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Buenos Aires Cultural Travel Guide

When you think about Buenos Aires, you can’t imagine just one atmosphere because it is the capital and largest city of Argentina. From the many tangos’ milongas up to the meat asados. From the gauchos’ traditions to the official museums of the nation. Buenos Aires is a city with many faces which you will surely love. Let’s check out our travel guide to Buenos Aires, a city of Argentina.

Microcentro and Plaza de Mayo Guide

First, let us visit the Microcentro that gives you an overview of the economic and financial life of the city. With its banks and company headquarters you won’t worry about your cash. 

buenos aires travel guide
The Microcentro
You’ll see the famous Plaza de Mayo, the historical heart of the country that is found at Monserrat barrio of central Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
In the Plaza de Mayo, we can find several tourist destinations such as the Casa Rosada that literally means “The Pink House” which specifically the office of the President of Argentina. In this palace, just in front of the Grandmothers of Mayo, many have protested since the end of the dictatorship. 
Another tourist destination in Plaza de Mayo that will cover our Buenos Aires travel guide is the Buenos Aires Cabildo, which is currently a National Museum. The museum holds gorgeous paintings, artifacts and clothes from the 18th century.
The next attraction when visiting the Buenos Aires would be the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral which can also be found in the Plaza de Mayo. 
The cathedral is the main Catholic Church of Buenos Aires that was rebuilt so many times since the 16th century. While inside, you can witness the beauty of the 18th century artifacts and architectures that will surely stun your cultural minds!
The last things that can complete your Plaza de Mayo visit would be the May Pyramid and the Equestrian Monument. The first monument is considered the oldest monument in the whole Buenos Aires which its construction was dated in 1811. 
The latter is about the famous General Manuel Belgrano’s monument. The monuments is consisted of bronze and granite as the pedestal. 
Did you like the first part of our Buenos Aires travel guide?

La Avenida de Mayo

Just a few blocks away from the Plaza de Mayo is the La Avenida de Mayo, a very important place too. This is because it’s a major thoroughfare in Buenos Aires, connecting the Congreso de la Nacion (legislative power) and the Casa Rosada (executive power). 

buenos aires travel guide
The Congreso de la Nacion
After a very long tour in cultural buildings of Buenos Aires, you can take a break at the Café Tortioni, one of the oldest and most elegant cafés of Buenos Aires. Of course, a Buenos Aires travel  would not be complete without some snacks!
After a coffee break, you can now visit the famous La Avenida 9 de Julio, which is known as “the broadest avenue in the world”. Don’t fret, because she really have a number in her name! The avenue was named after the independence day of Argentina, which is July 9, 1816. 
Julio means “July” and the 9 or “nueve” depicts the day of Argentina’s independence.
In there, you’ll find the most beautiful monuments in the city such as the Statue of Don Quixote, and the famous national historic icon, The Obelisk in Plaza Republica.
You can walk on the Plaza Republica, watch a play at the famous Theatre Colon or simply admire the central Obelisk, which is 67.5 meters high!

buenos aires travel guide
The Theare Colon

Antique Shops

Do you want to see the typical Buenos Aires? Go the Feria of San Telmo
San Telmo is the bohemian place of Buenos Aires, you can buy several antiques in this market. In the market, you’ll also find the famous Argentinean maté! On Sunday, you enjoy the tango dances and the musical shows in the Plaza Dorrego. 

Tourist attractions in buenos aires
Tango in the Streets
You can become a poet like Borges or Sabato in the Café Dorrego or in La Poesia. Then, you may visit La Boca, which is the popular district of Buenos Aires. 


Tourist attractions in buenos aires
La Boca
For sports lover, you can live the passion of football by visiting the mythical Bombonera stadium! This place is a sanctuary for the supporters of Boca Junior and their god: Diego Armando Maradona. 
You can also admire the multi-colored houses of the Caminito or speak with the many street painters. Puerto Madero is the most modern district of Buenos Aires. 

Tourist attractions in buenos aires
The Puerto Madero
Take a photo on the Bridge of the Mujer and look at the Fregate Presidente Sarmiento. Moreover, the Fortabat museum is worth a visit for its beautiful collection: Turner, Bernie, Chagall, Miró or Rodin, there is something for everyone! If you are tired of the city, the ecological reserve is perfect for you! Walk an hour in Nature between birds and tropical vegetation—truly a peaceful place.


After a few walks in the central district, you can visit the Recoleta, the most chic district in Buenos Aires. The Recoleta also houses a great historical and cultural architecture interests.
Take a look at the sumptuous graves in the Recoleta cemetery and search the Eva Peron tomb. Then you can go to the Centro Cultural of Recoleta and observe the different contemporary art exhibitions. 

Tourist attractions in buenos aires
Recoleta Cemetery
Nearby, Palermo, the biggest district of Buenos Aires and the place for those who would like to party! Well, who would not want a happy party after a day of tours? 
Even so, during the day you may enjoy the Palermo Park with its planetarium and Japanese gardens, but you’ll take full advantages of this district at night.
Go to La Cabrera to eat the best meat of Buenos Aires or have a drink at the Leitmotiv, THE trendy bar of the city!

The Leitmotiv. Photo credit to:
Finally, for those who want to learn and dance Tango, the Catedral Milonga is the place to be. Whether you decide to dance or just have a drink, the place gives you the real beats of Buenos Aires vibrations.
So, let’s go to Buenos Aires?


Unlike other cities in the world, the Buenos Aires houses a great number of cultural artifacts, buildings and monuments that lived in the 16th to 18th centuries. The Buenos Aires is a good city where culture travelers would really enjoy. Even though there are so many cultural buildings in the Buenos Aires, it is still a city where the night life is still colorful. There are awesome spots where a traveler, not just a cultural traveler, but all travelers will surely enjoy. Also, the Buenos Aires travel guide is not complete without a few great restaurants that lie in the center of the city.

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