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Review : Treasure Island Subic Resort

“Awesomely unique floating bar and a child-friendly pool”

Treasure Island Resort is a good resort located in Baloy Long Beach at Subic where you can enjoy your vacation in the Philippines alongside the beach.

In  this article, we will tell you about our review on Treasure Island Resort Subic.

They have a decent sized bedrooms, a good shower and toilet for a reasonable price. This Subic resort will fulfill your needs in swimming this summer. The resort is not as big as the others but do not belittle this resort for it is fully packed with Koreans, Americans and Filipinos that will make your weekend awesome.

treasure island subic
Photo by: Joe Gibson XIV

Treasure Island Subic Resort has a child friendly (Mickey Mouse design?) swimming pool, which is around 50-70sqm, with an estimated maximum depth of 5 feet in the middle. The pool is constantly regulated that shows a crystal clear water where your children can enjoy.


US$ 47
one night
Location: Olongapo, Philippines
Customer Satisfaction 0 %

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You need to pay 300 PHP or 7 USD per head in order to use the pool,  but, if you have already booked in their hotel then it is free.

Those who ordered on their menu are also free to use the pool.

One or two lifeguards are roaming beside the pool. Your children can bring floating devices and can wear anything, whether its a full packed tee-shirts or just a swimming trunks. There are life vests on the side, but you can not borrow or rent them, because they are only used for Kayak.
subic hotel

Treasure Island Subic Resort has a decent menu on our first visit on the resort. We did not like how the chicken was cooked as well as their Pizza. But, on our next visit, the foods served were 10 times better on the first ones.

I theorized that the amount of visitors affect the freshness of the foods served. “As the visitors increases, the food quality also increases, and vice versa”. Dayumm!

I think it is fairly common in the Philippines that restaurants or hotels will “stock” fresh foods if they are not sold for the whole day…… up to the next days.

Treasure Island Subic doesn’t only give you the experience of a swimming pool but you can also hop into the Subic Sea! — for free! Yes, for FREE, but you have to be careful because there are no lifeguards on duty for the sea swimmers.

They also have a unique floating bar where you can enjoy your drinks with your partner and friends together with some boats on the side.

subic resorts

Hotel booking is a must of you want to stay in Subic for a couple of days, they have a rate of around ₱2,300/ night or 54 USD for deluxe rooms, check out the availability of rooms here

The resort practices the importance of electricity by using a plug which you need to put in in order for you to use the air conditioning unit  in the room. The plug will always be attached to the key holder so that when everyone leaves the room, the electric consumption will be cut off. Its basically a smart way to conserve energy.

subic resort

If you came from a faraway place, you need not to worry, for they can pick up and drop off customers from different locations such as the NAIA International Airport, Clark Airport or Subic Airport. They have a big van that can accommodate a large amount of visitors.

Other Services Offered:

  • Pick up and Drop off
  • Kayak

Book Your Hotel Stay Now!

US$ 47
one night
Location: Olongapo, Philippines
Customer Satisfaction 0 %

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Treasure Island PROS:

  • Practices Energy Consumption
  • Friendly Waitresses and other personnel
  • Good price for the hotel rooms
  • A unique bar
  • with CCTV Security Cameras
  • Child-friendly swimming pool
  • Awesome natural views
  • Pick-up and drop off services
  • Free to use the beach!

Treasure Island CONS:

  • Food quality may vary
  • Needs upgrade for most structures
  • Small swimming pool
  • No lifeguards for beach swimmers

subic resort

How to Arrive at Treasure Island Resort?


From NAIA Terminal 1,2,3 & 4

  1. Take a taxi that will bring you to the Victory Liner Bus Station. The price would only range from 3-5 USD. Other than that are over pricing.
  2. Take an Air Conditioned bus of Victory liner that will bring you to Olongapo City

From Olongapo City Victory Bus Terminal

  1. Ride a victory Bus, a blue or Yellow & Blue Jeepney that will bring you up north (Subic, Castillejos, San Marcelino, IBA or Sta. Cruz). Always remember the proper etiquette in riding a Jeepney.
  2. Ask the driver or the assistant to drop you off at “Baloy Long Beach”
  3. You can now ride a Tricycle or walk up to the Treasure Island’s location.

From the North (Passing through Sta. Cruz, IBA, or San Marcelino)

  1. Ride a Victory Liner Bus and ask directly to drop you off at “Baloy Long Beach”. It is roughly 2-3 hrs travel from Iba, Zambales.
  2. Ride a tricycle or walk up to the Treasure Island’s location.


From Manila

  1. Enter the NLEX (North Luzon Express highway), you can either enter the SCTEX and exit to Subic or exit in Pampanga and ride up to Olongapo City.
  2. Upon entering the Olongapo Area, go directly to the pathway that will lead you to IBA/Sta. Cruz.
  3. Before exiting Barreto, Zambales, there are ARCS that will tell you that you are near on the boundary. On that moment, you are already near to the Baloy Long Beach entrance.
  4. Enter the long entrance and find the Treasure Island Resort.

From Northern Luzon (Sta. Cruz, Pangasinan )

  1. Prepare for a long ride that will lead you to Olongapo.
  2. Upon seeing an ARC that will welcome you to Barreto, a numerous amount of banners about the Baloy Long beach will welcome you as well. By that time, you have already located the entrance to your destination
Subic resort

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