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Win Hotel Olongapo Review : A Budget Hotel

Win Hotel Olongapo is located near the Victory Terminal in Olongapo City, the heart of the city. It is located just in front of a drug store and a few convenience stores like 7/11 and MiniStop. If you’re hungry, it is also just a few steps away from Chowing, Jollibee and McDonald’s.

“Are you tired and needs a good night’s rest?”

It is really tiring to travel the Philippines, isn’t it? And when in Olongapo, sometimes it will take another few hours to reach the best destinations. However when the night has fallen, then Win Hotel might be your best bet at a lower price for a good stay.

There are also computer shops just a few feet away from the building and a couple of “karinderya” (mini restaurant with home-made foods). In addition, there are nearby bakeries, burger shops and milk tea houses. If you want a few sweet cakes, then Goldilocks and Red Ribbon is just around the corner.

The hotel is also just less than four kilometers from the biggest malls in whole Zambales, the SM Olongapo and Ayala Mall’s Harbor Point Subic.

Shopping and night life is not a problem here at Olongapo.

Win Hotel Olongapo Experience

The Advertisement Trick 

When I arrived at Victory Olongapo’s terminal, I saw this awesome “advertisement” that says:


For all Victory Liner Passengers! Hurry up and avail our 10% discount. Just present your ticket to front desk!

I had a Victory Liner ticket, and then I wanted to check-in for a 12 hrs rest before doing another travel. The night was long and tiring, a flickering lamp post was giving chills down my spine. People were walking like zombies here and there while holding a bottle of wine. There was a man sitting under this small tree. A single red light illuminates on his hand. In addition, a smoke had engulfed his surroundings while he slowly placed that little white stick of disease in his mouth. He breathes in, and out. If you have been in Tondo, then I can’t describe both places because I have never been in Tondo. This is Olongapo, and you can hear the merciful singing of the people in different nearby bars.
“Pssst! Kuya! Anong hanap mo? (Pssst! Brother! What are you finding?)
Happily asked by those ladies sitting on a darker part of the ocean if I were to compare it in the Pacific. They were just in front of the establishment while wearing little to none. While I was outside, I computed how much I can save, it was a good deal. However, it wasn’t too much. I compared the prices to the other hotels just a few blocks away, Win Hotel was better and cheaper.
“Win Hotel in Olongapo will give me a WIN WIN situation!”, I told myself. So I decided to visit their hotel.

Upon arrival, there were very few people inside the hotel, maybe because the night was so deep. At that time, I just needed a few hours of rest, and a dinner.

I asked the receptionist about how much were their rates just to be sure, but suddenly — the “advertisement” I saw regarding the “discount” is not available?

Wait, what? Did I just entered the wrong hotel? The receptionist said that I will not have a discount (even though she has not even got a glance to my ticket).

I asked why, but I did not get any replies at all. Well, maybe it was confidential?

Ad says, ” 10% discount just provide your ticket to front desk”. The ticket pertains to the Victory Liner’s ticket.

Even though I had a sudden shock based on her replies, I still chose to avail their services. However it was just for three hours, not the 12hr check in. I paid my bill, and the housekeeper accompanied me.

P. S.: I was not able to see any security guards.

Inside the Hotel


The hallway was a bit narrow (too narrow!), and the elevator that we used was maybe the narrowest elevator that I have ever seen!?

I think 3 people can only ride on that small elevator….or two? four is too much!

So for travelers with so much baggage and company, you need to take turns in taking a ride in that cute elevator. In addition, please be careful for those with claustrophobia.

Just like other hotels, the hallway was a bit creepy for me,– yeah, because it’s in the middle of the night, and those  horror stories will really get into your head!

Three stars for the creeps!

Win Hotel Olongapo's Room


After the housekeeper accompanied me on my room, I entered and carefully scanned the room.

It was neat as white, the bathroom was nice, and the bed was good for two people.

The towel, shampoo and soap were nicely placed on top of the bed. An illuminating desk lamp just beside the bed was glimmering brightly the whole time.

For religious Christian people, you may enjoy a bible that can be found inside the drawer.

In addition to all of those things above, there was a small monitor installed on the wall (maybe it serves as a TV). However, it only showed one channel that I could not change whatever I did. It was a very boring channel, if you will ask me. Of course there was a remote, but I could not make it work — useless! 

I was just too tired to give a sh*t and my body was screaming in pain!

After using the shower I bought my dinner at Chowking — Yes, it was just a few steps from Win Hotel in Olongapo so it was very easy!

The air-conditioning unit was also working good and so nice… but it looks old! Even so, it made my sleep very peaceful at maximum gauge. I slept until my three hours had passed.

On my time, the housekeeper knocked, and I was ready to take off! And no, I don’t wanna extend!

I can rate the room that I stayed to be 2.5 to three stars. It was good, but not the best out there!

The Crew


Just like what I have told above, I only saw the receptionist, and the housekeeper. Just them, and nothing more!

I found no guards! Maybe he was on  a break or something else.

I could not tell if they were kind or what, it was in the middle of the night, and maybe they were just too tired or sleepy to show some smiles for me. lol Or even answer my questions about the “discount”.

Even so, the night still ended great, and my stay was also an awesome rest.

I can rate their service to be two and a half stars. They weren’t so friendly and my “discount” wasn’t properly explained.

Also, that banner about the discount should be removed if it’s not in effect anymore!



Win Hotel Olongapo is a good hotel to stay for budget travellers. They offer services that match their prices. The facilities were OK and will accommodate your comfortable stay. It is also good that the Win Hotel can be located near the necessary establishments like food-chains and bus terminal. The Win Hotel Olongapo maybe good in some aspects, but it still has a few negative sides such as the customer service and the quality of the facility. A three-star rating would suffice my whole stay in Olongapo at Win Hotel. It was a nice rest, but the service was poor.

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  • Nel

    Hello Mr. Joe!
    We apologize for the inconvenience we have caused you three years ago now but we appreciate taking your time writing your comments. It wasn’t bad though. Thank you.
    But like every other hotels, we have a lot of things to improve especially the attitude of our staff, that in your story it wasn’t that pleasing, at all. Sorry for that Sir. Right now, we have much better staff to welcome you with their genuine smiles 🙂
    Regarding for the discount Sir, It ‘s only applicable to Overnight Stay. And if that time there’s an ongoing promo rate, 10% discount is also not valid.
    Once again, THANK YOU Sir for your feedback. It will help us improve our services. We hope to see you again Sir!

    • Joe Gibson JR

      Dear Nel,

      Apologies for the delayed response, but due to Covid-19 pandemic, it has been so hard to focus on blogging and traveling. Anyway, it was a good stay at your hotel at that time. I can still remember 80-90% of my whole experience that night, and I still recommend your hotel for budget purposes. I have also returned for 3-4 more times as my hometown is in the province, and your location is pretty accessible. Hopefully, your customer service will be improved more than ever. See you again when the pandemic ends, and hopefully my verdict will be better.

      Stay safe always.

      Once again, thank you for dropping by.

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