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Why I Want An OPPO F1s

Neo, A, Red, and Son are just some of my partners in my mighty collection of gadgets that I have been loving for years. And yes, I actually name them because I really feel like giving them the form of a “character”.
“Neo” is my six year old Neo brand laptop. “A” is my seven years old Asus gaming laptop. While Red is my three year old Nintendo 3DS XL and Son have been storing my important files for four years, a 1 Tb Sony External Hard Drive.
But this post will not tell you how I love them, but how I loved the generation of cellphones that have been with me. And also the reasons why I want an OPPO F1S to join in my crusade.

The Long Story

“When I was a child, I did not come from the dying planet Krypton nor sent to Earth to protect my cousin.” 

I’m sorry, this is not some Supergirl episode…

I was just a regular child that loved taking photos. Our family did not even have a decent camera back then, but our photography club advisor in school had always been letting me use his half a meter long SLR.

That’s the only camera that I could use when we travel the different cultural and educational spots in Luzon.

I was so sad to leave the elementary years of my life, because it will prevent me from borrowing my favorite camera from our advisor. But life must go on and I need to move forward in high school. During those times, cellphones with 2MP cameras have been popping out left and right. I really wanted one of them ta those years!
After three years in high school, my father gave me a new phone, it was my very first phone. I named him “Silver”, a silver colored Nokia 6070.

Alas! I can take 2 MP photos from then onward. But the best feature of Silver that I really loved was him being very easy to use, I hated the quality of a 2MP photo. It wasn’t good at all.

Just like the OPPO F1S that is running in a COLOR OS 3.0, Silver ran very smooth with less to no hiccups. His performance was top notch during his prime. I could even use him even my eyes were shut. Sometimes, I was reported to be texting while sleeping! That is how convenient Silver was!


Well, it happened two times– and it is the truth.

My next phone was a back-up that I used when I was in second year college. He was a third-hand Nokia 6300. I named him “Mighty” because he was wearing a lot of mighty bonds within his whole body. The adhesive marks were the only thing that holds his important parts. ANd only the screen is intact.
I bought him for 500 pesos after selling two drawings. A totally worth-it cellphone because of his Corning-Gorilla-glass-like screen that never faltered even after a hundred falls, just like how an OPPO F1S deflects a thousand scratches that might damage its beauty.
When I reached my fourth year in college, a new cellphone came into my hands. It was an elegant second-hand HTC Vivid without a charger. By that time, affordable smartphones with 1GB RAM and 16BG storage were very rare. Even the Samsung S series can only offer up to 500+MB RAM. I was so happy because  I could take 8MP photos and play my favorite android games.
I named her Black Rabbit, because of her first wallpaper and also she was black. 

The new OPPO F1S with a 3GB RAM and 32 GB storage actually reminds me of Black Rabbit. Her gaming performance was top notch during those times. My friends and classmates wanted that very same phone because she rivals the other smartphones in the market, or much better.

But after three months, a capacitor broke and her screen turned white. They called it the “white screen of death” because of the wrong charger output (I used a Samsung charger). The HTC help center can’t even help me because the unit came from Uncle Sam’s home. My heart broke, but I still had Silver and Mighty, the two of my bad-ass agents.
After graduating, Silver was acting weird and luckily my father gave me another phone. A black Nokia Asha 501. I named him Darth Vader, because we were binge watching the Star Wars when I received him. He may not be as powerful as Black Rabbit, but he can run for days without charging during his good old days even though he is only holding a 1200mAh battery. By that time, I let Mighty and Silver to take their long awaited deep sleep.
My last and current phone is Skywalker, a black Cherry Mobile S3 Octacore. I named him Skywalker because I bought him during the hype of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Plus, I thought that he might be a good teammate of Darth Vader.
I have been using him as  powerhouse to take photos during travels since I don’t have any decent picture taking device. He also has a 13MP rear camera with flash, just like the F1S, but the front camera is inferior with only 8MP.
But lately after a year, Skywalker is losing his power, and he is slowly being dragged into the dark side. He’s been restarting every now and then and is very hard to use when he is away from a charging port.

All of them reminds me of the new OPPO F1S, and that is why I really want to get a hold of one of these units.Whether I will win a contest or purchase it.

Photo Credit: Oppo F1S

My Favorite OPPO F1S’ Feature

I’ve been trying to find a new member of my arsenal, and stumbled upon to the sleek OPPO F1S. I fell in love with its one-touch finger print access. And I think that the finger-print access is my favorite feature of this new smartphone. While the selfie feature being the second only.
Not all smartphones has the ability of a finger print security with an addition of  a lightning-fast approach and five customization finger print command!

This could really be a huge help for a supersonic speed app launch. Every time I travel, I really need to launch a couple of apps as fast as I can. And with this feature of OPPO F1S, it will be much much easier.

The finger print access doesn’t just show its fast advancement but it also shows that the smartphone is unique in a lot of ways.

For more information about the OPPO F1S, you can visit their official website.

3 Reasons Why I Should Win the OPPO F1S

First,  I wanted to have this smartphone because it reminds me of my past cellphones that have brought me here today. The new OPPO seems to be a combination of my old phone’s best features with upgrades and new features.
From Silver’s smooth and very easy to use system. Up to Mighty’s screen durability and B. Rabbit’s gaming performance. I should also not forget the long lasting breathe of Darth Vader and vibrant photos taken by Skywalker.

All of these has been the best features of my past companies, and now, I can find them all from a single smartphone, the F1S.

Along with this “dramatic” story of mine, the legacy of my past old phones might also be passed down to a new generation, the new OPPO F1S.
Second, today is my birthday. The 26th day of the tenth month of the year. It has already been five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes since my last birthday. And why not grant this evil wish? It’s been so good today. There was also these three contestants that have won the Mega Jockpot in WoWoWin! My mom was jumping in joy for them, well, it was a 1M PHP, a House and Lot and a Brand New car, who would not be happy? Such a great day for them!
And the lastly, which is the most important of all is entirely because my mom needs a new phone. It’s really hard to contact her with her current cloned Samsung Duo.

Every time I travel, or when she is away, it’s really hard to reach her out. And our only solution is if I will have a new phone, she will be keeping Skywalker so that we can reach her easily.

She doesn’t want Darth Vader because he is very hard to use. She also doesn’t want a brand new phone because she has never used an Android Phone before. My father has been sending a few phones for me, and now is the time for me to return the favor. But I still don’t have the budget to get a stunning and brand new smartphone like the F1S that will suit my travel needs.

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