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Best New York Travel Tips That You Probably Didn’t Know

If you want to visit the all time capital city of the USA in the near future, then there are a few things to know before you start visiting the tourist attractions in New York. Of course it’s a fabulous place to visit, but this post will help you to work out what you should and shouldn’t do. Just sit back and relax as you enjoy our valuable New York travel tips.

It Can Be Pretty Cold

Some people think that the weather in New York is great, but 8 months out of the year, it’s actually pretty cold. Depending on when you visit, you’ll likely need to take lots of nice warm clothing to keep you snug as you explore. You can check out the weather and temperature in NYC here.
You can purchase a few dozens of winter clothes to ease up your chilling body while traveling the awesome spots in New York. The NYC is literally one of the best places in the world where you can find the best deals of fashionable clothes to the extreme! Well, you don’t want to explore the NYC without a bang, right?
new york travel tips snow and ice
Meanwhile, if you’re traveling with your love one, you can actually visit New York as a romantic travel getaway as it is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the USA. The low temperature of the environment will surely be countered by the heat of your love with each other.

You’ll Spend Quite A Bit Of Money

Yes, New York is expensive. Maybe you already knew that, and I’m sure you do! But, there are a handful of amazing, free things you can do. 
For instance, visiting certain museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art at the right time and just enjoying many of the sites, a traveler can easily save a few bucks compared to going in a very luxurious restaurant.
Just like in Branson, as long as a traveler wants to explore a place as cheap as possible, he or she can actually do it!

New York Travel Tips : Free or Cheap Things to Do

  • Visiting the Metropolitan of Art Museum
  • Taking selfies at Statue of Liberty
  • Having fun at Museum of Modern Art
  • Enjoy Christmas and New Year at Rockefeller Center
  • Learn at American Museum of Natural History
  • Have fun at Top of the Rock
  • Be amazed at Solomon Museum
  • Food trip at China Town
However, tipping here is pretty much compulsory. They say tipping anywhere from 15-20% is the norm, so make sure you budget for that. But it still pretty much depends on the service that was offered. You can refer to the TripAdvisor’s New York City Tipping Guide.

There’s So Much More Than Times Square

When many people think of New York, they think of Times Square. However, there’s so much more to New York than Times Square. 
In fact, many New Yorkers avoid Times Square because of how overrun it is with tourists. Some people even think that TS is very over rated and also think that after seeing it, there’s nothing much to return to that same place! Well, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit it, but if you prefer a change of pace, you can try the other popular New York tourist attractions.

New York Travel Tips: Popular Tourist Attractions

  • Madison Square Garden
  • Little Italy
  • One World Trade Center
  • Coney Island 
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Yankee Stadium
  • Battery Park
  • Liberty Island 
  • 30 Rockefeller Plaza
  • Gramercy Park
  • Bronx Zoo
  • Washington Square Park
  • New York Botanical Garden

Central Park Is Amazing

Some say that Central Park is the best in the world, and it really is amazing. This is somewhere you absolutely must visit, whether you have to relax with a book, or go for a jog. 
There are so many things that you can do in CP. One of the best things is to relax with your family. A simple picnic in the park is a best way to bond with your family members. 
For some adventurist kids, you can try to trek at the Alice in Wonderland statue and be amazed by the things in there. for lovers, you can have a meaningful chat by paddling a boat at the lake for an affordable price.
Some people will be seen ice skating at Wallman Rink, but some can be seen just lying around at the Sheep Meadow. The point is, Central Park is so amazingly beautiful that offers a lot of things to do. So don’t forget to add Central Park in one of your New York itineraries!

New York Travel Tips: Central Park Attractions and Things to Do

  • Be in love at Central Park Lake
  • Have fun at Central Park Zoo
  • Bird watching at Belvedere Castle
  • Relax at Sheep Meadow
  • Ice skating at Wollman Rink
  • Hold hands at Conservatory Garden

Choosing The Right Time Of Year Is Crucial

Making sure you choose the right time of year to go to New York is crucial. You want the atmosphere to be electric, right? How about NYE in NYC
You’ve never had an experience like this before! Visiting at Christmas time is always incredible too, although both of these times you’ll run into plenty of tourists. Some people prefer to visit between April to June or September to early November. That being said, it’s down to the kind of trip you want.

You’ll Love The Shopping

You probably knew this already since we’ve stated it above. However, be prepared to save up a lot of cash if you actually want to do some shopping. Many people in New York have mastered the art of window shopping as everything can be so expensive. 
new york travel tips shopping 
First thing to do is to check the price of the items that you wanted. Some items are way cheaper to be bought online, but some items are also better in physical stores.
If you really want that bag down the second block, then you must have known every prices of the same bag and brand from different stores before purchasing it. Sometimes, a monthly sale or holiday sale will come by, it is best to be well prepared by those time of the year. This travel tip in New York should always be remembered by shoppers!
Notable sale holidays are: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Golden Week, Christmas and New year’s Sale, Boxing Day

You Can Walk Everywhere

There’s not really a need to take public transport here, you can walk everywhere. Make sure you take comfortable shoes. Those who hail a taxi will usually get stuck in traffic, so it’s quicker to walk anyway. 
If you want to rent a car in New York, then we do not resent you. Just be careful with the road and learn the driving etiquette of the Americans. For starters, you can check out the Auto Europe’s website and rent a car in NYC.

You Shouldn’t Dawdle

New Yorkers are famous for being in a hurry. If you dawdle, you might get knocked over or run into someone with a few cross words to say. Make sure you know where you’re going and if you don’t, get out of the way! 
walking in new york 
Plan your itinerary well, so that you won’t disturb busy people walking down the streets. If you’ve played the Pokemon Black and White, then we think that you already know what we have been talking about. This event has always been happening every time you walk at the hallway in the Castellia City since it is designed like in NYC!

Final Notes

New York is a busy but a lovely city to visit at. You can go there with your love ones or even your family and have fun (as long as your VISA allows). By checking out this New York Travel tips article you learn about the best things to do in NYC while having fun in a budget friendly manner. Just remember that even though it is the all famous NYC, you can still travel it with ease as long as you have planned everything from the start.

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