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5 Cheap Ideas for Couples on How to Travel the World

Have you just got married and you don’t have enough money to pay for those expensive trips, or rather you would like to travel somewhere so you can celebrate your anniversary with your partner? Well, you don’t have to use all of your money to make a trip as there are so many tips that you can use to help you have a getaway with your partner. Let’s look at some ideas that can help you answer your question, “how to travel the world as a couple?” 
How to Travel the World for Couples
Have you visited all the best places in your country? Well, if you don’t it is advisable that you visit the attractions that are found in your country. I am sure there are various destinations that you can visit in your country such as museums, theme parks, beach, malls or even mountains and popular resorts.

Go to all of the best sites located in your state and those you have never visited since you were born. You can also visit those popular places near you even though you’ve been there, as long as it posses an amazing romanticism that will make your journey memorable. Also, this will save you a lot of money that you could have used in traveling to other states.

You may also find some cool Instagram captions for couples in your area to give you a clear view on what you will be seeing.

Like for example, residences in New York can visit the Statue of Liberty, the Central Park and nearby museums. After that, you have a romantic dinner in NYC and enjoy your meal. With just a few bucks of travel expenses, you will surely have a great day with your significant other! Now, this is a right way on how to travel the world in a budget.

2. Travel Regionally

We love to travel so we can create memories and get to see the places that we have not seen before. You may want to travel so you can visit a place that you saw on the pictures or you saw in a movie. So if you are planning on going for a trip, visit the various locations within your region.


It is essential to explore your area as it is so much fun and cheap as well. Hence, don’t spend all of your savings on exploring other parts of the world start with your area and believe me you will enjoy with your partner.

If you are in Italy, you can have a great adventure in its romantic places to go as a couple such as the: Amalfi Coast, Castellucio, Positano and the popular Venice. These lovely places will surely bring your love to the maximum if you’ll visit there with your partner.

For those who are in the Philippines or other nearby Asian countries, you can enjoy the beauty of the ocean by visiting some of the popular resorts in the Philippines like Boracay, El Nido or Batangas.

3. How to Travel the World? Try Off Seasons!

You may realize that during the summer a lot of people are touring the world and therefore you find that the flights and hotel reservations are quite expensive. Therefore so as to minimize the expenses plan your trip when many people are not traveling.

You can either visit before summer arrives or even after the summer. Your aim is to cut down the trip expenses as much as possible. By reading one of our featured posts about the best places to visit every season, you’ll have a deeper understanding on what we have been talking about.

4. Search for Cheap Flights and Destinations

You don’t have to guess and wonder where you can find cheap flights as there are so many destinations that you can find them.

The most convenient place to look up at is the internet. This is because there are various sites that you can find on the website that are offering discount deals on different destinations and flights.

Such places include buyagift and jet2holidays. Take advantage of the promo codes and earn huge discounts on your flights or even a discount on spa treatment and the hotel accommodations for you and your partner.

An another way to save a couple of bucks is to become a mystery shopper. Reports say that you can even save up to 50% off your flights and or hotels if you participate in this kind of events. Such a great deal must not be left behind, hurry up and learn about on how to become a mystery shopper!

5. Compare Different Prices

If you have to visit your country, then it is advisable that you compare the different expenses for different countries. Find out if traveling to Mexico will be cheaper or more expensive than going to Italy or China. By comparing, you will find a place that you can afford and spend less money as well.
In some cases, traveling in Asian countries will be much cheaper. Find those countries that you do not need a VISA requirement. Because filing a VISA may take time and a few bucks. Thaliand, Malaysia and Philippines are three of these countries that may give you an easy way in with just a small budget in mind.


The above ideas can profoundly help you and your partner find a place that you can both visit and have fun. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to travel as there are ways that you can be able to travel on a budget as well. The key is to carefully research your destination and make a thorough plan on what you really want to do with your lovely trip. With proper research and planning, your worries on how to travel the world with your partner will all be erased!

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