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An App Created for Travelers – GPSMyCity Review

“Lose yourself without getting lost” – GPSMyCity

GPSMyCity is an Android and iOS application that is solely created and built by our fellow travelers. The application is divided into over 470 parts that focuses on a particular City and gives the users the feel and burden in downloading the application that contains the whole world!
In this article, we will show you why this particular application is worth to be a part of your devices while you travel the world.
GPSMyCity App
Courtesy of GPSMyCity

Strengths of GPSMyCity App


Many of us wants a “lightweight” application that will aid our travels in order to lessen the burden while we relax during our vacations. GPSMyCity offers a very light weight application that only focuses on the particular city that you want to explore. I have downloaded the Manila version and it only cost me 48Mb of total data including the apk file which is 14Mb. Pretty light, right?

High Resolution Map inside GPSMyCity App

GPSMyCity offers a HD map to help us travelers during our crisis times while inside a particular city. With this HD map, we can clearly see what are the routes that we need to tackle in our adventures. The maps were pretty much very clear to see every time I wanted to find my way on a particular district. Zooming in and out was not also a problem! Truly a marvelous application in my device.

Tour Routing / Turn by Turn Direction

This is one of my favorite highlights in this application. The map gives a route where we can pass by in order to reach the particular place in the city– Manila in my case. The routing depends on the GPS function of the Android and iOS devices, just like how we use our GPS in our cars. With our GPS function activated, our current position will be displayed and further data will show up to guide us in order to reach the attractions that we wanted to. I say that this feature is top notch for this app!

Create Custom Tours

Some of our favorite destinations may not be listed on the application, just like what happened when I tried to search the famous SM Mall of Asia in Pasay, I was not able to find it, but there is a feature where we can add it up.

In GPSMyCity, they allow us to add up our favorite destinations inside the app! This can also serve as a journal for us travelers if we want to save the photos in the app’s database inside our device. Just tap “Create Your Own Walk” and start adding your tours! I pretty much like this feature since it becomes our journal where we can enter our favorite destinations. We can also use this feature to show to our friends on how much we had traveled in a particular city.

Courtesy of GPSMyCity

Nearby Attractions Feature

As we walk while going to our designated route, the application will show some nearby attractions as well “if ever” we want to stop and have some fun — this includes restaurants and hotels. I find it very helpful because some of our awesome travels in our lives are merely serendipity while we take the route that we had chosen.

Offline Mode

GPSMyCity offers to be used even though there is no WiFi or Roaming! We do not need to use even our Roaming just to access the applications features. Just remember that the application is GPS based, which we can just turn on and off in our devices. 
GPSMyCity app review


The GPSMyCity application is very affordable to get the Pro Version. It only cost 4.99 USD (Manila) to upgrade and enjoy the full features of the app.  With a low cost up and great features, I think it is a Win-win for us to afford one of their featured cities.

Shows Almost Everything

I also liked how the application can us almost everything we need while traveling. The following can be found inside your maps:
              • Train Stations
                GPSMyCity review

              • Bus Terminals 
              • Instant Shopping Stores (i.e. Mini Stops, 7/11)
              • Information Centers
              • Hotels 
              • Disco Parties, Clubs and Night Lives
              • Major Banks
              • Suggested Recreation Attractions
              • Museums
              • Hospitals
              • Schools
              • Theater Centers
              • Ship Docks and stations
              • Bike and Motorbike Stores
              • Public Service Centers
              • Taxi Services
All of this can be sorted out on each category for us to easily locate what destination what we want.

 Weaknesses of GPSMyCity App

Focused in a Particular City

GPSMyCity offers a very light weight application that shows a particular City. But what happens if we want to travel the whole country and will just stop by on that particular city for a day or two? Yes, we need to download the free version or purchase the Pro version of the next city that we will visit. Focusing on a particular city might be a real strength of this application, but some users want an all-in-one application where they can enjoy everything that they have wanted from the start.
GPSMyCity has a limited amount of maps in their database as well, but, if you are lucky enough, your next destinations might be included in their list in the near future. For the complete directory guide of their city list, you can visit it here.
GPSMyCity features
Courtesy of GPSMyCity

Most Features are on PRO Version of GPSMyCity

The lite version of the GPSMyCity app may be a good use in some cases, but, just like most of the applications in the Android and iOS devices, the best features can only be accessed in the Pro Version. For those who does not want to purchase the app, it will be really hard to use it while you travel.

Not in that City? Hard to Use

GPSMyCity relies on the GPS function of your devices. If the GPS detects that we are not on that particular city that we are looking for, then it somewhat gives a bit of load while using the application. Although, we can still use it to plan on what we need to do while away on that particular City.
Best of world travel app

Travel Conclusion

GPSMyCity offers a variety of features that can maximize the needs of the travel users. Just like other Android and iOS applications, GPSMyCity app has the good and bad sides. The win-lose ratio regarding the lite and pro version depends on how the application helps our fellow travelers during their walk around.


The Best of World Travel team hereby declare that the GPSMyCity Android and iOS application is a trusted and useful app that can lessen the burden of our future city travels.

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