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Ways to Help Our Country Rise As a Travel Blogger

Republic of the Philippines, the Pearl of the Orient Seas, known as the most hospitable country in the world. A home of unrivaled, warm and caring beauties. She is also abundant in natural biodiversity and world-class tourist spots. But now, she is facing a couple of problems such as: poverty, pollution, natural disasters, and other economic and political difficulties.
Now, what can we do as travel bloggers to help the country rise from her downfall?


Use the Power of Words

“The Pen is mightier than a sword”, a popular quote of Edward Bulwer-Lytton in his 1839 historical play “Richelieu; Or the Conspiracy” set in the 17th Century.
The phrase stresses that the power of words are greater than any other form of violence. Words can be used in diplomatic acts, make peace in times of war, make a weak into a powerful being, make a poor to become rich, make a fool into a brilliant man and also change darkness into a light.
Words are so powerful that it gives hope to the despairs which violence cannot successfully accomplish. Violence only gives birth to a dark cycle of cruelty. Sometimes it makes war, death and desperation that leads to our current problems such as drug abuse, poverty and different kinds of crime.
As travel bloggers, we have the access in the World Wide Web, where we can voice out our opinions and our experiences that can help other people to brighten up their lives, give tips and bring hope into the dark side.

We should not use any form of violence to help our country rise, but let use the power of words to move the mountains, and change the night into a beautiful day.

Spread the Words in the Web

Social media is one of the keys in today’s internet era, where good news spread faster than bad news. By sharing good things in our social media accounts, we can spread the good words that might be a big help to the whole country, or the whole world. And we will use it as a means to spread the good ideas!

Since we, travel bloggers, have the chance to experience different journeys in our lives, we can share what are the quality things that are happening from another place. One great example would be sharing the healthy side of Singapore about the cleanliness in public areas.
We are all aware that the Philippines has an enormous amount of trashes loitering just wherever we go. These small trashes are the main reasons in clogging of water drainage systems that causes heavy floods in the urban and rural areas.
Mostly, these knee-high floods are causing big problems in the city’s traffic. Making it harder to travel and have fun in rainy seasons. Just like a simple butterfly effect, a couple of chewing gums thrown in an unnecessary place might cause a chaotic flood in the future. The same with candy wrappers and other form of wastes.
Another good example is the untold side of Boracay. The island of Boracay is very popular in the whole world and foreign tourists really love to go there. But did you know that the island faces a big problem in garbage disposals?

The island is serving thousands of tourists everyday, and these tourists also leave a raging 7 – 10 tons of garbage each day. Some groups had tried to help clean the coast of Boracay and succeeded to gather 2000 kilos of garbage.


If the island welcomed 1.6 million tourists in 2015, and each of them produced a piece of plastic bottle thrown on the coast, that means that there were more than a million of plastic bottles on the loose last year.

That is only an assumption but even a thousands of wastes on a beach coast will surely affect the environment of the island in the long term.

In order to help our country and fellow Filipinos, these statistics and knowledge must be shared throughout the world and ask them to keep their trashes and throw them properly. With this discipline, our beautiful natural environment will be saved.

The lack of discipline of the majority especially in our country is now backfiring to us. As a form of inconvenience or a disaster. But let’s not dwell to it. Let us spread the words and tell everyone that prevention is better than cure.
A small change in a citizen’s discipline will surely affect the country for the good. If this continues, and they will be taught into the next generations, after a few years, our country might rise from her downfall.

Spread The Words During Travel

Having a good trip in our lives will surely bring us to meet different kinds of people. These people will give us inspiring experiences. In return, we will also share our own stories making it a give and take relationship.

By sharing stories of our own experiences from our hometown, or from our last journeys, these men that we are talking can learn a couple of things which might be applied to their daily lives. And those that they have learned may be a big help to the society.
“The concept is to travel and tell stories.”
Ritu Biyani, a breast cancer survivor tried and succeeded in traveling India to spread awareness about breast cancers. She started to realize that there were a lot of misconceptions about cancer when she was in a dental clinic. After that, Ritu tried to combine her passion in traveling and her knowledge to educate a lot of people.
Another traveler who is using the power of words while traveling is Jarett Wilkins. He is currently in a 6000 mile trek in the United States to spread awareness for children in foster care. He was also a foster child that was adopted by a family from New York before he became one year old. By bringing his 50-pound backpack, he visits different states, foundations, and families to spread the voices of the unheard foster children.
I’m not saying that we will walk the whole country and tell child stories. I’m not saying that we should travel the whole country and spread cancer stories. But I am saying that when we travel in the future, it would be nice to spread the good news to the people that we will meet in our journey.
In this manner, your stories, or our stories might live and be passed down to a different people, changing their perspectives and lifestyles in a better way, making our country better than tomorrow. Making our country less cancerous.
By continuing the cycle of talks from one place to another, sharing good news and awareness, I’m sure that there will be someone that will rise from them and will do the same work on what we do. 

“Having influence is not about elevating yourself, but about lifting others”~~ Shrri Dew

Promote and Attract Tourism

We started our team’s travel blog to be our travel journal and help other people in their budget journeys. We also envisioned to guide them properly in a way that almost all of their questions are already answered in our guides. But most of all, we created our blog to promote tourism and give hope and inspiration to those who wants to travel the whole world.
In 2015, the Philippines has attracted 5.36 million foreign visitors that experienced the beauty of our country. That was more than half a million more compared to 2014’s statistics which was only about 4.8 million.
These tourists created almost 5 million employments that helped a lot of Filipino people and a whopping 10.6% share in our country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). 
If these statistics will keep on growing, the Philippine economy will surely benefit on its effects. Many local citizens will have decent jobs allowing them to rise from their current statuses. The value of PHP compared to USD will be better and a lot of investors and entrepreneurs will surely be attracted to do business in our homeland.
Recently, our country is doing better compared to the mid-year tourism statistics of last year. Our country’s income grew by 10.49% or a total of 21.19 billion pesos versus the July 2015 statistics which only had 19.18 billion pesos of receipts. 
This only means that we are generating more income as days go by. And our team would like to help these numbers to grow and generate more income as well as jobs for the better good of our country by promoting it online.

Practice the Good Deeds

The last thing that we can do as travelers is to practice on what we are talking about. No throwing of candy wrappers anywhere? No ninja-moves in dispatching bubble gums? These little things must start from within, the change must start from ourselves — myself.

It’s no use to teach and spread knowledge to everyone if the speakers won’t even follow on what they are saying. To start it off, I, or we, should do the deeds first. Eventually, the other people will follow.

Just like a platoon leader in an army that is commanding a group of soldiers. The leader will shout the command and while at it he/she is also doing it himself.
Each step from “left-right-left-right” are small, but they are sure that they walk in synchronize. They walk as a team, they think as one and they accomplish their goals with snappy eyes. 
Just like a good leader, we should start the deeds from ourselves and finish them as a team.


Traveling is fun. But it would be much better if we travel with a cause. Even a simple cause to help other people and our country would be fine as long as we contribute to the betterment of our motherland. As travel bloggers we have an unlimited access to the web. We can use the popularity of social media to spread our good words. Furthermore can share awareness and news to help our country to grow into a better place. Meanwhile, while traveling we can also share stories and do good deeds to those who cannot access the web. By exchanging stories, we can promote friendship and recognition to recent events. Lastly, as travel bloggers, we will promote and welcome tourists to our country because they hugely contribute in our economy’s growth.

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