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Binagol, A Filipino Delicacy in a Coco Shell

Binagol (Binagol) is a Filipino delicacy that is native in the Visayan Region particularly in Leyte. It has a combination of the sweetness of the Taro Root, Coconut Milk and peanuts! The delicacy must be on your list if you want to travel the Philippines.


Binagol has a distinctive appearance compared to other Filipino foods. You can distinguish this Filipino dessert by seeing a coconut shell as the base, a banana leaf on top as its seal and a thin rope tied to hold everything (mostly white in color)
filipino delicacy

Parts of this Filipino Delicacy

Directly bought from Leyte, the beast of the best is this group of Binagol that I will show you. There are about three layers of this Filipino delicacy. Imagine the Earth with whatever layer she has. First is the outer layer of the Binagol, the hardest part of them all, the Coconut Shell, and of course we will not eat it! It only serves as the container as well as the “plate” of the whole delicacy. Yes, we can eat it anytime we want!
The second layer hass the light brown part of this delicacy in the Philippines. It is smooth and serves as the holder of the whole food, just like the mantle of the Earth’s layers. The sweetness rating is a bit lower than average, you won’t actually feel anything from here, but it has its purpose. 
The third layer, the inner layer, the “core” of the Binagol. It is where the secret of the whole delicacy lies can be found. It has a darker brown color, viscous and with some peanuts inside. You can imagine a sweet sauce inside this Filipino delicacy. Again, imagine the Earth’s core, it is in liquid form but it has the power to explode your tongue more than you have expected!
filipino delicacy

How to Eat the Binagol?

Just like Hamburgers, you may eat this food however you like. Eat the coconut shells first and leave the inner parts are all okay (just..please don’t do this). Eat the second layer and leave the sweetest part, it is all up to you. But I recommend to eat the second layer with the third layer, so that the sweetness of the sauce inside will be distributed properly.
You can see on the photos about the second layer and third layer, eat them both and you will experience an imaginable “umami” that dissolves inside your mouth. (“Umami” : Japanese, a pleasant savory taste)

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