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7 Things to Bring on Your Camping Trips

Many of us have the adventurer’s bug, but there’s just a few people that actually act on it. Of course, this is a great shame. It’s somewhat rare nowadays for you to hear about people camping. And, it is even rarer that you’d hear about someone roughing it in the Australian Outback. Obviously, this wouldn’t be for everyone. But, it could be for you! This post will go through some of the things you’d need on a trek like this, to see if you’d have what it takes, the important things to take in camping.

Complete Tent Set

When traveling around the world there are times that you have no choice but to get your tent, and pitch it just anywhere where you can find a good spot. Even in a beach getaway, you’ll either be camping or in basic shelters. But in my opinion, camping near the beach is the best!

Always be sure that you are carrying a good set of tent. It must have the very important guy-wires. Some tents don’t have a couple of guy-wires, this is extremely unsafe for the tent when a strong gust of wind will splash through your “home” as you sleep, or when you’re very much away from the tent.

By purchasing an affordable but strong and complete set of tent, your shelter will be secured when you want to camp in a far away place. You don’t want to camp under the tree branches, right?


 Also remember to properly install your tent so that you won’t experience hiccups while you’re at it.

When we were camping in Zambales, the weather seemed to be very nice and clear in the morning till afternoon. I pitched our tent and I noticed that the pegs were missing. I tried to make another set of pegs using a couple of branches so that the guy wires will have stability.

I asked one of my colleagues to finish everything. After pitching, we ate our dinner, had fun and slept. When sleeping, a strong typhoon passed and behold, I woke up in the middle of the night while the tent was flooding!

After the disastrous night, I noticed that the guy wire installation was removed, the pegs were also removed, probably because of the strong winds and softened soil.

Just because of wrong installation of the tent, we had a nightmare during that camp.

Sleeping Bags and Pillows

When sleeping outside, this means that you need to at least have a sleeping bag and a few camping tools. These tools will provide you with a home and a bed, without having to carry too much.


Bringing a light-weighted pillow or an inflatable one would really ease up your journey. Especially when you had purchased a couple of inflatable pillows. These pillows can be folded like clothes, and be used as a happy pillow when inflated. Easy to carry, and easy to use.

Appropriate Clothing

When camping, you’ll also need some clothing, obviously. Despite Australia’s warm climate, it can get very cold at night. So, you’ll need some warm and cool clothing.

But, everything you take with you will need to fit in to your back. This means that you’ll need a small tent and sleeping bag, and very few clothes. Only take the bare minimum that you can; this will make it easier if things get lost, plus, it’s easy to carry.


The key in bringing your clothes is to research first on where you are going. If you want to camp in a colder place, like above a mountain, then bringing a bikini is not an option. Cross it out, unless there is a very beautiful lake where you can jump and have fun.

Food and Drinks

Along with these comforts, you’ll also need a way to eat and drink. So, you’ll need to take some food with you. The best way to do this is with dehydrated foods.

They don’t need to be kept cool, and they’ll take a long time to go bad. One good example is a jar of peanut butter. It don’t spoil easily, plus it’s actually a good source of protein. if you have a couple of breads, then peanut butter is their best friend. But remember to take considerations about your safety hazards like allergies.


Chocolates are also a good source of energy, it is sweet and packs a lot of nutrients. Even when traveling, I bring a couple of chocolates as my go-to food when I’m hungry. They make us feel “full” because of the sweetness, and it also helps our brains to function more when tired.

By bringing small and not-so-easily-spoiled-foods, you can pack them down in a very small amount. Your worries when thinking what things to bring while camping is lessened.


When camping, you are need to bring just a few foods that you can carry. But what happens when you’ve already consumed all of it. I mean, ALL!?

You’ll need something to hold water and a way to heat it. You’ll need something that can help you cook even a bird’s egg. This only means that taking a big flask and a small cooker with you is a must. And, of course, you’ll also need a pan and a few things that can help you eat a hot rice.

Medical Kits

The Outback is famous for it’s snakes and insects; some of which can easily kill a human. But, these aren’t the only dangers. When camping in a remote area, a small injury can be much more serious than it would at home.


You have to be able to treat yourself where you are, as much as you can. This means taking some medical supplies with you. The type of supplies you take will vary depending on how much you can carry and where you’re going. If you’re going somewhere with a lot of one type of snake, it would be worth taking a good research on what to bring to treat wounds made by that snake.

Things to Bring in Camping Trips – Medical Supplies Checklist

  • Pain-killers
  • Aspirin
  • Bondage
  • Scissors
  • Band-aids
  • Antibiotics
  • Alcohol
  • Loperamides

Survival Kit

Medical kits are not just the kits that you probably need in a camping trip, but also a survival kit. Just a simple one will do.
A few meters of rope will help you a lot of times. This has been taught since grade school’s Boy Scouts. A few knowledge in rope knotting will also help, so take a few Youtube lessons on knotting a rope properly.
A utility knife where you can find all sort of things will surely be a bug help. These utility tools has mostly up to 30 uses, all packed in a single two inches long case. So bringing one up is a must! 
Bringing matches are surely a big help. It brings fire for you that can be used for cooking, or be used as a toothpick *winks*. Bringing a lighter might be a bit problematic in some cases, the lighter houses a flammable and easily combustible liquid that might cause a huge incident, so stay away from them when traveling far away. 
Your survival kit is incomplete without a map and compass– or a cellphone with powerbank. These three can help you understand your location when you get lost.And the last to include would be a durable and water resistant flashlight. Oh, this is  a very important things that must always be by your side for obvious reasons.

Things to Bring in Camping — Survival Kit Checklist

  • Maps and Compass
  • Cellphone and Powerbank
  • Flashlight
  • Matches
  • Ropes
  • Utility Knife


Ultimately, a trip like this is worth thinking about beforehand. You need to research the place you’re travelling to, and make sure that it isn’t too dangerous. You should always make sure that your equipment works before you set off and you must also double check the things to take in your camping trip. And, you should always talk to a doctor before doing something that may be too stressful for you.

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