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10 Reasons Why Travelers Need a Tumbler

Coffee, tea, chocolate, milk and anything that a traveler needs when he wakes up outside his home must be kept warm or cool in order to stay fresh for the whole day, and the only thing needed is a ‘tumbler’.
Some might say that tumblers are over rated and must not be brought during travel, well, I think that these choco containers are extremely reliable outside our comfort zone!
Here are some of our reasons why a good traveler needs an exceptional tumbler that will accompany him for the whole day.

travel tumbler
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10. Safer than other PETE bottles

PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles are commonly used as a beverage storage for the public. We can easily find them over the counter as a container for our favorite fruit juices or distilled waters. PETE sounds incredibly hard to understand, but just remember that these kind of water bottles are designed to be of single use only! After drinking throw it away on the desired trash bin and it should be ready for recycling. 
So what happens if we use these bottles over and over again? It’s recycling, right?
The answer is, you will simply get paralyzed and won’t be able to travel anymore! Then Spongebob will knock on your brains until you become so crazy enough that you will star dreaming of odd things (oh great! Obviously was totally made up only).
Returning to the topic, reusing the PETE bottles really pose a big health risk. These kind of bottles can have microscopic dents and marks where bacteria may leave everytime we reuse or wash the bottle. According to an associate professor of epidemiology at HSPH and Harvard Medical School, Karin B. Michels here

“we have found that drinking cold liquids from polycarbonate bottles for just one week increased urinary BPA levels by more than two-thirds. If you heat those bottles, as is the case with baby bottles, we would expect the levels to be considerably higher. This would be of concern since infants may be particularly susceptible to BPA’s endocrine-disrupting potential.”

The whole paragraph may have been a jargon for us travelers, but it only shows that re-using a PETE bottle is really a no go for us! But even us, the Best of World Travel team uses this technique during travel, well, sometimes we forget our own tumblers, right? And the easiest thing to do is buy a bottle of water and refill it whenever it is deemed necessary! Haha But it’s just plain wrong, right?

9. Stainless Steel

After disposing your PETE bottles, now is the time to get your own stainless steel tumblers. We just prefer stain less because of the reason that it does not harbor stains! haha Well we got an article from mentalfloss that using washable stainless steel bottle is the best!
What to do? Dispose of those PETE bottles and stick to one washable stainless steel tumblers that will aid you for travels!

8. No Need for Computations During Travel

If I travel from City A to City C,  but the bus will have a 15 minute stop over at Cafeteria B, which are 20 miles apart from each other, how fast must be our bus so that my 90 degree hot coffee will still be tasty at City D? Considering that the Bus temperature is 19 degrees,
With the use of your new stainless steel tumbler, you need not to worry for your coffee to get cold even you have to travel miles and miles apart! Yes! Those pesky math will be forever gone in your life (for coffee temperature computations) Crazy isn’t it? 

7. It’s Not Limited to Hot Coffee Only

Tumblers are obviously helpful whenever we want a refreshing drink, whether it’s a hot one or a cold one! Since we will use a stainless steel tumblers, storing cold drinks such as juice can prolong their ‘cold’ life for a couple of hours. With this simple technology, we can still feel refreshed under the heat of the sun on a dessert!

6. It’s Anti Spill 

Some tumblers will spill during travel, but since we need an “exceptional” tumbler, we should choose the tumblers that do not spill easily! With this, our tumblers will work just like any other sealed bottles. No more spills of our favorite beverages during world travels, right?
Photo Credit : user nuzree

5. Can be a Storage Not Just For Liquids

Tumblers are containers, with removable cap. If they are spill free, then some sort of solid things can be stored inside (that will fit) so that they are protected from enormous amount of hazards outside! Namely, the water, dust or smoke! The precious materials that can be stored inside must be small, like some kind of medicine? a piece of document and so on! You know, during travels, we do not really know what will happen everytime we are out in our comfort zone, so let us just be sure to be fully equipped before war!

4. A Good Food Container

Just like number five (5), we can use our tumblers for food containers. Since the inside of a stainless steel tumbler is safe for drinking storage, then we can also place some food or snacks inside the tumblers. This is exceptionally useful in a rough travel. If the road is very rough and you are very doubtful that your food might spill, then we can use a tumbler (without any liquid inside) as a temporary place to put our snacks! With this technique, its easier to eat now! yehey!

3. Awesome Ice Bucket

It may be very simple, but I think most people might oversee the powers of a tumbler as an ice bucket. With the high outside temperature resistant, a stainless steel tumbler is a good ice bucket for travelers, especially if we are in motion, (i.e. bus). Using a tumbler as a container for the ice for everyone, it should be an easy way to drink while in transit (of course it’s more fun to travel when we are in a group).

2. A Nice Leverage for Dumping

Oh great! Some travelers are new to the world of traveling, sometimes we experience a deep satisfaction to dump some waste….by the mouth! argg! One of the worst feeling when you travel! A sea sick? Bus sick? or whatever reasons is it, a tumbler might be your very last hope!
No plastic? No jackets to fill? Just your bag up your head, and an empty tumbler in your hand, I think the first decision that you will make is to make use of your tumbler. It might sound gross, but it’s safer than spilling everything on the floor!

1. Can Be an Emergency Life Saving Unit

Remember number three (3) as an ice bucket? Well, well, maybe tumblers can be used as an alternative to ice bags if push comes to shove! It may feel a little hard to use, but the tumbler can still transfer the coldness of the ice inside to outside. With this idea, you can use your tumbler anytime the emergency calls for an action!

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As how useful a tumbler is, some travelers might still find it a hassle to bring one or two tumblers during a long trip. Even so, tumblers might be a good use for many things especially as a water storage. Just like other travel gears, tumblers must be kept safe so that it will accompany you longer than the others. 
Purchasing a high quality tumbler such as a stainless steel inside, spill free and heavy duty might be a good choice because traveling around the world is not an easy task.

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