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OPPO F1s: Holiday Getaway

Christmas is just a week ahead, and the night masses have already started. Most of the Catholics, especially the Filipinos are very excited on this colorful holiday of the year. Most mothers are very busy chasing the best goods that will be served in the night before the birth of Jesus. Some kids are singing carols in their neighborhood, while their fathers are busy hanging Christmas lanterns all over their places.
These things has been the traditions of a typical Filipino family. Sometimes, before or on the day of Christmas, families tend to get out of their homes and have fun in different places. And I’m sure you’ve already experienced going to one of the best places to sped Christmas in the Philippines.

My Favorite Holiday Getaway Destination

For me, my favorite holiday getaway destination was when our team first went to a Toy Museum in Manila, the Yexel’s Toy Museum.
The destination might not be too captivating to many, but it still packs a punch for toys, cartoons, movie and anime lovers as well as avid gamers like me and my team.
Yexel’s Toy Museum is a four-story building that boasts its massive amount of collectible toys and life-sized figures. If you are an avid fan of some of the popular movies such as the Marvel and DCU’s movie series, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and even Transformers, then you will surely love going in there. 
When we went to the Yexel’s Toy Museum a few years ago, it was an unplanned event during the holiday season. The thought just came out after watching the parody of the Gangnam Style by Yexel in YouTube.When we arrived at the SM Southmall, it was so easy to reach his museum because everyone knew his place.
Entering the museum was overwhelming, as thousands of collectible toys welcomed us. The excitement in my heart and mind was going up as I took my every step.
The museum had so many rooms where toys were categorized into different genres. There, I saw the life-sized Darth Vader, the Iron Man, The Incredibles, and the most stunning of all, Optimus Prime.
Yes, I got to take a selfie with the great savior of all robots, the Prime! 
The museum is not just for avid anime and gamers but for all of the family. Kids will surely love going in there, but maybe they’ll be overwhelmed when they meet Optimus. While the rest of the families, mothers and fathers will also love going there to change the pace in life. Well, Philippines is not just for beach and mountains, right?
But the problem during those times was that I did not have a decent smartphone to take cooler photos with me. I was only borrowing a camera and a smartphone with my colleagues. 
But if I had one cool phone during that time, like the OPPO F1S , maybe I’ve got thousands of photos by now.

“How does OPPO F1s be the best Holiday Getaway gadget?”

OPPO F1S is very popular in taking vibrant and stunning photos, not just for rear views, but for selfies as well, and I think it’s the best feature of OPPO F1S that will shine during this holiday season.
It’s 13MP rear camera with face detection and flash is a perfect gadget that can take photos even in darker places, like in Yexel’s Toy Museum. During Christmas, Filipinos also tend to travel and have a journey even at night, like for example after the night masses. With OPPO’s 13MP camera, every corner will be seen like in daylight.
If the rear camera of the unit is so stunning, be awe-inspired by it’s front camera that houses a 16MP camera that can shoot a high resolution 1080pix photos! Those after nightmasse getaways will surely be properly recorded if you have this amazing smartphone. And oh, did I even tell you that this unit has a Beautify 4.0 that allow users to capture their very best looks?
If I really had this phone by that time, maybe our getaway during that time would have been recorded more than these pictures that I have shared to you.

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