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3 Best Places to Have a Vacation with Hyperactive Kids

For many families, vacation weeks are the times that are looked forward throughout the year. The only problem is that after a while, the best places to visit with family tend to get a little predictable, or shall I say – always going to the same kinds of places, doing the same kind of things, experiencing the same, and nothing is new! I easily get bored, especially when I was a kid, and looking back then, what should have been the best places to have vacation with kids like me?

One of the issue here is that a lot of kids get bored easily, just like me. Meaning, that after 10-minutes of sunbathing or strolling around a cultural sight, they end up cranky and moaning. Kids have energies like a load of a bucket full of chicken, and so, need a vacation that is going to allow them to burn a lot of that energy. I mean, lots!

So, with that in mind, below are three ideas of places to go for kids that are a little different to the typical family beach breaks, but are perfect for families with hyperactive kids. 

Quad Biking, Camel Riding, and Surfing in Morocco

Located in North Africa, Morocco is wonderfully hot and sunny almost all year around. This beautiful country is incredibly diverse and is home to white sand beaches, ancient cities, incredible mountain ranges, and golden deserts.

Putting the amazing culture aside, Morocco also offers an array of unique and exciting activities that makes it a perfect place to experience vacation with kids that are loaded of energies. Family activity holidays in Morocco include all sorts of different activities, from quad biking through the diverse and picturesque landscape of the country, down to learning to surf.

So, for families with hyperactive kids and a love of adventure, Morocco could just be the perfect place to visit.


Skiing, Snowboarding, and Tobogganing in Canada

Part of North America, Canada is a truly beautiful country; in the summer it’s known for its luscious scenery, wildlife, and mountain ranges, in the winter it’s a skiing haven.


How about, instead of heading away during the summer months, you head off on vacation in the winter or spring?

For kids who have bundles of energy, a skiing break could be the perfect trip. They say that the younger you on learning something, the better. So starting to teach your kids when still young is an excellent idea.

Skiing is not just the choice, most of Canada’s skiing resorts also offer a selection of other winter sports, from tobogganing to snowboarding, there’s plenty to choose from there.

Sailing, Water Skiing, and Snorkeling in Turkey

Turkey is a country that’s known best for its beautiful scenery, food, and culture. However, there’s more to this unique country than meets the eye.


Turkey is much more than its sights and attractions; it’s the perfect place for a family activity holiday. You see, Turkey has some incredible beaches, and so, offers its visitors plenty of water-based sports activities.

From sailing and water skiing to snorkeling, there’s plenty to keep the whole family entertained here, as long as you’re all keen swimmers– that is.


When it comes to picking that perfect destination for a family vacation, it can be hard to choose somewhere that is suitable for everyone. You want somewhere that has plenty to keep the kids entertained and is family-friendly, as well as somewhere with a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. But sometimes it really depends on your family vacation ideas. Some of these best places to have vacation with kids might be the answer to your kid’s problems, but sometimes its not. It is still better to feel on what your kids want, ask them or try to learn on what activities would they enjoy.
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