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Discover What Type and Where to Have a Vacation That Suits You

It’s the time of year where everyone dreams of escaping the dreariness of these chilly winter months. But before you start daydreaming and getting carried away, it is crucial to consider what kind of holiday would suit you best. Because with the right choice and proper planning, you’ll get the most of your vacation journeys!
Read on to find out “which and where to” vacation ideas that will suit your personalities which will bring you to unforgettable memories!

Adventure Seekers

For adrenaline chasers, naturally, you’re going to want an action packed experience. Mountainous destinations are perfect for you, as they provide many opportunities for adventure.
Hiring a bike, mountain climbing, or booking a trekking holiday will give you the chance to immerse yourself in nature. 
van in adventure
At the same time, you’re keeping your fitness levels in peak condition, while embarking on some great journeys. Accommodation such as Airbnb is perfect for you, as you’ll be spending most of your time outdoors!
You can also check out our article about the active holidays that can help a total sports lover. In the article, we have tackled about the best “sporty” ideas that will take your breath away!

Sun Worshippers

Who wouldn’t enjoy lounging on a sun bed in tropical climates surrounded by stunning views and a glistening sea?
This would be the majority of the people’s idea of heaven! Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico and Formentera provides some of the best beaches and breathtaking sunsets.
There, you’ll discover stretches of fine sand, endless crystal clear waters and mountain backdrops.
You can also add up the Bali, Indonesia that lies just under the equator which is a perfect location for an all over tan. 
beach signs and where to vacation
Of course, you should not also miss Thailand and the Philippines. Thailand has the rich culture in beaches that will surely become one of your best adventures in your lifetime. While in the Philippines lies the most beautiful islands in the world.
Since the Philippines is an archipelago, it is surrounded by lots of body of waters, especially the sea. It also consists of more than 7000 islands where you can choose to book and stay.
Two of these islands are dubbed as the best islands in the world, the El Nido, Palawan, and Boracay. You are to see the majestic crystal clear sea waters and creamy-white sands near the sea shore.
Both of these islands are very popular not just in the whole Philippines, but in the entire world! You can also check out the Caramoan, Peninsula where you can have a great Caramoan tours which will give you the vibe of being in El Nido, Palawan, Zambales, and Batanes. Four of the high places in the country that offer the best beaches. Now, these places might answer to your question on where to have a vacation this year.

Luxury Seekers

If a luxury, laid back vacation is what you seek, then a comprehensive hotel experience is perfect for you. Enjoy resort managed entertainment, top quality catering, plus activities for all groups of people.
For those who want to venture out, why not try an escorted holiday. Web sites such as Travelsphere which provide expert guides that will take you on excursions to all the must see sights. 
crusie ship 
If you want to adopt a more lavish lifestyle, then Dubai has everything you need. This modern oasis offers luxury shopping malls, fine dining, beaches, spas and more.
You can also try to experience a luxury cruise ship that can travel the world for so many days, or even weeks. In these luxury ships, you are to experience the best of your lives and will surely make your life more enjoyable. Just remember that they are “luxurious” for a reason.
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Nature Lovers

Nothing says more about being one with nature like camping out among the stars, breathing a fresh air and reminiscing with your life.
It’s the thrill of living primitively, being away from pollution and noise. The cosy fires and great company that makes this type of vacation so exciting is a very nice feeling. 
camping in forest where to vacation 
Let’s not forget the music and roasting marshmallows!
Cornwall, Yosemite National Park and Jasper National Park in Canada are excellent places to start. If surrounding yourself with natural beauty is what you’re after, there are so many breathtaking locations to choose from. Pulpit Rock in Norway and Jiuzhaigou National Park in China are just two such examples.
If you have decided to get a nature travel experience in the Philippines, you may try some of the most accessible mountains that can cater even beginners and experts. In these hills, caves, and rainforest, you’ll surely get the best feeling and experience that you want in your whole life.

City Explorers

Do you love nothing more than getting lost in a vibrant new city and immersing yourself in the culture? Taking in all the hustle and bustle of busy, foreign streets? 
woman in city 
If these sounds like you, then a city break to places steeped in history would make for the ideal destination. Cities like Florence are rich in art and grandeur, while locations like Kyoto, Japan, are perfect for spiritual journeys.
Philippines has lots of malls that you can also explore, as well as the beautiful city of Singapore.
In Dubai, great buildings and colorful designs awaits you, while in New York and Los Angeles, USA awaits a vibrant night life.


In the end, choosing in what kind of journey still depends on the traveler. Some traveler will choose only one or two from above, some will try all and have the chances of learning what do they really want in life. But the best thing that might lead you to the right answer on where to have a vacation is the happiness that will fulfill inside your hearts and your memories.
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