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How to Book Online in Cebu Pacific Air Without Credit Cards

Are you far from the Airport? Is it too expensive when you buy tickets from travel agencies? You have an internet access but no credit cards to pay? Do not be worried! This post will help you book online in Cebu Pacific Air without using credit cards
YES! No more credit cards! All you need to do is book online and pay to the nearest accepted payment centers! LBC? Cebuana? No problem! Your dream will come true.

how to book online in cebu pacific

Steps on How to Book Online in Cebu Pacific Air Without Credit Cards

  1. Visit Cebu Pacific Air’s website at
  2.  On the upper left part of the webpage, fill up the designated form in order to check if there are available flights on the date you have requested. You can choose between a Round Trip, a One Way Trip and a Multi-City Trip
      • Place the correct destination as well as the time of departure, return dates and the number of passengers. 
      • Please include if the trip will be joined by children below 12 years old. You are in need to fill another form to confirm the age by putting their birth dates. 
  3. Fill in a Promo Code if you have some, and click “Find It!”. A new webpage will appear consisting the available flights with a seven-day time frame.
  4.  Find the cheapest flight, I recommend navigating to different dates in order to check which is cheaper. Cheaper seats tend to lose fast, so a combination of planning, speed and luck is needed. 
      • There are three columns which shows different rates. The first is “FLY”, second is “FLY + BAG” and lastly the “FLY + BAG + MEAL”. I recommend to choose rates under the “FLY” category because you can choose to have a bag after a few clicks or just a carry on bags.
      • Check on the GENERAL terms as you click the price rates, it may include “Cancellation”, “Rerouting”, “Name Change” and so on and so forth. It differs on every category, so please check it because it is very important. 
      • Do not try to leave the webpage for so long, like chatting with your friends, and forgot to choose what is your choice. It will drastically slow you down because the webpage expires in a definite amount of inactive time. You have to redo what you had done from step 1. 
      • At the bottom of the webpage, you can find the amount that you need to pay (partially).
  5.  Finished choosing what flights and time of departure and return? Now, click “CONTINUE” and a new webpage will show.
  6. There are SIX parts on the new webpage, the 
      1. CONTACT INFORMATION – It is important to put your REAL name and contact information. Please double check the email address as well because they will send in the details in that particular address.
      2. GUESTS INFORMATION – You are needed to fill up this form properly, all the names of the travelers are needed to be put in here. Kindly double check as well the spelling of the names of the guests. 
      3. BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE – In this part you are needed to chooses what baggage allowance is needed in your travel. The default amount of allowance is 20KG. If you are very sure that you do not need to bring any baggages except hand carry baggage, then please choose on the drop down menu the “I have no bags to check in, only carry-on luggage”. 
          • In case you have chosen that you only have a carry-on luggage, but on the day of departure you have a huge bag, then you have the obligations to pay necessary charges depending on the bag’s weight. We had this experience one time and paid 2500 PHP or almost 60USD for a less than 15kg bag. Yes, it will make your travel a nightmare in this case, so plan properly! 
      4.  PRE-ORDERED MEALS –  In this part you need to choose what to eat. I have never tried this under their care because I only saw some chicken sandwich A and B to choose, so it is really a no-no for me. 
      5. CHECK IN SPORTS EQUIPMENT – I do not travel just to play sports, nor travel to bring my sports gear. It is a bit expensive if you are bringing your golf clubs while you travel because you need them to be check in. And by separating them from your normal luggage, they need “extra” care so that no unnecessary accidents on your beloved senora will happen.
      6. HOTEL – Still has no place to stay? Why not!? They offer you the best of the hotels by just booking online in Cebu Pacific Air without any credit cards! 
  7. Are every forms properly answered? Triple Check it! Then click “CONTINUE”
  8.  The next phase is the ADD-ONS webpage. What to do here? Choosing your seat number and so on! I recommend to just click “No, Thanks” or “Remove Seat” and let them choose what seat number you will be. But, if you really wanted to sit on THAT designated place, then you have to pay at your expense. 
  9. You did not choose any seat number? Good! Now click “CONTINUE”. A new webpage will be opened under the “Payment” tab that shows your itinerary receipt and overall total that you need to pay. Click the “I AGREE” at the bottom and click “CONTINUE”. A New page will appear again and its….payment time!
  10. Now is the time where we will use our powers to book online in Cebu Pacific Air without any credit cards. In this page, you are to choose to six (6) different options to pay Cebu Pacific Air, and of course you will choose those that allows you to pay without any credit cards.

    Debit Card / Credit Card
    You can afford the “Debit Card” if you want, it is also an easy option, there are several bank companies that offer Debit cards, such as RCBC’s My Wallet Card and Union Bank’s EON Card.

    Direct Payment / Bancnet Online 
      Are you aware of paying bills online? Are you aware that your ATM card can be opened online and has the authority to pay bills ONLINE? Yes, in here you can also do that! Easy, right?

     It is like an online wallet, you money will be deposited online and you can use their service to pay bills or buy items online, even they are from overseas. Paypal gives you the authority to connect all over the world thru online transactions. But fees may apply.

     Is also a form of online transaction, but we will not focus here.


    Payment Centers 

       Bancnet – visit
      Bayad Center – Can also be found in LBC outlets.
      BDO – visit
      BPI – Over-The-Counter payment
      LBC – Available On All Branches Except In SM Malls, THIS. IS. THE. ANSWER!
      Megalink ATMs
      Metrobank – Over-The-Counter or visit their official webpage.
      Robinsons Savings Bank – Over-The-Counter, ATM,
      Robinsons Department Store
      SM Business Services Center
      Cebuana Lhuillier – You can pay here for up top 24 hours after your booking confirmation. 

      Just choose what is the most convenient way for you to pay your cheap flights. After that ..

          11.  Now, click continue and pay on the nearest payment centers on you! I recommend LBC for faster transaction using their Bayad Centers. The LBC representatives will assist you on your payment procedures. Just do not forget to bring the following
          1. Printed version of the receipt. 
          2. The BOOKING NUMBER
          3. Your Money.
      After a confirmed transaction ( it may take up to 2 days ), an email will be sent to the registered email address regarding your payment status as well as the insurance. If you are unsure of the transaction in progress, you can contact their help center and ask regarding your flight status.
         12. On the day that you need to check in on your flight, do not forget to bring the following:
          1. Printed version of your receipt
          2. The actual receipt of payment done in the approved payment centers.
          3. The Booking Number
          4. A couple of Valid ID’s 
      This confirms the article on How to Book Online in Cebu Pacific Air Without Credit Card. Is it easy or did it make your life harder? For me, it made my travel booking a lot easier, because I do not need to go to the airport or buy expensive tickets on some ticket booths!

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