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8 Best Places to Visit in 2017

Are you ready to make some travel plans for next year? Not sure which are the places you need to see? Do you oftenly ask what are the best places to visit in January? February?…… and December? Here are our top picks of the must see destinations this 2017 that you might want to check out!
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1. Berlin, Germany

Pack your German phrasebook, make sure you get your ETIAS all sorted and jet off to Germany to visit its capital. 
There are so much to do in this historic city! You can explore the history of World War Two and the city’s famous Berlin Wall by visiting the various museums and memorials. 
best places to visit in 2017 in Berlin 
There are plenty more histories to discover as well. For instance, visit the Pergamon Museum to see a wide range of artifacts from antiquity. 
It’s not all history in Berlin, though. The city also has an awesome party scene. You could go out clubbing on Friday evening and not get home until Sunday morning!

2. Wellington, New Zealand

Have you ever been to New Zealand before? If not, then 2017 is definitely the time to go! 
If you aren’t sure of where to visit in the country, I’d recommend with starting off at Wellington. 
 best places to visit in 2017 New Zealand
It’s a great city for extended stays, but it is also a fantastic base from which you can start backpacking around New Zealand. 
There are so many things to do in Wellington, you certainly won’t ever be bored while you are there! I’d recommend visiting the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa to see some fascinating artworks and artifacts.

3. Montreal, Canada

Montreal is one of Canada’s most famous cities, and there is no wonder why! 
It is the largest city in the province of Quebec so you can be sure that there are tons of stuffs to do! Spend the day in the Montreal Biodome to witness some of the Earth’s most impressive climates. 
Canada Flag 
This nature center is made up of four different ecosystems, all of which showcase some really interesting exotic plant life and animals. If you want to get a good feel of the city, head to Old Montreal. This is a great neighborhood for strolling around and visiting shops, cafes, and bars.

4. Bangkok, Thailand

If you are planning on backpacking in 2017, then Bangkok is probably high up on your list of possible destinations. While you are there, it is incredibly easy to soak up some historic Thai culture and traditions. 
 Bangkok Thailand Best Places
The best way to do this is to see all the history on display at the city’s Grand Palace. 
To see some unique architecture, head to the Jim Thompson House. This wonderful home may have been built by an American, but it displays some super traditional styles of Thai architecture.

5. Paris, France

If you do visit Berlin in Germany, you may as well set a couple of days aside to hop over to Paris. The Parisians are known for their romantic city, so it will certainly pay off to visit with your other half! 
 Best Places to Visit in Paris
Be sure to check out the famous Moulin Rouge and see one of their famous burlesque shows. And, without a doubt, you just have to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, certainly as one of the best places to visit in February. Ahh, the romantic views!

6. Italy

Paris is isn’t just the only country in the world that can offer a romantic travel, there are numerous! And Italy is one of the top picks!
Best places to visit in Italy
You can go to Castelluccio of Umbria for a romantic landscape with your beloved someone. If you prefer a more beach-y event, go to the Amalfi Coast that offers a very lovely view of the buildings along the beach that can captivate your hearts. Also, Venice can give you the feeling of a unique date while riding the Gondolas.

7. Patagonia, South Africa

If we’re talking about the best places in the world, then I think Patagonia can be included in the top ten. This hidden gem offers a wide variety of cultural and natural destinations.
You can head out to El Calafate, a very important city in Patagonia, Africa. There, you can start your journey for an exotic adventure. You will also meet the huge glacier Perito Moreno. This is a very big glacier formation that moves at a rate of 700 meters a year! The view is spectacular and will bring down chills in your spines!
Best places to visit in Patagonia 
For animal lovers, the Valdez Peninsula should be in your Patagonia’s itinerary. There, you’ll find amazing animals like the great whales and elephant seals during mating seasons. The mating season can be best observed between the month of May and December. 

8. Philippines

This country that can be found in the South East Asia can offer you different kinds of adventures. From beach destinations and trekking, which are very common, to extreme adventures like sky diving and scuba diving.
Philippines also houses two of the best places in the world, the El Nido and the Boracay. These two destinations have been catering hundreds of thousands of tourists each year but still stay as lovely as before.
You can also visit the rising in popularity, the Caramoan Peninsula that can give you the views of different destinations in the Philippines such as the El Nido, Boracay, Zambales, Bataan, Pangasinan and Batangas. An all-in-one adventure!


There are so many best places to visit in 2017. The destinations actually depends on the preferences of the traveler. It is best to research first on your destinations before going into your adventures. Remember that a well researched and well prepared traveler is a happy adventurer!

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