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OPPO F1s: Pinoy #Foodstagram

Philippines is a heaven of thousands of tourists spots. Beaches from left to right, resorts, mountain climbing spots and even extreme adventures await your arrival in this beautiful country. Along with these awe-inspiring places also awaits hundreds or even thousands of mouth watering Filipino delicacy.
There are two Filipino delicacy that I have been loving since I was a child. My mother had always prepared one them during special occasions like Christmas and New Year’s eve. At 5 years old, I still clearly remember how she stirs the famous Filipino-style fruit salad in a casserole. And that’s the only thing that I remember during that time aside from my two lovely geese. 
During Christmas, until now, my mom has always been preparing fruit salads for the family. Forget the cakes, the spaghetti, pansit and adobo, but do not forget her beloved fruit salad in these special occasions. 
The multi-layered fragrance of the cream and the mixed fruits has always been capturing my attention when she mixes them with passion. Sometimes, I get to open the condensed milk that will be added as a sweetener in the delicacy. I will vigorously get a spoonful of it and get an extreme happiness as I dig it down to my mouth. My sweet tooth will just activate as I sip down to its last drop from my spoon.
Sometimes I also get to grate the cheese. It won’t leave my work space without a proper “taste test”, of course. A few slices of Eden cheese will neutralize my sweet tooth that was just activated a few moments after the condensed milk event. When I’m finished, the whole delicacy is most probably ready for freezing.
The best way to eat my mom’s Filipino fruit salad is when it is frozen but still firm when eaten. The coldness of the delicacy will confine the layered richness of the flavors from the different fruits inside it. 

The exquisitely voluminous construction between the cream, kaong, sago and the sweeteners will put up a punch into the dish but still perfectly neutralized by the cheese. Lastly, the vivid colors of the different fruits in a white background will irresistibly draw one’s gaze while emitting an alluring seductive flavor.
But above all else, this Filipino delicacy won’t be as good as other Filipino-style fruit salad if it weren’t made by my beloved mother. Her recipe has always been engraved within my taste buds.
When it comes to sweet things, I have always been fond of them. From chocolates to ice cream, from yema to salads, from fruits and to … vegetables! Just like the Visayan delicacy, Binagol, a sweet food made from gabi (taro), cconut and peanuts.
During special celebrations, my mother would make fruit salads. While my grandmother will bring us those creepy, sticky and looks dirty food in a coconut shell covered by a banana leaf. At first, you’ll get a few frowns from its packaging and appearance. I didn’t even bat an eye when I first saw it. I didn’t even touch it, it was… ughh.
But my parents had always been eating them, until I also tried because of curiosity. To my surprise it was really really good. Every time when I take a bite, the delicacy develops a deep sweetness even from its outside layer. While the deepest part will easily take away my sanity from its bay. 
The deliciousness has always been rocking my brain, almost as if the richness of the flavor keeps smacking me in the face. The sweetness grips not just my tongue, but also my heart. The sauce inside it is one of the undeniable charms of  Binagol itself!
And thus my journey begun after that first bite a few year ago.
The taro, as its main ingredient is shinning brightly and wonderfully with a light brown color which is covering the whole food. The firmness of the whole ingredients combined are in a well mannered arrangement just like how a perfect Rubik’s cube is. 
Binagol has a few layers just like the Earth’s crust, mantle and core. The Binagol’s crust is a thin layered taro where the “shine” will catch up your eyes. The mantle is a somewhat soft part of the food which accumulates the majority part of this Visayan delicacy. Lastly, the core is a somewhat liquefied combination of taro, coconut and peanuts. It harbors the sweetest part of the food while a few whole peanuts will pop out from time to time.
This Filipino delicacy may be a bit advanced in terms of presentation, but when you eat it, you only need to gobble from crust down to its core. Whereas the core will give the full potential of the food where it has built its firm foundation that is ready to attack when you put your spoon on it. If I were to compare it to something, it is like an experienced photographer that is patiently waiting from afar and grabs the best photo in a snap. 
In order to do so, the photographer must use a powerful camera to get a couple of vibrant photos. But nowadays, the era of massive DSLR are being outshined by the era of smartphones. These phones can take almost or even better photos in an incredibly light weight gadget. 
One of my favorite smartphone is the OPPO F1S that can take an incredibly perfect and stunning photos, not just by one but two cameras, from the front and at the back.

— Best of World Travel (@ProWorldTravel) March 14, 2017

Its 3GM RAM and octa-core 64 bit processor, allows the device to lunch its apps in no time. With the newly added finger-print feature, I’m sure you won’t have problems about its security.
It also houses an enormous 3075mah battery that won’t bat an eye even if you have been eating in a boodle fight for hours. But most of all, my favorite feature of the OPPO F1S is its 13MP rear camera that houses a f/2.2 that has a shallow depth of field of vision and can operate almost perfectly in a low light scenario such as a restaurant or some indoor eating activities. 
Even at night time, in a dinner date, you can use this camera with ease as it can take #FoodPhotography as easy as pie even though you only have a few romantic candles right in front of you. Combining with its extremely popular LED Flash, the OPPO F1S’ will bang your #FOODStagram posts easily. Perfect as a camera phone to be used in food photography.
Also, do not forget its 16MP front camera that can take a better photo from its rear not just because of its pixel size, but also because of its  f/2.0 focal length to aperture ratio. It can take more light at dim places. Meaning, better selfies with your favorite food while beside your favorite person in the world. 
After that, you can beautify with OPPO’s Beauty 4.0, add some filter and you’re ready to be seen in your Instagram feed. 
An all-in-one cellphone that can cater your basic needs. Just like my favorite fruit salad that is not just delicious but is packed with nutrients from its fruits and other ingredients. 

As well as the binagol that came from the roots underground. It may be ugly in the outside, but its contents are all-in-one that can take down the enemies with ease. Our Instagram posts below may not be binagol or fruit salad, but they represent HD food photography that can be accomplished if you take a good camera or gadget like the OPPO F1s, the “Selfie Expert”.

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