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5 Active Holidays for a Total Sports Travel

When it comes to holidays, people generally fall into one of the two categories. The sun worshippers and the thrill seekers. Most adverts on television or print advertising focus on the sun seekers, the beach-y type of travelers.They want to swim under the heat of the sun, have a tan and play with the sands. On the other hand, the thrill seekers tend to like the sporty events such as trekking, doing extreme sports and stuffs. Well, we are here to give you some ideas to have a journey in the world for a total sports travel experience!


Cycling holidays have been the rage since the rising popularity of the Tour de France.

So where do we need to take a break other than the south of France?

Warm weather, beautiful landscapes and sandy beaches. What more could you want from a cycling route? You can stop off at cafes as you go for a spot of lunch or a quick drink to re-hydrate. 

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If you’re more on the city type, why not check out the world renowned capital, Paris? 

There are bikes easily available to rent without a hassle. There are cafes and cool restaurants too. Plus the awesomely beautiful Eiffel Tower.

You can also cycle past the historic sites and bathe in French culture and architecture. The Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame are two of the popular sites.


Welp— there are also other biking routes in the world, even a National High-Way would still be cool to play your sport, just like how Asian people does their cycling.

But, if you’re going to other countries and wants to bike, why not try to explore the most popular biking places in the world?

You can try the Friendship High-Way in China which needs a careful planning before going there. La Ruta de los Conquistadores in Costa Rica, the North Sea Cycle Route in Europe is a good deal as well. The Shimanami Kaido in Japan, or the Great Dive Mountain Bike Road in America are also included in the list.

You can also visit the popular Munda Biddi Trail of Aurtralia and the South Downs Way of England.

All of these are world renowned. Some needs a professional training, but some of them can also be ridden by hobbyists.


What’s better than a few rounds of gold? Golfing getaways, of course where avid golfers can rejoice.

There are tons of beautiful courses out there in the world to enjoy. After all, golf is a truly global sport which is a great deal for a total sport travels.

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Some says it’s a game for the rich people — or is it?

You can check out some sites online such as the Golf Select if you need some insights. But where’s best?

Well, there are plenty of options and you can be spoiled for the thousands of choices. But one of our favorite places for golfing in Dubai.

The Al Badia Golf Club, a stunning place where you can enjoy an 18-hole golf course with floodlit driving range. Such a majestic place to play gold.

You can also try to visit the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club. A stunning and award winning golf course with the most scenic 18 hole courses in Dubai. Plus, the golf course can also be accessed easily because it can be found in the middle of the city.

If you want to visit a top contending golf course, you can try the Emirates Golf Club that boasts its two courses. The Majlis and Faldo. Majlis is one of the top 100 courses in the world.

Venturing to the Middle East for warm climes and brilliant courses should be a great deal during cold seasons. After a few rounds you can hit up some of the most glamorous hot spots in the world like the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach and Deira Clocktower.


A long ride to the top of a mountain is a really harsh thing to do. But the view of the clouds and beautiful cities below would surely ease your hearts. That’s the fruits of trekking a huge mountain.

Trekking involves conquering a designated area by foot. Sometimes it is done in mountains to see the beauty up above. In the Philippines, you can try to trek a number of mountains, from beginners to experts.

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You can try to trek the dormant Mount Pinatubo of Zambales. It erupted in 1991 but now it’s a dead or just a sleeping volcano. Travelers visit the volcano because of the stunning beauty of its crater.

Banaue Rice Terraces is one of the top list in trekking in the Philippines. It has a picturesque view that will make your hearts melt as you see its beauty.

Other trekking sites are the Taal Volcano, Mount Pulag, the Tirad Pass, the Tres Marias and the Pagsanjan Falls.


Sky Diving

These ones are for the adrenaline junkies out there. Those of us who want to live life on the edge then this is your answer. Who can’t get enough of heights, sheer drops and the elements of the atmosphere?

Many will never understand them, but if you have a need for speed or a penchant for sheer survival, don’t worry there are plenty of people who do get you especially in skydiving.

I know that there are many people that wants to experience skydiving. Mostly it’s one of their bucket lists, but do they have the guts to fly around and dive? Hmmm~~~ Well, sometimes it also need a huge load of money to perform this stunt, and of course, a good health condition.

Again, Dubai is one of our top list together with the 23, 000 feet drop at Mount Everest and the Grand Canyon skydiving adventures.

Who would not be full of envy if you see your friend skydive at the amazing man-made world known Pal Jumerirah in Dubai? All over the world, every traveler must have wished to dive in this awesome country that you need at least have a two to three months of booking before you can experience the actual flight.
If you want a cool– I mean, literally cool place to skydive, then the Mt. Everest will surely accept you with cold hearts. You’ll get to jump from 23,000 feet high and land in the Syangboche Airport or Dablam Base Camp. The best thing here would be witnessing the majestic view of Mt. Everest.

Lastly, the third in our list is the Grand Canyon skydiving adventure. It’s plain cool. Who doesn’t like the Grand Canyon? No one! That’s it! Everybody wants to see this place, and skydiving there is surely a big feat!

Scuba Diving

They say that the most beautiful places in the world can be found underwater. And by participating in scuba diving sessions will give you the opportunity to witness them all.

Do you want to stand between two trenches? Play with Nemo and Dory? Witness the colorful events that are happening underwater? Then let’s scuba dive in the most popular sites in the world!

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 Indonesia has been popular in the world as one of the best scuba diving spots. The Misool’s Boo Rocks are the hot spot for scuba-photographers. The corals and animals are so colorful that they give a beautiful glow underwater.

The Galapagos Islands are also one in the top spots. They feature different kinds of marine animals that will take your breath away — yes, sometimes they will literally take your breathe away. Scary?

Another good spot to scuba dive is the Bonaire of the Carribean. It’s easy to scuba dive there, reports say. The beautiful glow of the reefs and animals will make your souls jump in joy.

Other scuba diving spots are: Mexico, Philippines, Mariana’s Trench, the Bahamas and British Columbia. I’m sure there are thousands more that are hidden in the knowledge of everyone.


A total sports travel is surely an extraneous type of journey to have fun. But for some people it is the best type of journeys compared to going to the normal beach swimming. These type of travelers tend to cross out their bucket list more than compared to casual nomads. Whether you’re a sun lover, or extreme sports conqueror, it is still best to do the things that you really love.

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