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Win Hotel Olongapo Review : A Budget Hotel

Win Hotel Olongapo is located near the Victory Terminal in Olongapo. It is located in front of a drug store and a few buildings away from a convenience store, 7/11 and MiniStop. It is also just a few steps away from a couple of a fast food restaurants named Chowing, Jollibee and McDonald’s. There are also computer shops just a few feet away, a couple of “karinderya” and a few bakeries as well. Win Hotel is also just less than four kilometers from the biggest malls in whole Zambales, the SM Olongapo and Ayala Mall’s Harbor Point Subic.

Win Hotel Olongapo Experience

The Advertisement

When I arrived at Victory Olongapo’s terminal, I saw this awesome “advertisement” that says:

10% discount, just present your tickets to front desk

I had a Victory Liner ticket, I wanted to check in for a 12 hrs rest before doing another travel.

I computed how much I can save, it was a good deal, but it wasn’t big either. I compared the price to the other hotels just a few blocks away, Win Hotel was better and cheaper.

“Win Hotel in Olongapo will give me a WIN WIN situation!”, I told myself. So I decided to visit their hotel.

Win Hotel Rates

Upon arrival, there were very few people inside the hotel, maybe because the night was so deep at around 1 in the morning. At that time, I just needed a few hours of rest, and a dinner.

I asked the receptionist about how much were their rates just to be sure, but suddenly — the “advertisement” I saw regarding the “discount” is not available?

Wait, what? Did I just entered the wrong hotel? The receptionist said that I will not have a discount (even though she has not even got a glance to my ticket).

I asked why, but I did not get any replies at all. Well, maybe it was confidential?

Ad says, ” 10% discount just provide your ticket to front desk”. The ticket pertains to the Victory Liner’s ticket.

Even though I had a sudden shock with tiredness, I still chose to avail their services but just for three hours not the 12hr check in. I paid my bill, and the housekeeper accompanied me.
P. S.: I was not able to see any security guards.

Inside the Hotel

The hallway was a bit narrow (too narrow!), and the elevator that we used was maybe the narrowest elevator I have ever seen!?

I think 3 people can only ride on that small elevator….or two? four is too much! So for travelers with so much baggage and company, you need to take turns in taking a ride in this cute elevator. And be careful for those with claustrophobia.

Just like other hotels, the hallway was a bit creepy for me, yeah, because it’s in the middle of the night, and those  horror stories will really get into your head! Three stars for the creeps!

Win Hotel Olongapo’s Room

The room
After the housekeeper accompanied me on my room, I entered and carefully scanned the room.
It was neat as white, the bathroom was nice, and the bed was good for two people. The towel, shampoo and soap were nicely placed on top of the bed. There was also a desk lamp just beside the bed as well as a bible for religious persons.

The bed. Not so soft, not so hard.

There was a small monitor installed on the wall (maybe it serves as a TV), but it only showed one channel, and it was a very boring channel. Of course there was a remote, but I could not make it work — useless! I was just too tired to ask for assistance or even ask what those things actually do.

After using the shower I bought my dinner at Chowking — Yes, it was just a few steps from Win Hotel in Olongapo so it was very easy!
The air-conditioning unit was also working good and so nice… but it looks old! Even so, it made my sleep very peaceful at maximum gauge. I slept until my three hours had passed.
On my time, the housekeeper knocked, and I was ready to take off! And no, I don’t wanna extend!
I can rate the room that I stayed to be a three stars. It was good, but not the best out there!

The Crew

Just like what I have told above, I only saw the receptionist, and the housekeeper. Just them, and nothing more! I found no guards? Maybe he was in  a break or something else.

Not the crew, but this is the toilet.
I could not tell if they were kind or what, it was in the middle of the night, and maybe they were just too tired or sleepy to show some smiles for me. lol Or even answer my questions about the “discount”.
Even so, the night still ended great, and my stay was also an awesome rest.

I can rate their service to be two and a half stars. They weren’t so friendly and my “discount” wasn’t properly explained.

Also, that banner about the discount should be removed if it’s not in effect anymore!

The TV that only showed one channel

How to go to Win Hotel Olongapo?


Win Hotel Olongapo is a good hotel to stay for budget travellers. They offer services that match their prices. The facilities were OK and will accommodate your comfortable stay. It is also good that the Win Hotel is near the stores where travellers can easily access their instant needs. And it is also near the bus terminal which allows travelers to have an easy stay. The Win Hotel Olongapo maybe good in some aspects, but it greatly disappointed me because of their advertisement regarding the “discount” that I was hoping for. Their customer service might need improvements as well as some of their appliances and facility. A 3 stars rating would suffice my whole stay in Olongapo at Win Hotel.

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