don’t Visit UAE Without Reading This! | UAE Rules for Tourists

The United Arab Emirates is a beautiful part of the world, and recently it has become very popular with tourists. Dubai in particularly is buzzing with foreigners, notably through the summer months and everyone has been asking “what are the Dubai rules for tourists?”
There are a few things that you need to be aware of before traveling in these areas. UAE is incredible to explore, but you want to avoid the mischief that might get you in trouble like the difference in rules, customs and cultures.
Dubai rules for tourists

When Is The Best Time To Visit UAE?

Arguably, the best time would be between November and March. You might be thinking, come on, isn’t this supposed to be a killer summer vacation spot?
It is, however, it does depend on how hot you like it. Unfortunately, in the middle of summer, Dubai is so hot that many people are just staying in their hotels. It is technically a bad move if you want to soak under the sun during summer especially in mid-day. Luckily, by these times, hotels in Dubai are cheaper compared to their winter days.

Dubai rules for tourists spots

Dubai rules for tourists building
Dubai rules for tourists animals

dubai rules for tourists hotel booking 
Also, do not forget to bring your proper protection against the sun, namely: head wears, sunglasses, sunscreen and anything else that can protect your skin.
If you’re out in the summer, you’ll last a few minutes before you are desperate for water and shade. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Most people who live in places like Dubai head somewhere cooler through the summer months –that’s their holiday. 

Dubai Rules for Tourists: Is It As Strict As I’ve Heard?

It depends on what you know. In some cases, laws can be very strict. Drugs and alcohol, as well as public misconduct, are policed severely in places like Dubai. 
There have also been cases where people have been arrested for public displays of affection and affectionate moments that they considered to be private.
What are these, you ask?
Ranging from holding hands, kissing, harassing women or even staring at them for too long will get you sanctioned. Just one report and you’ll face a considerable amount of problems in your supposedly pleasant vacation. This is just one of the biggest problems in some people that didn’t know the Dubai rules for tourists. Well, not just tourists, but for everyone.
You do need to be respectful of local laws and customs. At the same time, though, your actions are not controlled entirely. There are places where you can have free reign such as in a room at a luxury hotel.
But also remember that you cannot share a room with the opposite gender if you are not married or closely related. Homosexual relationships, prostitution, and adultery are not acceptable in their laws.

How Should I Dress?

Being conservative is the best advice we can give you for this one. You probably won’t find that information on many UAE tourist blogs, but that’s because it is entirely known in the whole place. 
Dubai rules for tourists clothing
The AUE is a Muslim country, and you need to think what is acceptable to wear. There are places such as Dubai where rules are far more lenient. But even there, things can get a little dicey.
Just to be sure, wear appropriate clothing and respect the cultures of the country.
If you look in the mirror and wonder whether it’s an acceptable outfit, it probably isn’t and you may want to change. These tips will be very helpful to Westerners with more liberated cultures, such as Australia, European and American traveling to Dubai.

Wine And Dine?

There are so many things to do in Dubai, and having fun with your alcohol can be one of these. If you want alcohol with your meal, you must eat at a restaurant in a hotel and have fun there.
In UAE, it is not acceptable to just walk while being drunk, or drink alcohol in public places. The legal age on consuming alcohol is 21, anyone below it is not allowed.
Dubai rules for tourists wine and alcohol 
This is the only place where you’ll find it being served. That said, some of the restaurants around the famous cities like Dubai serves incredible local and international menus.
You’ll certainly want to try a few different locations, though. Companies like Myconcierge love helping tourists find the perfect place to head for a meal.
You can also find some great tips from travel bloggers who already found the best restaurants across the country.
dubai rules for tourists

Can We Really Experience Anything?

You might have seen some adverts advertising the endless possibilities that places like Dubai hold in the UAE and thought they’d been exaggerated.
Well, they hadn’t, and scuba diving, dune riding, camel herding, yacht cruising, hotel renting are just some of the things you can get up to in Dubai and other similar cities. When you head over there, you’ll find a vacation experience like nothing you’ve ever dreamed of. 


There are so many  Dubai rules for tourists, and everyone must follow it. Tourists must always remember that UAE has a different culture and religion compared to some liberated western countries. And these rules and laws must be obliged and respected. By following some of the guidelines above, you’ll get a glint on what really is the UAE that you have been dreaming of. Remember to get proper research on what to do in Dubai before embarking your journey, not just in UAE but to any place in the world.

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