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Hokkaido Ramen – Santouka Miso Ramen Review

“Umami rich ramen soup combined with a mouth watering naruto and a pack of savory soft pork bellies”. 

Hokkaido Ramen – Santouka serves a pack of quality ramen in the world that can be located to the seven continents of our planet. They boasts their adventurous soup that can bring you to the depths of the ocean. The Naruto that will awesomely make you a ninja. Their quality noodles that will entangle your earthly desires and of course their pork bellies that can bring you to the clouds.
In this article, we will discuss whether the Santouka miso ramen is a go or no-go for everyone. Will you join me to this Santouka miso ramen review article?
The Santouka Ramen menu come in three different sizes, the Small, Medium, and the Large bowl. They serve three major flavors, the Shio Ramen (Salt Flavor), Shoto Ramen (Soy Sauce Flavor) and Miso Ramen (Soy Bean Paste Flavor). There was also the Char Siu Ramen that can be picked with a Shio or Miso flavors, and lastly the hot and dazzling Kara-Miso Ramen.
We picked the largest bowl of Char Siu Ramen by adding 60 PHP (1.3 – 1.5USD) to the regular bowl  which costs 405 PHP (9.4 – 9.9 USD). The three major flavors costs 345 PHP ( 8 – 8.3 USD) each, but I don’t really get what’s the difference between the Char Siu Ramen with a Miso Flavor between the normal Miso Flavor ramen. But the girl who assisted us said that they are basically the same.
Santouka Miso Ramen Review
The Char Siu Miso Ramen consists of seven major components. In this Santouka Miso Ramen review, we will tackle each and every parts of this food.

Jelly Ear (Black Fungus)

Jelly Ears are simply fungus. I was not really sure what I was eating at that time and frankly speaking, I am not really sure what to say in this  Santouka Miso Ramen Review of mine regarding this part. But I am sure that it tasted bitter. I personally did not liked this fungus at that time, I’m sorry, Im bitter regarding this bitter food. I felt like it ruined my adventure when I tasted the soup with this in the end. 
At first, it was an OK for me to add the Jelly ear in my dish, but as time goes by I felt like my trip to heaven had some major stop overs because of a worldwide panic. There was this ladder where I was nearly at the top and just a few more push I would have reached the heaven, but suddenly, the bitterness of the Jelly ear made my arms tremble and everyone just pushed me down to the bottom 
I suggest to take this out, or eat this as soon as possible and enjoy the meal when they are already low in number! 

Onions and Company

These guys can be compared to the back stage staffs of a theater, they may not be noticed by the audience but they made a big role to deepen the flavor of the ramen soup. Without these guys, the trip to Jerusalem would have been a naught. They have supported the entire team. And for those who are allergic to onions, do not be worried, you can easily remove them before eating. They lurk somewhat in the middle of the bowl.

Char Siu Pork Belly

I was in Manila eating this ramen, but after taking a small bite of this awesome food, the whole world was in distort. Suddenly, I saw myself in a farmland….in Japan! It was vast and green with fresh air and no signs of pollution. I saw a group of boars playing with each other. Those boars that *oink* *oinks* just nearly in front of me were very happy but they looked somewhat fluffy! Just like a… marshmallow. They were playing hide and seek, but since they were very fluffy, I can clearly see their fatty movements on their bellies.
I also saw myself melting in the mud as the pork belly melts inside my mouth! YES! They literally melts inside the mouth, whether it was the meat or the fat! Just how awesome is that? The tenderness of the pork resides on the whole slice of the meat that will somewhat became an umami rich juice while munching in your cheeks. 
Now, this is the difference between the normal bowl of ramen to the Char Siu bowl of ramen. You can have a bite to up to four pork bellies for the Char Siu ramen, while around two slices of pork bellies on the regular ones.
Santouka Miso Ramen Review

Menma (Bamboo Shoots)

The next part I tasted before munching the whole ramen was the Bamboo shoots. I did not knew that they were bamboo shoots at first, no one told me until I checked their menu book at the back! 
Upon inducing one of them, my reaction brought me to a wide plain field. It was all brown,..no, light brown! The ground were shaking, it was somewhat wobbly as I walk around. I tried to kick the ground but my kicks were returning to me just like a rubber. I felt like it was great but irritating, my emotions were mixed up. It was like someone was pulling me side by side but my body resists on every side just like the texture of the Menma found in the ramen. 
The Bamboo shoot was like a rubber, I tried to press it by a spoon and it returned to normal. Wow, awesome! The texture was plain and the color was somewhat light brown. It may be like a rubber but it is as easy as a jelly ace when I chewed it inside my mouth. The taste was somewhat different compared to the normal bamboo shoots that I have been eating on my entire life.

 Naruto (Narutomaki)

In a world that is engulfed with war, chaos and lies to win the throne of the Ramen King Festival, there was a legendary Ninfish that had a dream to become a “Hokkaige” (something like a king?). He was detested on his childhood but made his own name when he grew up becoming the Hokkaige and a legend that saved the Ramen world from chaos. He was also given powers to rule the nine great monsters that reside inside the Great Spiraling Ocean in their Ninfish world. And his name is… Naruto Maki, the great Cured Fish!
My reaction was a bit story telling that is somewhat the same as the popular Nar*to Manga/Anime, but I assure you, this is different! I saw fishes! I was underwater, and the war was intense. The Ramen King Festival was full of fighting fish, chaos and death. But in the end, a ray of hope came in the battlefield. The heroes, Naruto Maki and his companions.They were like some good ol’ fishes that carried my arms and legs when I fell from the ladder that I was talking about in the Jelly Ear story. Yes, I fell in the very bottom of the ocean.
I recommend to order another batch of Narutomaki to add more flavor in your meal!
santouka review


As I take a full sip of their ramen, my vision brought me to a memory. 
A long time ago, me and my mother were in a flea market. We could not find any good viand that will be good to the money we brought for dinner. We only had around 1 dollar in my mom’s purse (40-50PHP). Suddenly, there was this woman that sells a “miki noodles” (egg noodle). We brought one for 20 pesos (0.5USD), together with a cabbage and some onions and garlic. All in all, we managed to buy a food for our dinner for 1 dollar.
My mom cooked the noodles for dinner, and when eating it, I believed it was not the best food in the world but I felt the love of my family flowing in the noodles. The warm soup that adds flavor to our lives and the egg that gives nourishment for the whole day. It was not the best, but it was awesome.
Just like the noodles of Santouka Char Siu Miso Ramen, the noodles were not the best for me. I felt like there could be better ones! There could be some other noodles that may had made that dish to be perfect. But this particular noodles somewhat fitted with his team members especially with the soup. I felt the love of the chefs that made the dish. Again, the noodles were not perfect, but the harmony with the other ingredients were awesome!


Before I finish this  Santouka Miso Ramen Review of mine, I now present to you the “SOUP”. The soup was the very first thing that I tried when my bowl of ramen came in front of me. There was this big spoon that I used to check the contents of the soup. Using my microscopic vision, I saw the fats of the pork bellies, the hydrogen and oxygen that resides in the water. I also saw the peppers that were partying above my spoon as well as the remains of the other team members mentioned above that seemed to be in harmony.
I took a sip, closed my eyes and when I opened my eyes, all were the same. Nothing had changed. I tried to check my teammate in front of me, the crew on my right and the other customers on my left, but nothing had changed. I was in deep shock that I had no reaction upon sipping the soup! “f**k, what’s happening?” I tried to take another sip but there was nothing! Again, another sip, and nothing! Until I found myself sipping almost half my soup!
Yes! The urge! The urge to sip almost everything! It was perfect, it blended very well for the whole ramen. The umami taste of the soup lingers inside my mouth. My tongue could not resist the “dashi” flavor of the miso soup (dashi : normally the base flavor of miso soups). The fats of the pork bellies were lingering inside my mouth, they were crying and calling for their clan to be eaten by me! The experience was awesome and found myself being sucked into the distortion world where I experienced the awesome reactions upon eating the whole bowl of ramen.


It is very hard to find a great shop that will give us a very nice ramen for our meal, but in Hokkaido Ramen- Santouka, they gave us the opportunity to savor the awesome ramen that is normally only in Japan. They just brought a nice bowls of ramen in Manila and any other parts of the world.
Although it was a bit perfect, I still saw some downfall on the ingredients, I just personally dis not liked the Jelly Ear. If you are still planning to eat and try everything, I recommend to take the jelly ears together with the soup and noodles. 
So far my trip to Santouka Ramen restaurant was very awesome, their menu was great and it gave me plenty of exciting reactions upon eating their meal that I shared here in my Miso Ramen Review of Santouka.
For a BIG bowl of ramen, I will give a high rating for this ramen! Itadakimasu!~~~
Overall Rating : 3.5/5
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