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Your Light Packing List Before Going to Airport

Traveling is one of the best things you can do in life. You can experience a different climate, you can plan on how you will spend a great time in another place, you can eat delicious cuisines in the world, and most of all you can experience things that can cross out a line in your bucket list. But before going to these places sometimes we need to ride an airplane, and this post will remind you what are the crucial packing list before going to the airport.
But do you go to pieces when it comes down to the nitty gritty of organizing the practical parts of your trip?
Unfortunately, being a disorganized traveler is a prime way to ruin any trip. Luckily, if you follow our simple guide below you’ll have everything under control before you even leave for the airport!


The first thing that you need to have sorted before you leave for the airport are your travel documents.


It’s not as complicated as it used to be because a lot of airlines let you check in online now. That means all you have to do is present your passport and drop off your bags when you arrive at the airport.

Of course, you still need to show your physical passport in the authorized persons. Also, make sure to check its expiry date before booking your trip, as some airlines don’t allow you to travel if they have less than 6-months on them.
You’d be surprised how many people get to the airport without knowing that!


Another set of documents are valid I.D.’s. You can bring two or more I.Ds to be sure. Government I.D.s are highly recommended to be brought because they have the integrity of being true and unsullied. (i.e. Driver’s License, Board Exam License, Postal I.D., National I.D., etc.) For other I.D.s you can check this post to experience a hassle free rides.

Passes, Tickets and Any Airline Related Documents

If you have booked online, then it’s most probably that the airline company or the website that you have booked has sent an email to your address.
Print those documents (e-ticket and boarding pass) and carefully review them before going out in your home.
Those printed documents will surely help you to ride a hassle free air travel.

Photocopies of Documents

It is a norm to make a copy of travel documents. Not just one or two copies. Make it three to five copies each.
This is to make sure that you have the means of identification in case some of your I.D.s will meet an undesirable situation.

Proper Clothes

Whether you are going on a long and extended travel vacation or even a short overnight stay, you should want to make sure that you have the right clothes.
Make sure that you have something comfortable to wear on the plane and change into your smarter clothes when you arrive. This makes our number two in our packing list before going to airport.
If you are concerned about the amount of luggage you are taking, you can always get some travel wash. Wash them and dry your clothes as you wear them. This will cut down on the amount that you have to pack.
Also, be sure to check out the climate of the tourist destination that you’re going. For example, you would not want to bring a sleeveless tee-shirt if you’re gonna have a snowy trip in the Antarctica, right? 

And the same by bringing a lot of thick jackets when you’re actually planning on a safari trip in Africa. The key is to research on the climate and bring what is necessary!

Airport Transfer Plans

When you book a package holiday, sometimes the transfer to your accommodation is included. But this is not always the case. Sometimes, you will need to get from your home to your departing airport by another means of transportation that is not included in your booked package.
That is why it is essential to speak to a reliable airport taxi service and book your transport with them. This can be especially helpful if your flight is at an inconvenient time like in the middle of the night when no public transport is running.
You can also rent a car and let someone bring you to the other airport. Or rent a car that has only a one way trip to the other airport. Either way, it depends in what suits best in your situation. The power of the internet will be heavily relied upon this booking. 

Power Banks and Chargers

Lots of people use their mobile devices instead of physical maps and guidebooks to help them navigate unfamiliar places. So, with the need to be connected to the internet 24/7, it would be an absolute disaster to bring your devices, but then forget your chargers

You’ll end up wasting your valuable time in the place you are visiting just by looking for the right plugs–no one wants that. Oh, did I mention that there are a few different kinds of outlets in the world?
If you have traveled across the world, then I guess you already know what I am talking about. But for some newbie travelers, a different type of socket in a hotel will surely bring you horrors in your entire vacation.
Sometimes you also need a transformer if your charger can not handle a 220 volts electricity. But, don’t sweat it, you’ll have time to buy these things in a nearby supermarket.
So make sure that you bring the right charger for each piece of equipment you have. You will also need a plug converter that will work for the country that you are traveling to. Also don’t forget your earphones either, as these can be a life saver on a long journey or if you are struggling to get to sleep in an unfamiliar place.

Pocket Money

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it can give you a hassle-free travels— which in turn will make you happy”
Bringing a pocket money before going to the airport will surely help you a lot during in your entire travel.
Would you go to a foreign country without any pocket money? Nahhhh!
Credit cards and ATM cards also fall in this category, or even Bitcoin cards! 


Our fifth packing list tip can buy you foods, services, rent a hotel room and the prime solution to experience the beauty of another country. It just lies on the question whether you can afford the services or not.

But forgetting these things will surely make your journey into a waste! Maybe not always, but in most cases it will. Well, how are you going to enjoy a travel in Paris without a single cent?
Well, maybe start planning on a little bit of stretching for a work?


Going on a journey prepared and properly planned will surely give you an outstanding result. By bringing necessary and legal documents such as hotel tickets, airline booking tickets, passport and I.D’s is a good sign of traveling organized. And being organized in a travel is a happy travel because you have brought and properly checked your packing list even before leaving you home.

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