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10 Reasons to Visit and What to Do in Singapore

If you have never been to Singapore before, you might be wondering what is so great about it. The country might not always be your first choice when it comes to choosing somewhere to travel. But, if you are thinking of going on holiday to somewhere a little different this year, then this article is bound to help about answering on what to do in Singapore?” and “why should I visit Singapore?”.
In this article, we are going to look at some of the major attractions that Singapore has to offer. Bear these in mind when you are planning your next trip – you won’t be disappointed.
 What to do in Singapore

Party Atmosphere

Although you might not have thought it, Singapore is a fantastic destination if you are up for a party.
Singapore is a city with a sprawling and exciting nightlife, so if that is what you’re after on your journeys this year, don’t overlook this exotic destination.
There are countless bars, nightclubs and other venues of that nature which all tend to be pretty tourist-friendly, so why not consider this unique city instead of Berlin this year?
You might be pleasantly surprised at just how much fun you can have.

Variety Of Food

For the foodie travelers, there could hardly be a better place to visit in 2017. Singapore is widely known for its fascinating array of different kinds of restaurants and foods. If you are thinking of going somewhere, you can eat out, and then you could do much worse than this fascinating city. Just by trying out some local foods of the country will surely answer your question on what to do in Singapore.
What to do in Singapore, Food Travel 
If you have a sweet tooth, you will be catered for – institutions like the Cat & the Fiddle offer some of the best cheesecakes that the world has to offer.
Also, a good mention is to try the many different opportunities you can run into for trying out the delicious street foods. There are worse places to find somewhere to eat! 

Excellent Cultures

Just like other Asian countries, Singapore is rich in culture despite its small size. The Singaporeans even have different languages, religions, and customs which makes it harbor a diverse amount of cultures throughout the country.
Since Singaporeans have different languages and ancestries, their cultures and views are affected by it. English speakers tend to lean on the Western Culture, Chinese speakers cling on the Chinese arts, Malays on Islam and Indians on the Indian culture.
With these different views in life, there are also various festivals and gatherings that have been influenced by their diverse cultures such as the celebration of Chinese New Year and the Hindu festival called Thaipusam Procession.
There are also churches such as Sultan Mosque in Singapore, and Armenian Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator.

Colorful Arts

Are you an art fiend? If so, Singapore might be more up your alley than you had supposed. Although not incredibly well known for it, this is a city which does offer much in the way of art.
There are a huge number of galleries and museums for you to visit, so many in fact that you might get lost before you know it. If you like a bit of culture during your travels, then Singapore is unlikely to let you down.

A Spectacular Shopping Spree

Singapore is one of the most popular shopping countries in the world. You can choose different kinds of beautiful styles of clothes, sturdy materials and interesting souvenirs at a reasonable price.
You can check out the Orchard Road with around 2.2 km full of mega malls. There, you can find the leading brands and other designer’s brands.
China Town won’t also be left behind since one of the races that live in the country has Chinese cultures. The iconic Marina Bay Sands Complex is also rising to the top with its impressive architectural design, glasses and the greatest interior open water layout. If you’re still thinking on what other things to do in Singapore, then head to the next number!

Impressive Architecture Designs

From churches, mega mall and even museums, Singapore also houses the stunning architectural designs in these buildings.
What to do in Singapore  
You can have a tour in the National Gallery and learn about the best designs in history of the country. After that, a walks from the mall after shopping or during break will give you the feel of their best designs.

Natural Beauty

Something about visiting big cities usually means that you are unlikely to see any nature. However, with certain locations, this is not entirely correct. Singapore is one such location
In this city, you are bound to run into some public natural areas, something which is great news for any traveling country bumpkins who miss a taste of home.
What’s more, these areas are well known for being quite grand, so you are unlikely to get bored of them anytime soon. In fact, no visit to Singapore is quite complete without visiting some of its great parks, so make sure you include them on your list.

Theme Parks

A journey to Singapore is not complete without visiting at least one of their best theme parks. Well, these theme parks are one of the Singapore’s points of interest.
The Universal Studios Singapore will surely take your breath away.  But if you want a unique way to visit a theme park, you may opt out to try the Haw Par Villa .
Singapore Theme parks 

Sports and Events

Our last in the top 10 would be to go and try watching some of the major sports events in Singapore.
Check out the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix for a breathtaking show of these speedsters.
Another notable event to watch is the Singapore Rugby Sevens, a football event that will make your excitement rise as every team competes for the crown.

Visiting the Wild Life

The wild life is also preserved in Singapore. There are various facilities that cater to the animals’ needs. You can visit the MacRitchie Singapore for more interaction in the wild. Other places such as the Singapore Zoo, River Safari and Night Safari offers almost the same events.

Animal lovers will surely be able to enjoy in visiting at least one of the places mentioned above.


There are so many things to do in Singapore that will answer your question to yourself, “what to do in Singapore?”. These things that were stated above depends on the person whether they like it or not. But the important part here is to have an expedition to this awesome country, explore the best tourist spots and have fun.

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