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How To Get Paid to Travel the World

Traveling is fun, especially if we get to experience promising things while in our precious vacation. To be away from our comfort zones, playing with the environment, or as a stress reliever from an office job. Traveling could be one of the best things that will put a mark in our bucket list. But, what if these colorful things that we only experience sometimes can be our job description and do it every time? Now, let us find out on how to have fun and get paid to travel the world!
There are numerous travelers out there that made themselves quit their jobs just to explore the whole world. 
Will you join the force?
getting paid to travel the world
One of the most popular travel icon is Expert Vagabond which is probably earning more than an office staff can in an annual basis. Six figures a year? Done!
Another celebrity in travel blogging is Nomadic Matt. He has helped millions of people for 7 years in his travel career. He has published several books which are really a big help to a lot of travelers. 
They are the boss of themselves, they travel the whole world and they get to experience awesome adventures while earning thousands of bucks that fund their whole travel career. They are not as rich as other businessmen, but their true wealth are the memories they have kept while traveling.
Do you want this job placed in your resume? I’m not telling you to quit your jobs and travel the whole world, but I’m telling you to have passion if you really want to succeed!
Travel, Earn, Repeat
But do remember, that there is no magical way that will instantly make you rich. This is not a get-rich-easily scheme!


  1. Materials Needed to Start a Travel Blog
  2. How to Get Paid as a Travel Blogger
    • Monetizing Advertisements
    • Monetizing Affiliate Programs
    • Books
    • Freelancing
    • Photos
    • Souvenirs
    • Be a Tour Guide
    • Mystery Shopping
  3. Verdict

What Do We Need to Start to Get Paid to Travel the World?

Now, in order to earn money as a travel blogger, there are several things that we must have. These things are critical in starting our own travel adventures and a blog.

Computer Set and a Stable Internet Connection

A set of computer and a stable connection is obviously needed in order to start our very own travel blog. This set will serve as our very own work station where we can make most of our contents in a blog. Even an old computer can be used, as long as it can smoothly run a browser and major word processors such as MS Word and notepad. 
A computer that can handle a good photo and video editors can be a plus, because a travel blog with awesome pictures and videos tend to attract more readers. But most of all, a set of good contents!

Online Payment Processors

If we want to start a travel blog, then an online payment processor is actually needed. One of the most notable online payment processor is Paypal, which stores e-money for you that can be used in online transactions. They serve as an e-wallet.
Paypal can also be used to purchase a domain (the soon to be website), themes, hosting, or even purchasing travel products in popular online stores.
This can also be served as a means to receive money from future sponsors.

A Website

Now, you have a set of computer and a Paypal account, then it is the right time to purchase a domain. There are numerous domain hosts that can be found over the internet, but the most notable of them are the : GoDaddy,NameCheap and 1&1.
We personally bought our domain at 1&1 for 0.99 USD for the first year using Paypal. And a more or less 15 USD subscription fee for the succeeding years. They also offer a free email address and private registration with good customer service.
Some travel bloggers do not purchase a domain and only get the free ones offered by Blogger or WordPress. 
A blogger hosted blog without a custom domain will always have a “(dot)blogspot.com”  in the url. Also the same with the WordPress hosted which has a “(dot)wordpress.com” in the end.
The big difference between the two is, a blogger non-custom domain can host Google Ads services, while the WordPress can’t.
Getting your own domain is a different story because the (dot)blogspot and (dot)wordpress will be omitted, just like a www(dot)yourdomain(dot)com.

A Traveling Mind and Body

The last thing that you must have in order to be a successful travel blogger is your very own “traveling mindset”.
Are you sure that you want to travel the world? 
Are you ready to leave your comfort zones? 
Are you ready to experience fatigue after an unforgettable adventures?
These are just some of the questions that must be answered in order for you to properly nourish your very own travel blogs. 
Research and investment is the key in succeeding as a travel blogger. 
An excellent research and study in creating a travel blog will surely put your effort into fruition. While a good investment for your gears and first couple of travels are also a plus to reach the top easier.
Well, how will you make an excellent review or a travel guide if you did not personally experience it?
Travel Tip #1: Start at the tourist attractions near your home.

How to Earn Money as a Travel Blogger

Here comes the part that everyone has been waiting for, the “earning” section while traveling the world. Travel bloggers are traveling the best spots, then earning a couple of money, and then traveling again. This simple ways are just repeated in cycle, but how do travel bloggers really earn a decent amount of income?
Is being a travel blogger always lead to success?
Not all travel bloggers enjoy the fruits that they have been wanting to!
If I become a travel blogger, will I get rich easier?
Having a mindset of “to become rich” as a travel blogger will just make you regret it later. If you only want to become rich as a travel blogger, but the passion in traveling is not there, then stop right here!
But instead, practice to have a mindset to travel the best places in the whole world. And eventually, after a few years of hard work, you’ll get to see the whole world with a smile, not worrying about your income.

Monetizing Advertisements

One of the major money maker of a travel blogger might be through monetizing advertisements. This is not a get-rich-scheme or instant money maker, but it can be good when your websites become popular in the web.

Google Adsense

Probably the best advertising company out there would be the Google Adsense. They pay bloggers according to their algorithm that computes the impressions or clicks in a posted advertisement. They offer banners in different sizes that show related ads according to what your readers want.
And yes, they know what YOU want!
Many claims that it is somewhat hard to join the Google Adsense compared to most of the advertising companies out there, but this is worth the effort. If you get rejected, don’t falter, continue to grow your website and sign up again.
Google Adsense can also be relied upon if you are going to start a video blog in your Youtube channels. The company allows Youtube users to monetize their own videos that adhere to their policies.


Another notable advertising company is the Infolinks. They put ads based on the keywords that can be found in your articles. 
These keywords have a double blue-colored underline. When a reader hovers their mouse pointer to these keywords, an advertisement might show up. And you will be paid also according to their algorithms.

Other Advertising Alternatives

Travel bloggers that are not happy on their earnings via Google Adsense tend to find other alternatives. Notable alternatives would beBidvertiser that also show banners in different sizes just like Adsense. 
Pop Up Ads can also be an alternative but they are against the policy of some advertising companies. Be sure to check if these advertisements are compatible with each other.

Monetizing Affiliate Programs

Travel bloggers don’t just tend to lean on one advertising company. They also try to be dependent in other affiliate programs.
An affiliate program give travel bloggers a way to earn a commission from items bought or successful travel bookings. A commission based advertisement where you earn an income if a reader makes a purchase. 

Travel Book Philippines

A new travel booking site where Filipino travelers can enjoy. Their affiliate program can pay up to 65% worth of commission if your readers have a successful booking. 
The website pays in your preferred local Philippine bank account. The best things that the company offers are the ability to book using your own affiliate links and get commissions. They also host a couple of travel getaway contests for their affiliate members. (ALSO READ: How to Earn in TravelBook Philippines)

Hotel Travel

Unlike TravelBook PH, Hotel Travel is an affiliate program that serve different hotels around the world. They have hundreds of hotel lists that can help your readers choose the best hotels for their staycation.
The best thing in being a Hotel Travel member is earning a $200 starting income after a year your registration. The company sends $16 USD a month in the member’s Paypal account. This money can be a good starting income to keep a newly built travel website running.


Lazada is a fast growing online shopping company in the Asian continent that serves the Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and even Vietnam. They sell a wide range of products that includes electronic gadgets, fashion apparels and of course travel gears.
Using an awesome imagination, bloggers can promote a couple of Lazada’s travel gears in their respective travel blogs. Lazada also allows member to post their very own links in some social media sites. And you’ll get credited if people will buy from that link! Surely an awesome deal on getting paid while setting a travel blog!


Lazada can only target Asian countries, but Amazon can target more! If travel bloggers are planning on targeting a worldwide audience, then being an Amazon affiliate might be the best choice to pick!
Amazon offers different advertising tools from banners, carousels and even affiliate links. Bloggers can also earn commissions if their readers will buy the particular Amazon product from their designated links.


A travel blog can be related to transportation and cars, and AutoEurope is an affiliate program that offers car rentals. With this niche, travel bloggers can get paid if a reader booked a car for rent from them.
Definitely a good way to get paid while away. 

Selling Books

e book cover for travel book related
Since travel bloggers tend to experience awesome adventures while in their very own world of traveling, they, in turn get a lot of memories and stories to tell.
Fun, sad, adventurous, tricky, or even life threatening travel experience can all be shared around the world with the power of books.
It doesn’t matter if it is a hard bound book or just an e-book. Books are books! And readers tend to crave on new and exciting stories. And I’m sure that every adventures has these “interesting stories”.

Freelancing and Writing Articles

Sometimes it is so hard to start a travel blog on your own. Especially if the budget won’t permit. Well, travel bloggers really need to ‘travel’ and it means they need a lot of money to fund these getaways. Whether it’s a luxurious travel or just a budget travel. Money is still involved.
Entering the world of freelancing online might be the key for starters in getting funds. Being a freelancer is surely tough, but it can show you fortune just by using your skills.
While I was in freelancing mode, I was able to earn up to $500 USD a month. This gave me the capital that bought my travel gadgets. It also funded some of my bills and budget travels.
Other freelancers earn more than what I earned and they are still producing as we speak.
Upwork, eLance and Freelancer are three of the best freelancing websites out there. Register in one or all of these websites and get to know the world of freelancing. 
Just remember that dedication, hard work, time and skills really matter in being a freelancer.

Selling Photos

Now, now, travel bloggers has a lot of exciting stories to tell, but the line doesn’t end just yet! 
Exciting travel memories tend to be packed with cool and overwhelming photos. By learning on how to take stunning photos, travel bloggers can easily earn a couple of bucks by selling their exquisite shots!
Websites like Dreamstime, ShutterShock, Fotolia and iStockPhoto are just some of the thousands of websites that will host your travel photo shops online. By joining these websites, bloggers have the chance to get known and sell a decent amount of photos online.
getting paid on selling photos in a travel blog 
The best here? You get to sell photos as long as the account exist! Meaning, a passive income! Isn’t it great?
Other bloggers, not just travel bloggers also tend to sell t-shirts that represent their cause. Websites like Redbubble and TeeSpring are just some of these websites that can help bloggers generate passive income.

Selling Souvenirs

Visiting different parts of the world is surely tough. Alongside the road you can meet different people, get to experience exciting adventures, and after that… the souvenir escapade!
By purchasing a decent amount of local souvenirs, travel bloggers can actually keep some and sell them online or in a physical store.
Since these authentic souvenirs are not available anywhere in the globe, getting some of it might be profitable depending on your selling tactics. Well, why not use this chance to sell very limited products in your city?

Be a Mystery Shopper

Have you tried riding an airplane half the price just to carefully watch over what is happening inside that plane while you’re sitting? 
By becoming a “mystery shopper” of Evaluate It By SQM, travel bloggers has the chance to get up to 50% off their flights! Some mystery shopper of the same company tend to upgrade to business seat for an economy price! Isn’t it amazing?
getting paid as a mystery shopper 
The drawbacks in becoming a mystery shopper are that travelers have to align their schedules on the flight available to be reviewed. And travelers need to pay the ticket first but will get a reimbursement after the good review. Thinking carefully, travelers can’t ride the plane with half a price first, but instead, will get a reimbursement later.

Be a Tour Guide

This is probably a skill that a travel blogger will surely boost as time goes by. Traveling the whole world will give insights to the Do’s and Don’ts in a popular destination, and as a tour guide, this is actually critical in some situations!
tour guiding as a job
Being a tour guide in your local community is surely an awesome job that can add up to a traveler’s savings. Making an itinerary and helping tourists are the major factors of being a successful tour guide. With these skills, I’m sure a travel blogger has them in their arsenal!
Notable websites that offer tour guiding are : Tour by Locals and Vayable

Sell Your Skills

All of travelers and travel bloggers around the world has unique skills. These unique skills can be used in order to earn a few bucks while in your staycation. How is that?
If you have the bar tending skills, these skills can be used in order to apply for a part time job in a liquor bar.
Some knows how to teach scuba diving, and these skills can be used in order to stay near a scuba diving facility.
Other people are excellent in their command in English, and these can be used to teach the locals in a school.
Other travelers tend to stay as a house keeper, laundry specialist, gardener and anything that they can be used in order to earn a decent amount of income.
 The point is, use your very own strengths, skills and imagination to earn money.


Starting a travel blog is not an easy feat. It is not an easy way to get rich scheme. Being a travel blogger takes passion, time and hard work. Other travel bloggers left their jobs and tried to conquer the world, some got known and maybe other failed. With the use of a travel blog, there are several ways in earning online. From advertisement monetizing, selling goods such as e-books or souvenirs, or even being a freelancer. There are millions of chances to earn as a travel blogger, it’s only up to the blogger’s imagination on how are they going to get paid to travel the world.

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