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10 Accessories a Traveler Should Bring

We sometimes forget some necessary things before our travels. In this article we will talk about the 10 travel accessories that we should bring upon travel. These accessories may be small, but they can actually help us during emergency times.

The 10 Travel Accessories That We Need to Bring During Travel

1. Sunglasses

Sun glasses has been one of the essential accessories when traveling. It is primarily used when there is too much sunlight while en route. It helps us protect our eyes from radiation and heat from the sun.
Oh! you might be thinking that you’re going into a ‘cooler’ place? Sunglasses not only protect us from the heat, but also from dust and other particles that might damage our eyes. Plus, we can sleep while on public transport without everyone noticing. This is surely an accessory that will bring us comfort! Just do not forget to buy a 400 UV and polarized sunglasses.
travel accessories

2. Handkerchief

Handkerchief and other towels are necessary for our daily travels in order to bring us comfort. They just do not serve as a wiping mechanism when we are sweating but they can also be a protection to any parts of our body! One good example is an alternative for protection from sunlight or rain if we forgot our visors or umbrella. This has also saved me from disaster when my stomach ‘exploded’ and there was no water and tissue in the toilet. “Shit happens”.

3. Electrical Adaptor

If we plan to travel worldwide, then I guess this little guy is a MUST during our vacations. This mechanism just do not save us from stress and painful memories, but it also helps as an aid from charging our gadgets! Lovely! As we all know, electrical plugs has those different kinds of sockets. Some has triangular, some has two circles and others has a crazy designs that looks like a laughing monster! Why don’t we just use one single design? So guys, if we want to have a hassle free travel, just bring a universal adaptor, truly a travel accessory that we should bring on our travels.
travel accessory

4. Spork

It’s not a newly created genetically mutated pork, but this little guy will surely help us. Legend claims that porks are the scientifically combined spoon and fork. They were created after years of research, and by fusing two specimens using a very dangerous nuclear organism, the first “spork” was created!
Sporks are tools that will surely help us when we don’t have any spoon or fork,simple as that. And we do not seriously want to eat bare hands. Like for example in public? or some crazy food that are hard to handle.
travel accessory

5. Luggage Scales

Okay, this guy might not be as useful as we think, but it will surely come in handy when we really need to pack ourselves up! Imagine we have finished our vacations, got some souvenirs, and now, we need to know how much luggage we have! This Luggage Scales will surely be a good tool to know exactly if we still need to add some more, or stop buying those lovely things! This can also be a big help if we want to deposit our laundries to laundry shops– saves time and money.!


6. Easily Refillable Travel Bottles

We get thirsty most of the time, and when that time comes, this travel accessory will serve its purpose. Choose a small bottle in which we can store our water, yes, a “water”, because water has so many uses! We can use it to wash our hands (we can’t do that with a cola, right?), or put some small fish in it, just don’t put some tadpoles just like what my friend did!
If we have those bottles that can be folded or whatever it looks like to make them smaller, then its better to bring one of them.

7. Tape

Yes! You heard me right, a T-A-P-E. It really makes sense on the times comes when we really need this equipment! There has been lots of occurrences in my life that these tapes helped me while away from home. I normally do not bring a full pack of tapes, but to minimize space, I install the tape to anything that might be good as its handler. For example on the ball pen or the flashlight. But I mostly place it on the ball pen.
Broken shoes, ripped off bag, as well as treating wounds! They are instant superheroes when bad times come!

8. A Little and Cute Flashlight

Big flashlights might be hassle to bring, so let’s  just bring those little and cute ones! If we have a waterproof flashlights just like the military flashlights, then it would be better! They will obviously help us in “dark” times, honestly, we do not want to stay in an unknown hotel for the whole night without any of these, right? Also, do not forget the next one, which is a…
travel accessory

9. Battery, Power Banks or Solar Chargers

To travel is to bring gadgets such as smartphones and camera to take photos, but what happens when we are not on our hotels and loses power? This handy tools will surely be our savior at those times. We do not need to visit nearby malls and wait for an hour just to charge our cellphones (plus you need to pay money), but we only need to continue traveling while charging! Lovely, isn’t it?

10. Earphones, Headphones or Ear Muffs and Ear Plugs

Earphones for  musical adventures as well as headphones (but they are too big). They can get rid other noise when you’re outside of your hotel. While Ear Muffs and Ear Plugs will surely be a good choice to protect ourselves from noise pollution and such!
While traveling there are different kinds of noises, from vehicle beeping to crying ladies and babies. There are also fighting couples and “loving couples” next door. If we are very tired from traveling and just want to get a good night rest, these tools will surely be your best company during a good night sleep, seriously. We can also bring both the earphone and earplugs, they are very small anyway.

Travel Conclusion:

There are hundreds of travel accessories that might be a good use to us when traveling. it is up to us on choosing what to bring and what to leave in our houses. It also depends on our destinations, you don’t want to bring a kickboard in a mountain skiing, right?
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