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How to Earn Money Like Crazy With TravelBook Affiliate

Traveling as your job description is an unreachable dream to many. Imagine a life where you live to travel your own country with the luxury of delicious cuisines and unforgettable experiences. Imagine a life where you take selfies with colorful aquatic animals in the Atlantic Ocean and saying “hello” to whale sharks. Imagine a life where you meet different races in the world, while learning their daily cultures. And imagine a life where you live in a non-stop vacation full of bucket lists to cross out. Well, these are not untouchable dreams anymore! Because in this era, we Travel, Earn, and Repeat!.

how to earn in travelbook affiliate

No more sidelines, no more chitty chat chats that will bore you to death. This post will show you how to earn money up to 65 % commission rate for hotel bookings in TravelBook Affiliate Program online.

Simple, easy and true! Be as crazy as you are!

Sounds legit?

Well, it may sound outrageous in some people upon learning that anyone can “earn while traveling”, much more “up to 65% commission rate per transaction online”.

You are now wearing that huge question mark above your head. Then a big doubt lurks within your mind while reading this article in a monotone voice. That doubt grows as you roll your eyes followed by a huge shrug, and finally asking yourself  “can I really earn real money online?”


Yes, you can!

We can seriously earn money while traveling if we put our minds into it. We just need to record our adventures and put it all up into a blog or website. If you have never read our post about how we act like James Bond and earn money while traveling, then you’re missing a part of your life!

Did I get your attention now?

First of all, you need to learn what is an “Affiliate Program” that was stated above in a very very easy way. 

An affiliate program allow travel bloggers to post ads such as banners to their websites. If these banners were clicked by the readers, they will be redirected to a page according to the banner’s code, thus showing awesome deals in a separate window. In TravelBook’s case, they will show cheap hotel deals in the Philippines.

The banners given to you by the TravelBook Affiliate will contain a unique code to know that your website was the main culprit in redirecting traffic to a cheap hotel deal. If your readers decided to book a hotel after clicking your link, then it is the time to earn a commissions from that particular approved booking.

How Affiliate Program Works in 4 Easy Steps
how to earn in travelbook affiliate
Now, to earn real cash from TravelBook Affiliate Program, you need to follow eight (8) easy steps below. Imagine that you’re in the world of cooking that you need ingredients and proper step by step procedures in order to get the perfectly astonishing umami of your dish.

How to Earn in TravelBook Affiliate Program Like a Head Chef

how to earn in travelbook affiliate

1 set Computer to use with internet
1 set Fully functional Travel Blog or Website
1 bag Travel Gears
1 piece Philippine Bank Account (preferably with ATM card)
1 piece Legally obtained I.D.
A fully functional Travel mind for taste

1. Marinate Your Blog Until Ready
 Carefully marinate your “fully functional travel blog or website” for three to six months in the web using your computer, and of course, you also need an internet. For smoother process, check out if you have the right internet speed from InternetProviders(dot)com. Let visitors come into your travel blog and interact with them. Do not forget that your travel blog must adhere to Google’s rules to show good results.

 Properly marinate your travel blog with SEO according to your article and Social Media tastes. Remember that some blogs need to be marinated for more than six months before they are ready for the competition. There are many tutorials online on how to “marinate” a blog. Try to read: How to Start a Blog by The Blog Starter (dot) com

2. Start Boiling Your Travel Gears, Travel Plans and Your Mind
While carefully marinating your blog, ready the “1 bag of travel gears”, and “your bank account”. You are going to travel your neighborhood and will surely need some cash. I just hope that you’re  a friendly neighborhood spiderman traveler.  

In a travel blog, investment is the key. Invest some for your gears, I recommend to start with a camera or even a smart phone for taking photos. Start by conquering the nearest tourist attraction in your place.

travel quote
3. Saute a Couple of Advertisement Programs
After three to six months of marinating, you are now ready to publish advertisements in your blog. We recommend to start posting ads or start applying to affiliate programs after posting a considerable amount of travel related posts within three to six months.  This is to maximize the odds of your approval in the program. Research is your key! Now, register to TravelBook Affiliate and click SIGN UP.

4.  Fry” to Register at TravelBook Affiliate Program
Carefully fill out the form. It must be answered truthfully or the taste of your cash won’t be perfect! Upload your “1 pc Legally obtained scanned I.D.” for identity verification. Do not forget to enter your “1 pc Philippine Bank Account number” which is a means for you to receive proper nutrients of your hard work, in short, “payments”.

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5.  Wait for up to Five Days or Until Golden Brown
After successful registration, wait for up to five working days for review process. That is why we encourage you to “marinate” your blog. If you get approved, proceed to step 6, if NOT, please, carefully marinate your blog!

6.  Add Spices
If you get approved, then call your relatives and have a small banquet. Because this is now your time to boil your blog and add up spices such as the TravelBook Affiliate Banners. You now have an exclusive access to their affiliate program website where you can find numerous spices that will generate income for you.

travel quote

7. Taste
Experiment on how to use the Affiliate Program according to your taste. Affiliate Ad placing greatly affect your income, a big ad in the middle of your post might be a huge nuisance for the readers and they might tend to leave your article. While some colorful ads might attract readers to click on that particular advertisement and may lead to a hotel booking. These are just some of the factors that may affect the overall umami of your blog. I also recommend to navigate to the TravelBook’s Official website to check out some awesome deals. This is for you to have a grasp on what is coming!

8. Enjoy Your Umami Filled Travel Experiences
Continue posting and wait for your first income in TravelBook Affiliate. Lastly, your dish is now ready to serve with nutrients that will go directly to your bank account. Yes, your income while traveling and sharing online can now be withdrawn for you to invest more in your travel plans. Enjoy the umami of your fruits of labor!


9. Garnish and Share
Garnish and share your colorful stories online to attract and inspire more travelers to “cook” their own world of traveling.

So that’s it! Easy as pie. Just follow the cooking steps to earn real money with TravelBook Affiliate. With this, I hope your “doubtful eyes” is now gone and it should have been changed to something like a sparkling pair of eyes!

how to earn in travelbook affiliate

Why Stick to TravelBook Affiliate?

After a few months of being active in posting TravelBook Affiliate banners, you are now asking yourself, “did I do the right choice in staying?”

“I don’t know” is my answer!

But, there are several reasons why you need to stick with TravelBook Affiliate Program.

1. High Commission Rate

TravelBook offers up to 65% commission rate for hotel bookings. A percentage of the total gross commission of that particular booking will be sent to you. The more completed hotel stays, the higher percentage of commission.

Check out their commission rates below:

No. of Completed Transactions Affiliate’s Percentage of Commission
1 – 49 40%
50 – 99 45%
100 – 199 50%
200 – 999 60%
1000+ 65%

2. Easy Payment System

They send money to your preferred bank account that is linked to your profile. This actually makes it easier for most travel bloggers in the Philippines instead of receiving payments to online e-wallets such as PayPal or Payza. 

3. Good Pictures

Did you know that some affiliate programs only show some boring Photoshopped banners? And you can only find “bla bla bla 50% off to New York Hotels”? They won’t even bother to put some tourist attraction photos within it!

In TravelBook, you can find gorgeous landscapes that will surely attract your visitors. Take a look at the banner below for cheap Rizal hotels.

Cheap Rizal Hotels

4. Access to Giveaways and Contests

One of the best thing of being a TravelBook Affiliate is obtaining the power to join their travel contests. Their latest contest prize pool is a 3 days/2 nights all expenses paid getaway to Caramoan. If you ever want to have a slight chance of winning this event, then stay and have fun in their affiliate program.

5. Book Using Your Links and Get Credited

YES! It is official and true! Unlike most affiliate programs, you are not allowed to use their links and banner to book online and get credited. But in TravelBook, your very own booking matters!

Their FAQ states:

“Will I earn a commission if I book a hotel using the links on my Website?
 – Yes, you will earn a commission as long as your booking transaction is completed, which means you should stay and check-out of the hotel.  ” 


There are numerous affiliate programs in the world wide web that offer different kinds of services to their members. TravelBook Affiliate is a good example of an affiliate program for Pinoy Travel bloggers. They offer cheap hotel deals and a simple program for Pinoy bloggers, perfect for newbies.

TravelBook Affiliate give certain motivations to their affiliate members that can surely boost their morale and energy to promote cheap hotel deals. They even allow members to book using their own affiliate links to get more incentives which is entirely rare for affiliate ad programs. Because of the high commission rates and encouragements, TravelBook might be one of the best affiliate program that a Pinoy traveler can be a part of.

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