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How to Get the Best Luxury Vacation Packages in a Budget

When it comes to traveling, we all want that luxurious 5-star experience. Visiting new places feels even better when you get to stay in the best luxury vacation packages with an unparalleled treatment. But considering how much the luxury travel experience costs, most of us settle for less. But you don’t have to.

There are many ways you can get a 5-star travel experience on a budget. From getting there to the site up to the things you can do. You can cut costs and still get the absolute best out of your vacation. Here are some of the ways you can get the luxury travel experience on a budget.

 Luxury Vacation Packages
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First Class but Cheap Flights

Best Luxury Vacation Packages
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One of the biggest drawbacks of traveling is the journey over. No one likes being held up for hours in airport lines. What’s even worse is when you’re crammed into a tiny seat on a crowded airplane. We’d all prefer to get pampered in a first-class cabin, but we can’t all afford those first-class costs.

But did you know you can get first-class fights on a budget? Some services help you to find first-class fares for surprisingly cheap. Websites like can help you find luxury flights all over the world.

You’ll enjoy traveling much more when you travel first-class. You’ll have room to relax and get the best service. It’ll feel like you’re on vacation before you even get there!

There is also another way to get at a good deal for a first class seat in the airline company that you had booked. By being a mystery shopper, you can have a free upgrade in your economy seat if you wanted. Just follow the rules of Evaluate It By SQM and you’ll be fine.

Affordable Luxury Accommodation

Budget hotels are fine for traveling on the cheap. But naturally, you’d get a lot more out of a 5-star hotel. Luxury hotels offer fantastic room service and large, comfy rooms which make your stay all the better. There are ways you can get luxury accommodation for cheap.


You can find many discount luxury hotel sites. You can often find flash sales at amazing accommodations. For a Filipino and those who will travel the Philippines, you can try to check out awesome deals from Metrodeal and CashCashPinoy. These two websites are popular by selling discounted coupons not just for hotel deals but to any type of accommodations.

Sometimes you’ll be able to get a room surprisingly cheap, thanks to a guest having to cancel their plans last minute. Hotels always try to fill all their rooms, so you might just grab a great deal.

Hotels aren’t the only option, either. Sometimes having a whole apartment to yourself can feel much more luxurious! Websites like allow you to find holiday rentals around the world. It can be anything from a sleek apartment to an entire home! You can experience amazing destinations and feel like a local at affordable prices.

Save Costs On Activities

First-class flights and luxury accommodation are a big part of the 5-star holiday experience. But it’s the things you do while you’re journeying in distant lands that really make your exclusive travel experiences great.
Best Luxury Vacation Packages
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Sometimes, experiencing everything your destination has to offer can be far too expensive. It’s especially true when you’re visiting big cities with expensive tourist traps. Instead of spending all that money, you might want to see alternative sights in tourist hot spots. In many cases, this will feel more luxurious. 
Instead of dealing with big crowds and exorbitant prices, you can get the authentic experience of your location for cheap. Take a look in our post about the Cheap things to do in Branson. In this post we talked about the free and less than 20 USD travel cost with a great luxury vacation package!

There are also websites which can get you fantastic deals on fun travel activities. You might want to check out sites like Groupon and LivingSocial. You can often try out luxury activities at a much more affordable price with their range of coupons and promotions!


There are numerous ways to experience a couple of luxury vacation packages, but the problem lies entirely to your budget. But with proper research and travel hacks, these luxury travels will surely be experienced even by budget travelers. With just a few cost from your pocket, a 5-star holiday experience will surprise you!
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