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Yexel’s Toy Museum Guide and Review

Yexel’s Toy Museum is probably the most popular toy museum in the Philippines. If you are an avid fan of movies like Star Wars, Transformer, DCU and Marvel Cinematic Universe, Anime and video games, then visiting the Yexel museum should be in your bucket list if you are visiting the Philippines.

In 2014, the Best of World Travel team was searching for a good place to travel with. One of our friends suggested the museum and we came across the Yexel Toy Museum.

Yexel's Toy Museum Travel Guide

The site is located at the back of SM South Mall, it is very easy to find in the Google Map and tourists won’t really get lost there because everyone knows the site.

After arriving at the SM South Mall, we asked a tricycle driver (let’s call him Mr. Trike) but he told us that the museum will be far if we will just take a walk. Plus it was blazing hot, we will just get tired upon arrival. So he offered us a 30 Pesos ($0.5-0.7 USD)  ride for three just to get there.

Mr. Trike was right! Despite being a museum, it was a bit far from the Mall as well as the National High Way. He told us that the museum was originally a house, and Yexel Sebastian just transformed it into his very own palace, the Yexel Museum. If we had walked, then we should have arrived showering with our own sweats.


We were dropped off right in front of the renowned tourist spot, entered the museum and paid 300 Pesos ($ 5-7 USD ). The crew were very warm and kind. There were only a handful of people inside the museum so it wasn’t very crowded.

A female tour guide was assigned to our group, and explained every detail that we asked her.

As my brain can remember, the tour started when we were introduced to the toy of Yexel Sebastian that led to the creation of his palace. It was only a simple McDonald’s happy meal toy. Simple but elegant. A little thing that created an empire!

Yexel's Toy Museum Guide

The entire Museum has rooms with different themes. The first floor was mostly consisted of happy figurines. From Dragon Ball to One Piece. Star Wars figures, Street Fighter a life sized Jack Skellington and hundreds of collectibles!

You can also find a legendary 2000 Peso bill sitting inside the museum.

Go to the mobile application by visiting here.

After a few stops, we were introduced to the outstanding Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars as well as Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

On the next floor, a group of life-sized Street Fighter gang awaits the Yexel museum visitors. Together with the Mario team.

Yexel's Toy Museum

The next rooms are mostly about the superhero universe of Marvel and DC Comics. There, you are to meet the majestic life-sized Iron Man armor Mark IV, and the illuminating “heart of Tony Stark”.

The Joker, Batman, Spiderman and the Silver Surfer are not to be left behind in this room. They can be found in a life-sized head sculptures.

While moving on to the next room, the hallway showed us a few Lord of the Rings and iRobot figures. But the next room can be a heaven to Star Wars fanatics. The Darth Vader and the Storm Troopers awaits their visitors. Of course, Master Yoda is to the rescue!

After a few pictorials, we walked a few narrow hallway and we can already hear the iconic lines of the great Optimus Prime. As we slowly get near on his room, the voice gets louder and louder that looks like we are inside the transformers universe.

Yexel's Toy Museum

Lo, and behold, the biggest Optimus Prime bust in Asia! The bust was created by Albet Valdecantos and stands to be an 18-foot tall figure. Our tour guide shared that the figure costs 2 Million Pesos ($40 000 – 44 400 USD) to be created that lasted for around 2 years.

The sound system used was far too powerful that my body is resonating. The lights inside the room was perfectly synchronized with the tune and the figure. All in all, the room was perfect that I could give it a 4.0 stars for good experience and quality creation.

In this room, we took as many photos as we want, it was the best figure that we have seen in the whole Museum of Yexel, and it was also the best figure I have seen in my life, as of now.

Yexel's Toy Museum Marvel Photos

As our Yexel Toy Museum tour came to an end, we were also told that a new floor was under construction. And it was true! We have seen a few life-sized hulk and other figures that are still in manufacturing and paint coloring stage.

After the whole museum trip, our tour guide left us behind and during that time, we were ready for picture taking. An extensive photo shoot inside the Toy Museum!

How to Go to Yexel Toy Museum?

Public Transport

1. From Baclaran : Ride a bus that are bound to Las Pinas. The placards might include spots like Festival Mall and SM South Mall. Ask the ticketing man to drop you off at SM South Mall.

2. Just at the left side of the SM South, you’ll find a few tricycles in line. You ask them to drop you off directly to Yexel’s Toy Museum. The museum is pretty well-known in them so you don’t really need to state the address.

3. Tricycle fare may vary from driver’s we paid 30 Pesos for three people.

Private Transport

Other Details

Contact Numbers: +63 906 305 9625 / +63 915 771 4777
Open Hours / Days: Mondays – Sundays ( 10 00 -17 00 H)
Address: 52 Sampaguita Rd, Las Pinas, 1740 Metro Manila, Philippines
Google Reviews: 4.2 Stars of 5 Stars

Facility Review

Air Conditioning and Ventilating System

The air-conditioning system wasn’t the best in the whole world. Honestly, it was a bit hot during that time, in 2013. I hope by this time, the ventilation system are already upgraded.

Customer Service


The Yexel’s Toy Museum’s crew is somewhat consisted of close friends or relatives of the owner of the museum. You can see that their customer relation wasn’t even 2.5 stars to be rated. Amateurs and needed improvements. After a few years guiding people inside the museum, I think they would have evolved in customer relation and by this time, they might have been the pros!

Rules and Regulations


If we were to go outside, then our ticket are all voided. What? Without any food nor drinks inside our pocket, we circled the whole museum half hungry and thirsty. I hope this rule doesn’t exist anymore.

A 300 pesos entrance fee is cheap already compared to other private museums. Your time and experience must be cherished while inside. In our trip we cherished it with hundreds of photos!

Products Offered


The toys and figures are all awesome, marvelous and well maintained. I have never seen an Optimus Prime bust as big as that! Very realistic and majestic!



It is highly recommended to visit the Yexel Toy Museum. It’s not just for kids, but for all ages!~

Pro Tips

Bring a DSLR or any devices that can take high quality photos.!
Do not forget your camera flash and power banks.
Put food/s and drinks inside your bag. Ask the staffs if you can eat/drink them inside. Do not just bring them in without permission!

Contact the staffs first before booking a ticket or going to the museum. Sometimes they are close even in operating days.



Yexel Toy Museum is a great place to visit, not just for kids but for the whole family. The museum offers a wide variety of toys and life-sized collectibles. The biggest Optimus Prime bust can also be seen in the museum that can make your excitement rise into a whole new level. For just 300 Pesos per head ($ 6- 7 USD), you and your whole family can enjoy the sights that can only be seen in the Yexel museum. BWT rating : 3.5 stars out of 5.0 stars.

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