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Turn Your Sweet Travel Memories into…Nightmares?

Travel memories are mostly preserved by taking a photo in a very beautiful place. From old times, it was very hard for travelers to take travel photos of a very gorgeous scene. Taking photos eventually started from ancient Chinese using the “camera obscura”. Imagine bringing a HUGE box under the sea just to take photos.
travel photo

After a couple of decades, the camera industry evolved and created the old Daguerreotypes and calotypes. It then evolved again to become the “dry plates” type camera that needs only one good shot to take a photo. Later on, the birth of the new age of camera appeared. The old school camera that uses film just to take photos and print was establish. Now, the digital age can take any photos of your life anywhere the world!

In this article I will show you a way to make your travel photos memorable in a way. These photos were generated by Google’s Deep Dream. It is a new experiment of Google engineers that enhances your travel photos that looks like it is in a dream.

 Some says the photos generated are very beautiful!  But most people are terrified to this new experiment  because of EYES and sorts. Although, it has brought a storm in the internet world since its release.

A beautiful sunset in Cebu Philippines taken by ProAmateur

The Original Photo

Still beautiful? Let us see one more photo that shows the Cebu Port.

Cebu City port taken by ProAmateur

travel photo

The Original Photo

It seems that the Deep Dream’s way is to “liven” the photo into some degree. We can see that on the first photo there were some boat-like images floating on the ocean. And on the second photo we can find some car-like images. By adding these kind of images in its dream-like world, the photo went into a whole new level!

Now, let us take a look at the next photos.

Weird but ….weird

travel photo

This is a little bit weirder compared to the first two, but I can still stomach its appearance. The photo was taken at Subic bay Freeport.

Most of the photos are being ridiculed by some dog and cat’s faces. You can also see lots of creepy eyes that might stay in your head until you fall asleep. The next photos are the good example.

These photos were taken at a night parade of saints during the Holy Week. 

The Black Dog Parade

travel photo

Can you see the Holy Family? I can only see the holy molly animals! 

Look at the upper left corner! 


Sweet Dreams on a Beautiful Nightmare

travel photo

Want for Your Travel Photos? 

Did you feel blessed upon seeing the photos above? I guess you might also want to try the Deep Dream’s effect to your sweet photos! You can just visit the Deep Dream Website, and upload your photo. After uploading, it will give you a unique link that you needs to keep safe. After a few days, check it on the website to see if the AI has already finished dreaming about your photo.


 Here are some photos also taken by the Best of World Travel Team.



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