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12 Items That Must Be in Your International Travel Packing List

There’s nothing quite like the freedom, opportunities and adventures that backpacking gives you. However, before you grab your passport and rush for the airport, make sure you’ve packed these all important items in your international travel packing list as forgetting even one of these guys could make for a very different travel experience to what you had in mind.

international travel packing list 

First Aid Kit

This one goes without saying because you never know what can happen. A good, sturdy traveller’s first aid kit should be made out of a heavy-duty fabric, have easy access zips and be placed within easy reach in case of an emergency.
The kit should have everything you need to treat minor illnesses such as colds, coughs and mild to moderate cases of diarrhea. It should at least contain a few ibuprofen tablets, day-quill, bite and sting cream, travel tweezers and plasters. But still remember to consult your doctor if you are allowed to use some of these medications.
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If you know you’re heading to a tropical climate your insect repellent will be worth its weight in gold and so will your mosquito net. Also, do not forget a few packs of sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.
Make sure you’ve got a good supply of bandages, dressings and medical wipes as well as all important water purification tablets and even contraceptives if you plan to have some intimate travels. 

First Aid Kit in an International Travel Packing List 

  • medications for cough, colds and diarrhea.
  • painkillers and or paracetamols.
  • bite and sting creams
  • travel tweezers
  • plasters
  • insect repellents
  • sunscreen
  • bandages and bad-aids
  • medical wipes
  • soap and shampoo
  • dental floss, toothpaste and toothbrush
  • personal hygiene items
  •  tissue papers

Sleeping Bag 

A good, solid sleeping bag isn’t just useful for camping it can also act as a great impromptu duvet if your hostel bed is less than clean. 
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You never know when you might have to sleep outdoors, in colder temperatures or even next to a complete stranger and you’ll want to burrow down in your bag to gain at least a modicum of privacy. 
In fact, the thicker your sleeping bag is, the more rest you’ll get it as traps body heat reacting to your personal body temperature. 
Why not click here to learn all there is about hammocks? They’re very useful if you know you’re going to be spending a bit of time in tropical countries and are perfect for carrying around. 
Sometimes it is also a good idea to get inflatable pillows. They are so easy to handle and useful when you need a good ‘ol rest.

Travel Adapter

Even the most experienced travellers get homesick very often so it’s good to know that you can still speak to your loved ones at the touch of a button. But what are you going to do if you can not even use some of your gadgets because you can not charge them? By including the travel adapter in our international travel packing list, your travel experience abroad will surely be better.
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Why not get yourself a handy universal travel adapter so you don’t have to worry about international outlets? For example, US plugs are very different to European ones, and Asian sockets are more different still. 
Whatever you do don’t attach your device to a plug without checking its wattage or volt level first or you’ll end up frying your gadgets or the adapter itself. You might even cause a building-wide blackout – how embarrassing!  
Take a look at the United States, they mostly use 120 volts electricity. Most of the appliance in states are also designed to only be plugged in a 120 volts outlet. If your gadgets are from the USA, and you brought them in the Philippines with 220 volts outlet wattage. Plugged them in the outlet without checking the capacity of your gadget, your gadget might get damaged if it can not handle the 220 volts.
But worry not, most of the electronics nowadays are designed to withstand up to 240 or 250 Volts. But some are still needed to be checked. In case that your gadget can only hold up to 120 Volts, then you need to at least bring or purchase a transformer in order for you to safely use it.

Baby Powder

This one seems a little left field, but baby powders are fantastic for some quick fixes while you’re on the move. This soft, smooth substance is perfect for stopping your shoes rubbing, preventing chafing between your legs when wearing hiking gears.
It can also even keep your hair clean for a few more days if you’re nowhere near a lovely, hot shower. If you get yourself a subtle smelling one, make sure it’s unopened when you’re packing, you can even use it as an impromptu deodorant or makeshift perfume! 


Cameras, smartphones, watches and even GPS are needed in your travels. Cameras are used to capture the vibrant memories that will appear in your sight. While the smartphone will be used for navigation, contact and internet use. 
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Since our era nowadays is all about smartphone apps and gadgets, your travels will be much easier if you have one of these reliable tools. Just download the application needed and you;re good to go! For example, GPSMyCity is a travel map with offline features where you can read articles offline. There are also some tour guides and tips from the locals and those who traveled those areas. 
On the other hand, a powerful GPS can also be one of your best buddy in a heavy terrain kind of travels like trekking and that is why it is a necessary item for your vacation packing checklist. This must be checked and not to be forgotten!

Gadgets Packing List

  • Camera
  • Waterproof camera
  • Drone
  • Smartphone
  • GPS
  • Earphones
  • Wrist Watch
  • Power Bank

Ziplocs or Resealable Plastics

There are no other plastic containers that can beat a ziploc. When you are planning on having a great vacation near some body of waters, then your ziplocs are going to be used.
You important papers, gadgets, foods and any items that you want to be protected from instant water splashes can be placed inside a tight ziploc. I normally bring up to 5 pcs of ziplocs if I know that I’m going to the beach. I always put my phone, sunglasses, some paper bills and power bank in one big ziploc.
In this manner, an unfortunate splash of water is not very scary. Some of my action camera parts and mounts can also be located in a separate ziploc because some of the mounts are too small. On the third bag, a few instant first aid kit can be found: band-aids, bandage, some disinfectants and antibiotics.

Notebook and Pen

Adding to our international travel packing list are the pen and notebook partners. As travelers, you actually need these guys as they can be your best buddy in recording your adventures. 
You’re wondering why even though it’s the age of technology such as smartphones and tablets?
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The old school is still the best! In some cities in the world, just by using your phone in the streets is a bit  taboo. Why is that? Some crazy people might lock their eyes down to your belongings and it might get snatched as you type down your adventures.
So for safety in a foreign country, just take out your pen and notebook while you’re walking down the street exploring the best things in that particular city.


It’s a big pain the body if you’re only gonna use your shoes while traveling the world. At night and during rest, your feet needs the best comfort that you can give to them, and that is to breath fresh air! And in order to do that, you need a pair of comfortable slippers.
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Obviously you can not just walk barefoot inside your hotel, right?


Sunglasses the protector of the realmeyes!

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Sunglasses doesn’t just protect your eyes from harmful UV rays but also from foreign object damage. It is mandatory for everyone to wear a pair of sunglasses in a dusty area or if the sun’s light is just too strong. Especially if you’re gonna visit the all known middle east!
It’s not just for fashion, but also for protection.

ATM Cards with at least VISA Extension

It’s hard to travel the world. There are dangers that might come to you. To be safe, sometimes we need to keep a few cash for emergency purposes only. Sometimes we leave them in the hotel rooms so it won’t get stolen or be used while having a great Starbucks party.
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But there are times that we really need a few bucks but your pocket money are not just enough. Like for example a great sale of your favorite bag along the way.
These kind of scenarios will show the powers of your ATM with VISA extension. Since they have the proper VISA extension, some ATM cards or even credit cards can be used worldwide! With these special cards, you will get an instant money as long as you know where to withdraw them. So why not include the all good ATM card in our short vacation checklist?
To check the nearest VISA accredited ATM machine, check this page for more information.

Packing Tape

It may sound absurd to bring a packing tape in your lovely vacation, but these things really help. How?
For example your bag got a little overboard and had a small hole in it. You can use your packing tape to at least cover it until you get a proper way in securing that damage. And that is why I always include a packing list in my things to pack for a trip list.
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Most of the times, I also use these packing tapes to properly secure my luggage when traveling, whether it’s by air or by land and waters. In this manner, theft will be lessened since my whole bag s covered in tape and plastic rolls. 
“They aint have no time to unwind them plastics!”
Or you can put some tapes on the mouths of people that you do not like! *evil laughs* But in a serious note, packing tapes will really help you in your whole vacation!

Travel Documents

Have you checked the top documents before leaving your house? Because there are sensitive documents that must always be by your side when you;re planning on a long vacation abroad, and these documents must be one of the packing list before your departure.

List of Travel Documents for Your Vacation Checklist

  • VISA and Passport
  • Identifications five or more. Preferably government issued.
  • Airline ticket/s and booking confirmation
  • Hotel ticket/s or booking confirmation 
  • Close relative’s contact numbers, home addresses and email addresses
  • Photocopies of documents


There are a lot of times that might be very useful in your travels. Sometimes it actually depends on the location of your booked itinerary. Like for example a dusty place will surely want yourself to bring a sunglasses. While in a snowy mountain travel must have a big and thick jacket for cold protection. But our international travel packing list that are stated above are normally used by travelers anywhere in the world. They are the necessity when away from home. For more items that you need to add, you can always ask us and write it down the comment below and let’s talk about that.

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