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Places We Dreamed Of Seeing When We Were Young

Going back to our childhoods can be a fascinating way of getting travel inspiration.  Perhaps you sat back as a child watching the Disney adverts and seeing your friends coming home with their mickey mouse ears and incredible stories.  Only your parents preferred to take you on a tour of the arts scene in Paris. Well now, you can bring up a memorable memory with an international travel with kids of yours.

Ok, so it’s unlikely you are still going to enjoy the magic as much as you would have back then, but if you have children then you might get to witness the magic through them.

international travel with kids 

So, what are the top destinations that we dreamed of when we were a child and how can we enjoy them now?  Here are a couple of ideas we hope will inspire you!

Children get excited about traveling, but their expectations of a great trip are a little different to ours.  They want the adventure, the surprise of seeing something they have only imagined. 

When we were younger it was a lot easier to get lost in our imaginations, however with the internet comes to a little reality check, children now already know roughly what to expect. But it is never as good as the real thing.


New York’s Statue of Liberty

So a perfect place to start is choosing a destination you are familiar with but have never actually seen.  How about The Statue of Liberty?

New York is a busy and diverse city full of culture, in fact, it is the most culturally diverse town in the world! The best most common way to get there is by plane. Well, you are doing this the kid way, so why not try to make a high altitude ride? Kids love to fly! Especially the boys. I’m sure they’ll surely be jumping with joy when they hear your international travel with them.

If taking an air flight is not an option, then why not try a cruise going to the city? It will be a great travel above the seas exploring the best scenes in New York.

You can head out from Southampton, on the south coast of the UK, to New York taking a very similar route to the Titanic (although the less said about that, the better) on a cruise with .

This is a wonderland for an international travel with kids, and if you have never spent more than a few days on a ferry crossing then this form of transport might just astound you as much as when you were a child. 

Cruising is pretty luxurious, and it does come at a price.  However, absolutely everything you could ever dream of is supplied.

cruise ship international travel with kids 

The rooms are incredibly beautiful and are easily comparable to five-star hotels.  The food is prepared on board by fantastic chefs, and they cater for nearly every taste you could imagine. 

The onboard entertainment gives you the glamor of ballroom dancing, cinema evenings, singers and much more!  In fact, it is similar to attending a royal variety show! Such a magnificent way on traveling with children.

A trip from the UK to New York will take you seven days. During this time you will be able to swim on deck and enjoy the quality of services you get on board. 

Plus at the end of your magical journey, you will be able to see one of the most iconic city sights of all time.  Liberty.

Another option is to have a road trip going to New York. Road trips can be very economical and fun as well. You can also bring your pets on your vacation! I’m sure they’ll very much love the fresh air that will bump into their face.

As long as that you have the right amount of time when traveling to your destinations since a road trip might eat up a few hours or days compared to an actual flight.

But if you have a month long vacation, then you can just slow it down and have fun while on the road. You may also camp outside if permitted in the states that you will be passing through.

Orlando and Universal Studios

As mentioned earlier Disney is probably right up there on most children’s wish lists for a holiday.  However, it isn’t just Walt’s incredible world you can visit. There are other places that will answer the big question, “where to travel with kids?” 

Orlando is home to some of the best attractions on earth.  Booking a trip with a reputable company will ensure you know exactly what is on offer. 

So check out to get to grips with what you can do.  While you think that saving this trip for when you have children is the best time to go, there is absolutely nothing on stopping you in enjoying a little magic from your childhood, with your partner or a group of friends.

Universal Studios are also based here and will let you get behind the scenes of some of the best films ever shot. 

You can see first hand how special effects are created, or get a little closer to Jaws.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the sets in real life, one minute you can be strolling through a great western and then next you are catapulted through time into a sci-fi thriller. 

If you are looking for water parks, then you can’t get much better than the ones in the USA.  You don’t have to be twelve years old to get your trunks out and have a great time. 

Lot’s of adults head out for the dream holiday each year and spend their days shooting down water slides or chilling out on the incredibly relaxing lazy river.

Disney Lands

If we have been talking about THE “Disney Land” right from the start, then why not bring them up in this article, right?

Disney Land international travel with kids

Disney Land is the utopia for kids. You can just bring your children here if you have been asking yourself on “where to travel with kids?”

There, you and your company will experience the life of being in a Disney world. Meet and greet the great Disney prince and princesses, or even the famous superheroes in the movie industry. You’ll have fun, that’s for sure, even though the child is traveling with one parent. It doesn’t matter, what matters here is the happiness that will bring to your children.

Check out this post to find the nearest Disney land in your place and head there to make unforgettable memories.

NASA Space Center

Kids love Science. Kids love Math. And kids love astronauts! They’re awesome. And I love them too. So why not bring your children in the NASA Space Center Houston and mold them the real form of Science?

In the “museum,” you can do so many things that involve science. Your kids may enjoy the “Spring Exhibit” where they can test their brains with a handful of mathematical analyses.

They can also travel to the Moon or the Mars with a simulated Orion capsule. There, your kids will enjoy the textures of Mars’ rocks, sands, and anything that the red planet can show you. Who would not want that in their experiences?

NASA Space Center 

Want more? Have a lunch with an actual astronaut! Such awesomeness will bring your children into a heavenly feeling. Even you, as a parent, will be overjoyed in meeting such a spectacular being.

Other tours include NASA Team Tour, A Stellar Science Show, the Space Center Theatre, Starship Gallery and much much more!


Start thinking more like your childhood self and book a holiday that indulges your fun side.  Yes, it’s even better if you have little ones with you.  But who says you need to be a grown up all the time? To have a successful international travel with kids is to have fun with them. Think alike, and in the end of the day, you’ll just lie beside them saying that you truly love them.

international travel with kidsinternational travel with kids

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